Back to school!

So... September's about to start. In Slovenia, where I live, that usually means that school's about to start any day now and that means that the two and a half month limbo of procrastination is now officially over and we're going to be hit in the face with a bunch of school work which I do and don't like at the same time.

To be fairly honest, I am looking forward to the first day because it's the first day at a new school for me (I'm going to a school that specializes in music and ballet, not that I'd take a ballet course because... well, look at me. I can't say that I'm the best at PE, never mind could I dance on my tiptoes for two hours straight) and of course everyone is interested into what everything looks like and how things work, especially if I'm the only person from my school to go to the school that I'm going to.
But on the other hand, I am not as excited for it because there's this stupid tradition in Slovenia where older students "baptise" the first-years with drawing dicks on their face and drawing a bunch of F's on their hands (F stands for the word "fazan" which in Slovenian means newbie) with permanent markers. I don't think I'll survive that.

But never mind that, I am not going to talk about that. In this blog post I'll talk about learning, making good first impressions and just regular stuff that I found helpful in the last few years before starting each year of school and I think that they might help others as well.
So, here we go!

Making a good first impression
This is fucking crucial in my opinion. In Slovenia, when you're 14 going on 15, you change schools, meaning you go off to something we call high school and you stay there for 4 years. The teachers are different and you don't know anybody except for your former classmates (and in my case, I know none because nobody I know is going to this school) and the teachers don't know you.
In my opinion, if you make a good first impression, it can be very beneficial for you in the long-run. The teachers will know that you are either clever (if you raise your hand in the class and know a lot of things) or that you're interested in things (if you ask a lot of questions about the topic you're discussing right now) and things like that and that's always good. They'll know you can rely on you and if the teacher likes you then you know that it can be beneficial when you perhaps don't know the answer to a question in an oral exam or something like that and maybe they won't count the answer or they'll give you extra points for something else... Basically, it's very important with teachers, because after you give a good impression then nothing will spoil people's opinion on you (except if they see you take drugs... that might be a bit of a bust).

As for your classmates/future possible friends it's slightly different. Sure, you have to stand out and look nice and approachable and stuff, but if you'll stand out too much (and by that I mean if you'll almost look like "a teachers' pet") it's quite possible that you might find some bullies as I always did. That was because I didn't find the golden middle. Don't be shy, just go and talk to people and have fun and look fun and stuff and I know you're going to say that it's easy for me to say that because I'm just a girl sitting behind a laptop, but I swear to god, it does help, so throw that shy attitude away and be who you are underneath with people that you know because in no time you'll know them pretty well.

I'd be lying if I said that looks don't matter in making a good impression because we all know that they do. It's important that you put on your best dress on a first day (OK, maybe not some 2000-euro dress from whatever but you get my point). Look nice in something that you feel comfortable in. That's what I would say.
To make things easier for you, I'll show you what I've planned out to wear on my first day.

Pants: H&M (the plus-size department, without any guilt)
T-shirt: H&M Basic
Necklaces (left to right): H&M, Stradivarius and a little jewellery stand in Croatia 
Shoes: Alpina (a Slovenian company)

OK, my whole family could confirm the fact that I wore those pants way too much during the whole summer. Why? Well, for starters, they're really comfy, they have this crazy pattern on them and if I forgot to shave my legs, that covered them up perfectly and they don't make you sweat like a pig. It looks absolutely great with a dark-blue or white or black shirt on top, but make sure that the shirt is simple without any decorations or labels on top and you can put either red or white or black shoes underneath and it looks amazing.
Don't worry, I won't wear all three necklaces at the same time, I just haven't decided which one yet. If you want to recommend me some, comment underneath this post if you want to.

That's what I feel comfortable in and I think that you should wear something like that as well if you want to.

Learning (or studying/revising)
Learning is a bitch, I know. I do consider myself being rather smart and intelligent, but I was no better than all of my classmates before an exam. I was panicking like crazy, I wrote some answers on my hands in case I needed them and basically, I was an idiot when it came to that. Luckily, I paid attention in class and I learned a lot by just listening and I got better grades because of it, but it was awful, I almost got a panic attack because of that fear that I won't get a good grade.

So I decided to do some things last year and they really helped me. The first one was to revise every second, third day when I came home from school for the past two, three days. Advantages of this are that you pretty much understand the school topic by the next lesson and if you've got a test approaching, you don't have to revise as hard. Disadvantages are that it takes a lot of time and it steals time for stuff like Tumblr... I'm a prick.
The second one is that you have a lot of markers, coloured pencils and stuff like that and to underline important things that you should remember (like scientific formulas and stuff).
The third one is that I buy myself nice notebooks to write in. I have no idea why, but just the look of a nice notebook makes revising a lot easier for me.
The fourth one is to clear up the place around me while I'm revising. That way I won't have some dust on a bookshelf distracting me or something.
The fifth one is that I put away all things that might cause procrastination (like computers and phones and stuff). You know, because procrastination is a bitch and TUMBLR WHY DO YOU EXIST?!

Even a pink calculator might help me!
I feel like these are the few things that should help everyone while studying, but I also have some other preferences that help me study quite a lot (like listening to instrumental music in the background) and I think that everyone has them as well and they might be different to every single person so I won't bother you with mine because this post is way too long already.

Procrastination a bitch. Procrastination or the art of procrastinating basically means to delay doing things that you should be doing and doing something far less important instead that'll give us immediate satisfaction but not in the long run.
I've had immense problems with procrastination in my life and because of that I used to hand in some assignments late and I forgot my homework and stuff and it wasn't good. Sure, it gave you immediate satisfaction to reblog a couple of photos on Tumblr or to watch a YouTube video or something, but what about school, what about learning and using the knowledge in the long run?
All that I could recommend is that you procrastinate from procrastination. I know, it sounds stupid, but you can procrastinate after you've finished all your school work, all the homeworks, everything! Make sure you've done all of those things before you log into Tumblr and start looking at pictures of your celebrity crush or go to YouTube and have an endless marathon of whatever-the-fuck-you-watch.
It's hard at the beginning, but you'll get the hang of it and it'll probably be a whole lot easier afterwards. Please don't procrastinate because you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

That is all what I had to say about school and stuff. This was all inspired by Laura's lovely blog post which has started off with clothing and you should definitely stay tuned because she'll probably post some more stuff in the future!
I hope you'll have a good start of the year, but if you don't then there's always Tumblr to take you away from real life for a couple of minutes... or hours.
xxx Katherine


  1. You should wear the owl necklace imo, because the owl is the symbol for wisdom, intelligence, cleverness, yada yada and so it would create an illusion of you being smart (which you are, so it would actually just show that you're clever) but without you having to explain to everyone how smart you really are. Though they'll get that the moment you exchange a few words with them. You know what? Ignore me. Now I feel stupid that I wrote this. Maybe you should wear the must-have MUSTache or the bowing bow. (I suck at puns. Are those even puns? Okay, going off topic here...)

    1. Hahahaha, good sir, I like you! I think I will wear the owl because I have never worn it before and it's fairly new!Thank you :) About the puns... I suck at making them as well so don't worry :) xxx

    2. Excuse me, but when have I become a "sir"? Last time I checked, I identified as a "lady". Oh, well. Same thing. Okay, not really, but both express some kind of notable, higher status.


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