Travelling: London 2013

I decided to dig a bit into my travelling past, because I travel a lot. I've travelled through Europe; I've been in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Croatia and Austria. When it comes to travelling, I really don't care where shall I go, as long as the place is interesting and the people are nice (which was hard, especially in Italy).

I've been on the island (meaning the British Isles) quite a lot; I've been to England and Scotland twice and I've visited Ireland four times (and I think that we'll go up there for the fifth time quite soon). My absolute favourite of all of the visited places was London. I went there once when I was six and this year with my school. I can say that in the nine years that I've been away it has changed a lot and in a good way.

That's the one thing I hate...  Bastard.
The first day of the journey was the 31st of January and we planned to stay for four days (I personally would stay for about two or three weeks but OK). We travelled in a group of 40 children aged from 13 to 15 with two teachers (one for English and one for maths), the English teacher's daughter and mother and our tour guide. We flew from Ljubljana to London Stansted. On the airport she told us a couple of basic instructions for boarding and stuff like that; I didn't really listen because I already knew the drill, I was on the airplane for at least 20 times already but the last time I flew before that was... 2009 when I went to Portugal with my family. From then we've chosen the motorhome alternative so I was slightly worried that I was going to vomit or something, but that didn't happen, thank god.

I was absolutely exhausted because I got up at half 6 in the morning and even though we were supposed to leave for the airport at half eight, I had to go to school early to go to an exam at half 7. Are you bloody kidding me?! Going to London that same day, I should better get some rest because I'll be very exhausted. NO! Why would you do that? Go and take an English exam before that! *sarcasm overload*

Anyhow, I tried to fall asleep for a while on the plane, but it was a no-go, because there was a woman sitting right behind me with the most annoying baby I've ever heard. Cried the whole way through and I had to bite my tongue not to shout something at him and his mother.
Lovely example of the British motorway and stuff

We landed safely after one hour and fifty minutes of flying and we were in London! I was dreading this moment like crazy and I couldn't possibly believe it. I couldn't wait for the day I'd go to London and there I was! It was all incredibly surreal if I'm honest. We claimed our bags and then found our double-decker bus (I sat in the front row on the second floor with my best friend) and drove to Heathrow, where our hotel was. At that point, our guide explained to us our four days in London and she said we'd see the best of what London has to offer. I'd see the other things which aren't the best that London has to offer, but we weren't there for enough time to see them all.
Lovely underground system...
When we unpacked in our hotel, we went to the tube, which was like five minutes away from our hotel (which was Jurys Inn). Our station was called Hatton Cross and we had to get off at South Kensington and voilĂ , there we were! The Natural History Museum was the first thing we'd see. The museum itself is amazing and coming from a person that doesn't particularly like biology, that's a lot. I love the way that the whole building is built, the staff were extremely nice and the whole thing is actually very interesting to see and that's a definite must-see.

The Natural History Museum

After we finished, the guide took us to Leicester Square in the West End, the place famous for the many theatres and of course, plenty of places to eat at. That's where we had our dinner and I kept on glazing at the  huge Les Miserables poster above a cinema there, because I hadn't seen it then yet. I'd much rather go and see the show, especially now when one of my favourite vloggers is playing Eponine. Anyway, we returned to Leicester Square every night because it was the most affordable place to eat.

The second day was quite royal... We went on the tube again and got off at St. James' Park and strolled around the park for a bit, admiring the London Eye and plenty of squirrels and weird types of ducks and then we reached the one and only, Buckingham Palace. I forgot how breathtaking the whole building was with the statue of Queen Victoria in the front and I was speechless for a while. My classmates were hoping they'd get to see the Queen, but I just laughed at their innocent hope to see the most powerful woman in the UK.
I do not see the queen. Where is she? 

The Elizabeth Tower in Westminster
After that we turned around and went down to Westminster. We soon reached the Elizabeth Tower (I learned that the bell is actually Big Ben and the tower is the Elizabeth Tower) and the House of Parliament. We also caught a glimpse of the Westminster Abbey. Then we took a left turn and went down the street to see the statue for the fighters in any war that the UK had taken part in and the statue in memory of the woman of the WWII. We then reached the number 10, that is 10 Downing Street... sort of, because we couldn't stand right in front of the door, we saw it from a distance. We also took a walk to the Trafalgar Square where we saw the National Gallery and Admiral Nelson, of course and then quickly onto the tube to the British Museum.

