Thoughts on: shipping and fan-fiction

I think some people will hate me for doing this.

Don't even try and deny the fact that you're not a shipper. Don't even try, because it's a lie. Everyone ships their own ships, even if they're from some weird and cheesy shows such as... well, I don't know which, because I don't watch them (I much prefer the BBC shows where they throw people off buildings... or clouds), so I won't name any. Maybe Eastenders? I have no idea.

I can say that I'm a shipper as well and sometimes I can overreact and become too involved with the characters. I think it's the same with all people of any age (especially grandmas when they cry over Mexican soap-operas when their favourite couple breaks up or is that just my grandmother?)

But what does that even mean? In the world of Tumblr shipping means that you like two separate characters being in a relationship (and usually it's a sexual relationship). For a long time, people on Tumblr have been shipping many characters and they're often male (like, Cas and Dean from Supernatural, or that couple from Teen Wolf, which I don't really watch and Arthur and Merlin and stuff like that). I don't see anything wrong with that, because if I'm being completely honest, half of my ships are probably gay as well.

In my opinion, shipping can be sorted out into two separate categories:
  • shipping fictional characters from movies, books, TV-shows and stuff 
  • shipping real life people
I believe that there's nothing wrong with shipping fictional characters, because after all, they don't exist and who would even care about who do you ship or in which way or anything, because THEY'RE NOT REAL. But shipping real life people is something that I'm not particularly fond of, because I find it slightly creepy. It's only my opinion, remember that. 

Why don't you like shipping real life people, Katherine? 
Well, one thing about that is that the couple in question IS REAL. They walk around the world and live their life and stuff. It's like you'd pick two random people off the streets and say: "OH MY GOD, now they're my OTP," and stuff. You might not know how they feel about this and your behaviour and stuff, what if it makes them uncomfortable and what if they don't like what you're doing? It puts them in an awkward situation and that makes me feel uncomfortable, even though I'm not in the question in the first place. That's how I feel, but it might not be how you feel and I completely respect that opinion. 
This can apply to actors and singers and god knows who else... oh, YouTubers as well. Especially them.

And with shipping, there comes fan-fiction as well. I have to admit that I've read some fan-fiction as well about my OTP's and I don't feel bad about it or anything, but I have my opinion on those as well.
First of all, high five to all the people who even write them. I don't think I could make stuff like that up, because I'm currently in a writers' block with my own stuff (which isn't fan-fiction) and whoever keeps on coming up with more ideas... High five man. 
Second of all, I think that you can again divide them into separate categories:
  • the ones who break your heart because they're so amazingly well written and you just want to cry and curl up in a ball and die. 
  • the ones who are a bit weird (i.e. man giving birth to another man's child; I think that's a fan fiction about The Avengers)
  • the ones who are just way too sexual and are basically the equivalent to 50 Shades of Grey. 
Most of the stuff that I read is from the first category, just if you were wondering. 
But the one section that I don't particularly like is the third one. Like, why is stuff like that even written? Like, why? I seriously don't know anyone that would even remotely enjoy reading such things. I've accidentally stumbled upon a couple of fan-fics that seemed like they're going to be really cute and lovely and stuff but then developed on some creepy ass shit.

In my opinion that sort of fan-fiction is just... I lose the ability to talk.

However, if you do like that kind of fan-fiction, then... this is freaking awkward.  This was just my opinion and I completely respect you if you disagree with me. The world would be a dull place if everyone liked the same stuff and felt the same way about everything, wouldn't it?

Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon :)
xxx Katherine


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