Katherine hauls no. 1: A whole lot of shoes

So, pretty much anyone that knows me well is aware of the fact that I don't mind a bit of shopping every now and again. This post is a collection of a couple last shopping trips that I've taken alongside my dad.

Yep, I'm one of those freaks who still goes shopping with her father, but it's actually quite cool. I feel a lot more relaxed if I've got my dad with me when I'm at the shops, because he's quite cool and not so tense like my mother. Sorry mum, I love you, but you can get quite annoying when we're shopping together, no offence.

My babies!
The first item that I needed really badly were a pair of Converse trainers in red. I absolutely adore them and I can use them like... everywhere. The old ones were just completely ruined, because I've had them for five years and they were still size 7 from when my feet were smaller; but I wore them so much that they stretched out alongside my feet. I think you can get them pretty much anywhere and they're around 50 euros, although I got them cheap for 30 euros (discounts, yay!).

Can you tell they're made for men? I can't...
The next one were flip flops. I had none for the last two years because last year I went travelling to Scandinavia and I didn't really need them that badly because I went swimming up there once outside Goeteburg and a year before that I went to Scotland and I really didn't use flip flops up there. Because I have such massive feet I was basically ready to kill for a pair of new flip flops and the only suitable ones I found were these Ipanema ones from the guys' section (but I couldn't tell that they were meant for guys, can you?) and I'm thrilled I got them.

          Woo, eagles and stuff... yeah.
This is probably one of my favourite things I've purchased in the last few months. It's a shirt from the Tom Tailor Denim Collection and it has a nice lovely eagle there. You can get them in six colours; white, navy blue, grey, yellow and two shades of pink. I personally liked them the white and navy blue one, but the only size they had was this one in white. I got it for around 13 euros and you can get it here.

I'm an absolute sucker for those Charlotte Olympia ballet flats with the cat's face in the front. These, however, are not the original ones (because I can't afford the originals). I bought these for 15 euros from a store called New Yorker. This store is in almost every country in Europe and a couple of others all around the world and they've got really big sizes (I mean, they had size eight and a half, so of course I bought them) and I absolutely adore them. Like, I really do. I'm wearing them while writing this. I couldn't find a link to them on their website, because screw logic, they don't have an online shop, so unfortunately you're going to have to get them from their shop yourself :(

And that is it what's worth mentioning. I wouldn't show you my underwear or socks because they're totally uninteresting and I would feel weird taking photos of them. Anyway, I think I'm going to do more of these because I find posts like that quite cool and I'm a very curious person, so that could be just me... OK, I should stop talking.

I'll catch you guys next time!

xxx Katherine


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