Evolution: Katherine's musical taste

Music taste... yep. I think that on this day I've possibly got the best musical taste that I've ever had. Well, that's something that I thought in every single stage of the evolution of my musical taste. Everyone has multiple stages in everything and if you say you don't, you're lying.

So, let's take a tour in Katherine's horrible musical history.

Up until the age of about 10 I wasn't sure what I was into the most. I listened to whatever my classmates did and it was the shittiest music ever. First of all, Slovenian music is crap because the lyrics are so stupid I think my grandma would write better ones and the whole melody is just so catchy that it stays in your head until you die. Side note: I freaking hate the catchy songs from artists that you don't even like.
I think that one band in particular took over my life and thank god I didn't have a Tumblr back then, so it passed quite quickly. There was this shitty Mexican TV-show about teenagers and dealing with teenage stuff and everyone was glued to the TV when it was on, well, at least every single one of my classmates. Let's not forget to mention that the girls wore such short skirts that it couldn't hide away their butts and the guys had about three buttons undone on their shirts. And in that TV-show a band was formed which had possibly produced the worst type of music back then. It was called RBD as far as I can remember and I went to one of their shows. That was a complete fail. Mum, dad, I'm sorry that you had to pay 50 euros for my ticket. I am so freaking sorry!

How the fuck could I obsess over that?!

As all things pass, this obsession with the band was done quite soon after I saw them live, because it was one of their last gigs before they fell apart.

After that, an age came which I like a lot more than the previous one. I entered my rock and goth age quite early with the age of 11. My sister was 17 at the time and her life practically consisted of the so-called "rock" bands and they were the reason that she was alive and stuff, so I kind of took that in. This is the age when Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy and 30 Seconds To Mars were my life. In that age, Hayley Williams was my role model (and I decided I'll dye my hair bright orange, which is still kind of my ambition but because of different people) and I thought I was going to marry Jared Leto at some point in my life. *laughing at my own naivety*
In this phase I think I listened to just about anything that my sister recommended me, because she wanted a cool sister that didn't listen to some weird teenage crap. Thanks, sis, because you pulled me out of that weird spiralling vortex of horrible music. This wasn't the best stuff, but still. Thank you.

I think that Misery Business represents my rock and goth
 phase the best...

The next stage of my musical taste is kind of blurry, because I gave up on some bands that I used to listen to obsessively and some new ones came rolling in. I was still quite obsessed with Paramore and 30 Seconds To Mars, but I pushed Panic! and Fall Out Boy away from me. I have no idea why, but I did.
This next stage happened when I was around 12 and a half years old, when my sister 18 and she became obsessed with indie-rock. Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, The Rascals, The Libertines and Babyshambles and Florence + The Machine (she was their fan when they only had Dog Days Are Over, Kiss With A Fist and Girl With One Eye out). The first artists that I really liked were Arctic Monkeys and Florence + The Machine. My whole playlist was completely shuffled; I had Paramore and 30 Seconds To Mars which aren't exactly indie-rock or anything and then there were Arctic Monkeys and Florence + The Machine. It was a blurry phase but then my obsession with Alex Turner and Florence Welch grew and I pushed the old stuff away. There was still a ginger on the playlist but it wasn't the same. I started discovering my own bands; I found out about White Lies and The Kooks and Kate Nash and people like that and I fell in love with indie-rock.

And that brings me to today. I'm here in my indie-rock phase that's been going on for solid three and a half years. My music taste hasn't changed that much; I listen to the same bands as I did about two years ago and I continue loving them with a passion. I should also point out that I listen to other bands that aren't indie anymore, but still very freaking awesome, such as Muse and others. I'm also into classical music, but mostly indie-rock. That's just... argh, I feel like it's the best musical genre ever, the songs are so amazingly good, the lyrics break my heart and just... It fits me and my way of living perfectly. I've seen the my favourite indie bands live (apart from Arctic Monkeys, please, god, make that happen, please!) and it became a part of my life. Just like that.

This song... just... amazing...

Sometimes I do have moments of nostalgia as well. Maybe way too often as I should. Sometimes I still go back and listen to Paramore and Panic! At The Disco and you can judge me the hell you want, but I don't give a crap, if I'm honest, because it's me and my music and not yours.

I have my sister to thank for bringing me to where I am today. As you saw, I basically sucked up everything that she was into; everything from my rock and goth phase to the indie-rock era. I don't know where would I be if she wasn't here. You've got her to thank that I'm running a blog on indie music on Tumblr.

Anyway, this was a bit... improvised, since I've written this upfront because I'm away (currently visiting a seminar for flute and after that straight to the Isle of Vis in Croatia for two weeks) and I didn't want to leave my blogs completely abandoned, but I hope you still enjoyed it. I certainly wasn't perfect all the time and I'm still not now, in case anyone's been thinking about that... Stop it Katherine, you've just made it fucking awful.

See you soon,
xxx Katherine


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