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My life practically consists of TV-shows and I'm not even kidding. I don't even watch any films because I'm just not into them anymore. Thank you BBC for taking over my life with your ridiculously good TV-shows. You still own me for all the therapies I payed for.

If you're looking for something that will break your heart and make you hide in the corner of the room and cry your eyes out, then the next few TV-shows are definitely made specifically for you.

10. The White Queen

OK, this is a definite new-comer, because it came out three weeks ago on BBC  (of course it did, what else?), but it's very, very likable. It's set into 15th century England, just before the Tudor era came to be. People have been fighting about who their rightful king is and because of that there were many uprisings all
over the country. Some would like the York family to take over the throne and some would like the Lancasters and that's what causes the civil war in England. The story of that fight is told through the eyes of three separate women: Margaret, a woman that once was queen but not anymore, Elizabeth, who married the current King Edward and Anne, who is the daughter of the royal advisor to the King (but the advisor is an asshole, just so you know)
It's actually an adaptation of a book of the same title by Philippa Gregory and I haven't read it, but I heard it's good. It's said that there'll be an appearance from Freya Mavor (who played Mini in Skins), Arthur Darvill (holy fucking shit, Rory from Doctor Who!)  and Rupert Young (who played Sir Leon in Merlin), so that's what makes me even more excited.
It's new and I haven't made my mind on it yet, but the first three episodes were amazing and I love them.

9. Privates

Yep, another BBC show, what else. Typical for Katherine. It's set in York in the 1960's in the time of the cold war and when all young men had to go and train in the army in case if the Russians decided to go mental and attack the UK.
Anyhow, the story talks about a group of young men who were called up in the army for service. Through
the five episodes of the first season you witness a story about how their training went on, what an idiot can their commander be and also, they start to realise that there's more behind every persons' story than it might seem.
The only reason I started watching this show was *fangirl alert* the fact that Alex Vlahos was in it, which the Merlin fans might recognise as Mordred and I went mental. I am so sorry about that, but I'm glad that I did, because it introduced me to a very, very good TV show. Although it ended on a cliffhanger, nobody's really sure if they'll make season 2 of it, because it ends in the middle of a grenade attack. WHat? You can't just end a TV-show on a cliffhanger like that! Well, I hope they won't.   Update: We won't be getting another season. Fuck you, BBC.
But yeah, amazing cast, pretty darn good storylines and oh my god, the music! I definitely recommend you to watch it.

8. Downton Abbey 

Not a BBC show, but an ITV one! Season one starts with the most dramatic event of the 20th century; the Titanic sunk. The Crawley family was a family of 3 girls (Mary, Edith and Sybil) and no boys, so their heritage would pass on to their distant cousins, who happened to be on the Titanic and die. With the
Credits to downtonabbeyfreak on Tumblr
replacement to the former heir, their distant cousin Matthew the whole story turns itself upside down when the oldest daughter Mary falls in love with him and the drama starts. The first world war happens and the family decides to make their big mansion called Downton Abbey into a hospital for the wounded soldiers, the youngest daughter Sybil decides to become a nurse and falls in love with their chauffeur and most of the men from Downton are called into the army to go and fight on the Western front and that includes Matthew.
The whole second season is completely insecure because you don't know if anyone will die any second of the episode. Anyway, the war ends and the second season ends with two marriage announcements.
The third season is probably the worse, because EVERYONE DIES! Not even remotely lying, everyone freaking dies!
The one thing that I like about this TV-show is that it doesn't just tell the story of the upper class, but also tells the story of the servants and how it's like to serve a great family like them and stuff like that. Plus it's written by Julian Fellowes, so that's quite good.
Don't watch this TV-show unless you're ready to have your heart broken into a thousand tiny pieces. You've been warned.

