Katherine hauls no.2: Why are there so many books?

Yep, it's time for another one.

If you follow me on Twitter (@escapingtheday) then you might have noticed that a month and a half back  
I went completely mental over the book called The Fault In Our Stars and I kept on ranting how I couldn't find it in any bookshop in Slovenia and stuff like that. Well, I was wrong. I found a bookshop that isn't completely incompetent and there it was.
I legitimately thought I was going to go crazy over it and you should have seen the look on my fathers' face when I saw it. He really doesn't know what has gotten over me. I'm sorry dad. Next time, don't let your daughter get a Tumblr account.
So far it's my favourite book which you can clearly see in my Top 10: Books post, so I really recommend it!
I got it for 10 euros, but I'm pretty sure you can get it a lot cheaper online. Just go to Amazon or eBay or whatever, I guarantee you it'll be there for around 7 pounds.
Then I went on a one-day trip to Croatia (after I got back from my holiday) with my dad, my sister and her boyfriend. We are all pretty big book worms and this is what happened.
If I read a book and love it, I must have it in my book collection. This happened with The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak, which is placed on number 5 on my Top 10: Books post. I've read it in Slovenian, but I got it in English, because... well, I don't know why. Anyway, my dad said I can pick one book and this was it. It was... 120 Croatian kuna's, which is somewhere around 15 euros, but then again, if you want it cheaper, the internet is your solution.
The other book is Tales Of Beedle The Bard by J.K.Rowling. Sorry, I'm a Potterhead, I have all seven books at home and when I saw it, my fangirl feels kicked in. It's basically a book of stories for children that are wizards and I love it, because the tale of the three brothers is in it and it's so cool. It has little notes of professor Dumbledore in it and it says it's been translated from the original runes by Hermione Granger, so that's... that's really fucking cool. I love it.
It was somewhere around 10 euros and I think you can get it online with other books like these such as The Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and the book on quidditch, so that's cool. I think it's supposed to be 7 pounds if you get it online, so yeah... do it.

The next item that I got is already kind of made for winter. It's this really warm, soft, cosy sweater that I got from C&A. It was on sale for 5 freaking euros and they had my size, so... what person in it's right mind wouldn't buy it? I thought I could wear it with a patterned shirt underneath with the collar poking out or just on its own, but it looks lovely and... yeah.
This one was from last years' collection, so I don't think you can order it online anymore, but if you have a C&A store somewhere near you then pop in the shop and look if they have it. It's really cool because all the larger sizes have stayed behind so if you're a stronger girl like me, then I suggest you get it.

Katherine, welcome to the 21st century, the century when she actually got herself a better phone. Yeah, I
had my old one (Nokia C3) for about 4 years now and the annoying thing about Nokia's is that they're really, really tough and I wanted a new phone about a year ago, but my parents said no because it was still working fine. About six months ago it just randomly started to shut down at inconvenient moments and I knew then that the time to upgrade will come soon.
I got myself a Sony Xperia Miro, because a lot of my friends have told me that the new Xperia series was actually a series of quite good touchscreen phones, so I definitely took it into consideration and got myself one. I got it for 72 euros only because I have a special "package" (it's how we call them) with the phone company and I get some discount on buying phones, but in regular sale it's about 250 euros, so it's quite an expensive phone.
Because it's touchscreen, I've immediately downloaded Temple Run 2 (duh) and I played it during the night when I couldn't sleep. I'll probably get more games for it or something, but yeah... so far, I'm pretty pleased with it. If you're going to buy a new phone, then I'd recommend you buy this one, because it's good and if James Bond's happy with it, then I am as well.

OK, this was the light-hearted blog post I've told you about before, so I hope you like it. Next time, I'll probably do something slightly more personal again, either on bullying and body confidence or shipping and fanfiction. I'm not too sure yet.
Anyway, until then,
xxx Katherine

ALSO: Since my new phone is an Android, I could finally make an Instagram account! My username is vintagekatherine and if you've got it, then I suggest you go and follow me and I'll follow you back, because I need more people to follow. 


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