Thoughts on: Skins Fire, part I

I've been watching this TV-show since season 2 came out. Me and my sister have caught up on it at that point and we fell completely and madly in love with the characters and plot twist. One consequence of that is that I swear a lot because of it, because I was 10 when I've started watching it and I sucked up everything that people were saying around me. Goodness me, it's been five years since I've started watching it. I had an age moment there.
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Basically, it's been a part of my life for five years and that's a third of my life, which is quite a lot.

I've watched season 3 afterwards, but it wasn't my favourite. I don't know why, but it changed. Different characters and stuff, I suppose. I couldn't relate as much to them as the first generation. Season 4 came out and I didn't bother watching it. My sister did though and she said that it wasn't as bad as she would have expected. I caught up on that and I became a fan of it again.

Another year around and season 5 and 6 came out. That was one of the better generations in my opinion, because the characters were much younger than the original ones and oh my god, I just loved it. I completely forgot about the second generation, because I thought that this one was just so much better.
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And the time of disappointment came. They said that season 7 would be the last season of Skins ever and it would feature the older characters from the first and second generation, but not much has been said about the third one. But the episode came out two days ago and in my opinion, it was brilliant.

The season consists of three mini films about three characters from previous seasons; Effy, Cook and Cassie and two days ago, it was Effy's turn to tell her story after college and stuff. Warning, this contains a fuck-load of spoilers!
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A couple of years on, she's working in a sharing company. She's an assistant to one of the traders called Victoria (played by the lovely Lara Pulver, a.k.a. Irene Adler from BBC's Sherlock) and she's basically stuck in a dead end job with another assistant of hers (named Jane). They pick up phones, write down stuff for Victoria and make fun of another guy (well, at least Jane does) that works in a separate department of the company called Dominic (you might remember him as Oliver Tate from Submarine).
Effy also lives with her friend Naomi, who's changed a lot. She became more of a party-animal and Effy has to be the responsible one, paying the bills and the rent and stuff. She also wants to learn more about trading and other things, so one day, she asks Dominic over and he teaches her stuff about sharing. This bit is very important in the future.
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The next day Jane forgot to cancel one of Victoria's meetings with a buyer and she asked Effy if she could do something about it. She goes down and meets with the buyer and they eventually struck a deal which is very beneficial for the company. However, Victoria finds out about it and decides to fire Effy, but the boss of the whole company doesn't agree. He puts her on a higher position as one of the traders and she's very good at it, thanks to Dominic she earns about 1,2 million pounds in a single day. The boss likes her and offers her meetings with really big clients and he's also got a thing for her. Basically, her job's going really well, but her personal life... well, it's fucked. She completely forgot about Naomi and how she was dealing with her own problems. She tries to be a stand-up comic, but it doesn't work out for her. She also suffers from cancer and she doesn't take the news lightly and her relationship with Emily is going downhill because they're doing a long-distance one (Emily's in New York and Naomi in London).

The whole episode was actually very likable. The grunge Effy was almost gone, she grew up and became a lot more realistic and basically grown up. That's the kind of person that I would have liked to see ever since season 1 when she was still in school.
However, the one thing that I didn't like very much was the plot twist with Naomi. Just the way that she was acting and pretending that everything was OK gave it away that she was sick and suffering from something. But other than that, I think that the whole episode was brilliant. The casting is amazing and the change that we saw in Effy is amazing!

The only bad thing for me is that I'm away for a month and I can't watch the next four episodes, meaning the one remaining episode from Fire and the whole Rise series which is about Cook and one from Pure. I am pissed off beyond belief. I don't think I'll make it, because I love the series so much. But I hope to god I'll be able to take my laptop with me and steal some wi-fi from some strangers.

Anyway, if you haven't seen the episode, then you totally should, cause it was awesome.

xxx Katherine


  1. I really loved the episode, and I can't wait for the next one! :)

    1. I know, it was amaziiing! I loved it! Just the pure change in Effy was a really good one and I like her so much better this way! I can't wait for all the episodes to come out and I'm especially excited for Cassie's two! :)

  2. I loved the episode however I wasn't a fan of the whole Naomi story. I think it seems a bit like Skins is trying to cling onto how the series once was by leaving Naomi as a drug obsessed and immature child, then to bring cancer into it kind of takes the story away from Effy. I wish they had left Naomi out of it as I never liked her character much anyway!

    1. I agree, I don't think that they needed to include the cancer thingy! I loved Naomi, because she's kind of like me. Her episode in season 3 is just so relatable and she got along with her teacher and was interested in politics and stuff, that's what I'm like, but this was an unnecessary plot twist in my opinion. But over all it was a brilliant episode and I seriously can't wait for next weeks' one!

    2. Yeah I think it would have been better if she'd actually followed through with what she could achieve and perhaps gone into politics or something instead of her staying like a teenager! But I agree, it was a brilliant episode and I loved how they managed to bring Effy back in such a way that made it work and not look like a naff spin off! I can't wait to see what they do with the other characters.

    3. It seems quite stupid to me now, but I think that maybe it'll make sense in the next weeks' episode. I am not too sure, but we'll see. I'm mostly excited for Cassie's episodes, because when you last saw her in season 2 you didn't know what happened to her, she was basically a waitress in New York and we saw Sid outside her cafe, but that was it! But seriously, I can't wait for Cook's episodes as well, but Cassie! Although I've got a bad feeling that Sid didn't find her...

    4. I doubt Sid will be in it/spoken about which is a shame but you never know! Effy's my favourite though so I'm looking forward to Part 2, though I'll definitely be watching the other episodes too. I hope there's some reference to what happened at John Foster's house in Cook's episode but again I doubt they'll bring that up.

  3. I'm not too sure about that as well, BUT I WANT IT TO HAPPEN SO BADLY!!! And I think they'll have to say something at what happened at Foster's house, because that's the way the whole season ended, it was a fucking cliffhanger! I think they will, but we'll see...


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