7. Torchwood

A Doctor Who spin-off for adults, I suppose (meaning I'll watch it no matter what). But seriously, the other spin off called The Adventures Of Sarah Jane Smith was a show for kids, Torchwood's for adults and the show itself, Doctor Who is for anyone you want (mostly lonely Tumblr people who have nothing better to do with their life).
Torchwood is a secret institute based in Cardiff in Wales that hunts down aliens and hopes to god that nobody will see them. Cardiff is built on a rift between time and space and some weird shit falls out of the right every now and then. The leader of the institute is Captain Jack Harkness who we've seen quite often in the episodes of Doctor Who itself and he has a team of four behind him.
One day, a kid was brutally murdered in a back street and the police have no clue what happened. A new officer arrived on the scene called Gwen Cooper and saw the arrival of the Torchwood crew. She saw that they brought the person back to life and asked him who killed him. Captain Jack saw her and he decides that he'll show her around the institute and after that give her a pill that will wipe her memory clean. The next morning she doesn't remember anything about Torchwood, but the images of supernatural stuff keeps on haunting them and when she's almost brutally killed by a member of the Torchwood team, Jack saves her and gives her a position in the team and the weird alien shit goes on.
It's brilliant. What can I say? I love it, because it's not all sunshine and daisies, it's amazing. But fair warning, everyone dies. Again. Well, not everyone but a lot of people. Watch at your own risk.

6. Game of Thrones

Basically, a series made by a series of books (which are fucking brilliant if you haven't read them yet) about fighting for the throne of a land called Westeros.
The land of Westeros is divided into different sections and one noble blood family guards the section of the kingdom. They're the houses of Lannister, Stark, Martell, Tully, Tyrell, Baratheon and others. The current royal family is the family of Lannister and they sit upon the iron throne and all the families want that throne (well, some more than others).
The power struggle is told by a set of different characters every single season (so far, there have been three season made by the HBO) and they're all from a different family.
The story begins when the Royal Family decides to visit the north where the Starks lived. Back then the throne belonged to the Baratheons and the King Robert was married to Cersei from the house Lannister. He went all the way up north to pay respects to his first fiancée, who was the sister to the lord of the north, Ned Stark. He also decided to ask him to become his hand, because the old one died. He decided to say yes and that is when the family started falling apart.
It's quite a good story and the show is brilliant as well, but just so you know, I'd say don't be any younger than 15, because it's quite... sexual and also there's some bad language (but who cares, Skins is even worse). And also, many people die. Like, A FUCK LOAD OF PEOPLE. Recommended, but you've been warned.

5. Skins

I've said that I've been watching Skins for the past 5 years and it's just been an amazing part of my life and also quite bad for me, because it's the reason I swear so much. That was about the only bad thing about the show, but never mind that. I would have started swearing sooner or later anyway.
There are 6 seasons of the show and 3 generations of different characters. It talks about various "awkward" themes that people usually don't want to discuss and also some other things. It's talks about drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, teenage pregnancy, getting along with your parents, food disorders and homosexuality and stuff like that.
I think that the positive side of Skins is that it makes us (or at least me) able to talk about these subjects without anything holding us back. Before that, it would be awkward for young people talking about those subjects, but at least in my case it made me a lot more comfortable with these subjects and it gave me some confidence. Like I said, it could be just me, but whatever.
This week, the first episode of the 7th series came out and unfortunately it's the last series, but if you've missed it, here is my opinion on the new episode, but it involves some spoilers.
And one more thing; please, please, PLEASE DON'T go and watch the American version of the show because it sucks big time! The cool and original British version is much better!

4. My Mad Fat Diary

Holy cow, do I have something to say about this TV show! My Mad Fat Diary is probably one of the most relatable shows made in the history of the world and it's well written and the young actors are fucking brilliant and the music, holy fuck!
Anyway, the main character of the story is a girl called Rae; she's sixteen and lives in Lincolnshire in England. She's been signed into a mental facility for a couple of months for the next few reasons; she's obese and she had a couple of mental problems; she hated herself for her looks and started to self-harm and her mother
Credits to drownedcat on Tumblr
found out about that. However, a couple of months later she was dismissed from the facility and she could return home. She met with her old friend Chloe and saw that she's changed and started hanging out with some new people. She introduced them to her and she found out that they're not a bad gang; there was another girl called Izzy (side note; the girl who plays her called Ciara actually follows me on Tumblr *fangirl moment*) and a couple of guys called Chop, Finn and Archie.
She also finds out that her mother has changed quite a lot and that she's hiding her Tunisian boyfriend in their house.
Her only refuge is her friend still stuck in the hospital called Tix (another side note; the girl who plays her (Sophie) also follows me on Tumblr *another fangirl moment*).
Anyway, the whole show shows us how she's dealing with all of her problems and the insane amount of hot guys around her. I think Rae's really relatable because I'm a bit overweight as well and I do sometimes hate my body for it and she kind of shows me that it's not all about looks and that without them you can still score the hottest guys around.
I decided to watch this show because when I was in London I saw so many adverts for it on the double-deckers and I decided to give it a shot and it turns out that it's bloody amazing and I think that it's worth watching so you can understand how the stronger girls feel about their bodies. If you've ever bullied a stronger girl, then you can go and fuck yourselves. Honestly.