This is actually the point where I spent quite a lot of time on my own, because I'm a nerd and I appreciate museums unlike my classmates. I strolled around the museum for a bit on my own, hoping that there would be a wild Benedict Cumberbatch appearing out of somewhere, but that wasn't the case, unfortunately. I also hoped that the place with the Arthurian legends would be opened (with me being a massive nerd and a huge fan of Merlin), but it was closed. That was the low point of my day, but it got better then.
The hall of the British Museum
Then, another tube ride to Oxford Street, shopping time, yeah! Also, went to Starbucks. Twice.

After that, another tube ride to Baker Street! *starts singing the theme tune to BBC's Sherlock*
You might not believe me, but we didn't go to Baker Street to go to 221B or see the Sherlock Holmes museum, we went to Madam Toussauds'. I really didn't know if there would be anyone that I'd know, but I took a photo with Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles and Amy Winehouse. It wasn't that bad, I even showed the middle finger to Justin Bieber. Thank god that the One Direction dolls weren't there yet...

The day was coming to an end and we were slowly heading for Leicester Square again, but this time we also caught a glimpse of Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown!
The underground on Baker Street
The third day was very fun as well. Firstly we went to The National Gallery, which I've been dreading to go and see the whole trip and I wasn't even too sure if we'd go and see it, but we did! Only this time, we had one hour to see the whole museum. One hour! Are you bloody kidding me?! I want to see the whole place, not only one! Unfortunately, I had to chose only one section to go and see and I chose everything from the impressionists on and I couldn't take my eyes off of the paintings. I'm a sucker for the impressionists, if you didn't know, so you know that I felt like a kid in a candy-shop.
After the National Gallery, we went to the tube again and went to Canary Wharf. My Doctor Who nerdy bit of me was going absolutely mental: "Oh my god, Doomsday, Army Of Ghosts, Rose Tyler I-, where are the Daleks and the Cybermen?" Honestly, I think they should have a Dalek or a Cyberman on display there, the most famous and most heartbreaking season finale has happened there in the modern retelling of the show!

But we weren't there to take a look at all the fancy business offices or anything, we were heading for Greenich Observatory and stuff. We had a bit of time to look around the whole place and it was the sacred location where I ate possibly the best muffin I've ever tasted! Blueberry muffin and an Oreo one... god help me. *melts*

Then our tour guide said that there's one thing she though she couldn't take us to visit because she was convinced that there wouldn't be any time for it. She took us to Covent Garden, the centre of street culture in London. I love that place. Honestly, it was the best bit of London that I could have hoped for. The energy of the whole place was unbelievable and so many people that were either dancing or singing. I loved it! I strolled around on my own for a bit, I went to Laduree (cause I'm also a sucker for their macroons, I got a bag and the cute little box for just 12 pounds, which I think is quite cheap for them) and I looked into the FREAKING MASSIVE Apple store there (I think that's the place where my passion to get anything by Apple rose) and I also bought some tea from Whittards which had the nicest shop assistant I've ever seen! Seriously, she recommended me some good tea. Rose Garden, Spice Imperial, Afternoon Blend and Earl Grey are their absolute best teas ever!

And sadly my trip to London was ending. The next morning we had to get up at 3.30 because our flight was at 7.45 AM, so we needed to be there very early. It also happened to be one of my very good friends' birthday and he was so surprised when we sang him the birthday song and bought some very small cakes to celebrate it. I also sat with him on the journey back, so I wasn't as bored as I thought I'd be.

And then I spent the whole day and the whole night sleeping. How bloody typical for me.

This was an amazing trip which I absolutely enjoyed; my best friend was there, all my good friends were there and we were in London, so it's a win win combination! If you haven't been to London yet, then I feel sorry for you, because it's the best place ever. I seriously think to move there one day.

Anyway, this was my post about London 2013. It was amazing.

xxx Katherine


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