3. Sherlock

It's exactly what you're thinking off. It's an adaptation of the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with the one difference that it's set in the present and slightly adapted to today's customs and stuff. There are only two seasons with three episodes (and then you wonder why are we such a fucking mental fandom) and they last for about 90 minutes each, which is quite cool, I suppose.
The episodes of the first season are based upon A Study In Scarlet, The Blind Banker and The Great Game
Credits to silent-fun on Tumblr
and the second season consists of Conan Doyle's most famous stories, meaning A Scandal In Bohemia, The Hound Of The Baskervilles and The Final Problem. Nobody knows what will season three bring (which is set to be released next year), but the hint that the main writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss gave us were three words: rat, wedding and bow. People presume that Irene Adler will return for the second episode with the wedding and stuff going on.
Anyway, it's a freaking mental show, the music is amazing, the actors are fucking amazing and just... go watch it, I think everyone will love it no matter what age or whatever...

2. Merlin

Based upon the the Arthurian legends with the one difference that Merlin isn't a dodgy old man (well, at least not all of the time).The first season starts with Merlin coming to Camelot and meeting all of the main characters of the story, meaning the King Uther, his son and the future king Arthur, the kings' ward Lady Morgana and her servant Guinevere.
In the following five seasons (because the show ended, NOBODY CANCELLED IT, jesus!) they introduced the most famous legends such as the sword in the stone (can't make a show about the Arthurian legends without the sword, can we?), the round table, lady of the lake, they also introduced Mordred and so on. 
Not to mention that the stories are simply amazing and oh my god, perfect, but also, the cast is brilliant and basically YOU CAN SHIP ANYTHING WITH ANYONE, IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Yep, it's something to definitely recommend to anyone, but fair warning, I still haven't re-watched the last episode ever because it's too fucking painful. If you're going to give it a go, then make sure to have some tissues at the ready.

1. Doctor Who

Well, it couldn't have gone any different, could it? BBC just makes bloody awesome TV-shows and I can't help it.
Doctor Who is a story about a man (who's actually alien) who travels in time and space in his magical blue
Credits to thedalekin221b on Tumblr
box that is called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) and nobody actually knows his name. He just goes by the name of the Doctor. He also has companions who are freaking awesome by the way (sass to the max sometimes) and they always ask for his name and he replies: "I'm the Doctor," and they always reply "Doctor Who?" hence the name of the show. Except for Rose Tyler. She said "Doctor What?"
He travels in time and space and meets many, many different species (or just to say, aliens) who are usually evil and are trying to kill him and stuff like that. There are many creepy and many not-so-creepy monsters, but the stories are still awesome.
Also, his relationship with his companions are amazing and a lot of them have broken my heart so many times that I basically couldn't cope anymore.
This is the longest running TV-show in the history, this year it'll be the 50th anniversary of it, so it's a pretty big deal for us Whovians this year and I have no idea how they've never ran out of any ideas for episodes.
Anyway, amazing show, amazing actors, amazing monsters and so fucking heartbreaking that I think I'll die of that. It's a must-watch, definitely!

Long story short, that is my life, basically. I noticed that a lot of people die in most of the them, so once again, if you're going to give it a shot, please, be prepared for a lot of sobbing. You have been warned, ladies and gentleman.
Until next time (which will be in a weeks' time, because I'm going on holiday, again!)
xxx Katherine


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