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I was on holiday when pretty much the whole season 7 was aired, so I couldn't exactly write a post about every single episode, because wi-fi wasn't working with me and neither did I have my laptop with me, so I guess I'll just... do the whole season in one post.

A lot of people have been complaining that there wasn't the theme tune that we're used to in the beginning of every episode. I, in fact, didn't mind it, because this whole season wasn't after all a typical Skins season. We got to see the well loved characters grow into completely different people and the tune just didn't fit in, I'm so sorry. Well, that is only my opinion on it.

And that brought me to the next thing that I noticed. There was a major change in every character. Effy wasn't the grungy person we all knew from seasons 1 to 4; she got a proper job, she had to deal with stuff like paying rent and the bills (and possibly doing horrendous taxes?) and you can tell that there wasn't much time to do anything else. Basically, she grew up and changed the most out of all the three characters in this
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In the second episode of Fire she realised that the company where she was working was doing so great because of some financial stuff that I haven't got a fucking clue about. She wanted to help and so, unknowingly, broke the law to make some profit and then got the police on her neck.
And besides that, she was dealing with Naomi and her cancer problems. None of the treatments worked and she was slowly dying and she refused to tell her girlfriend until the very end. We don't see "the death scene" itself but I think it's safe to say that she died soon after that.
In addition to that, she had some relationship problems.
At the end, she had to go to prison, but it looked like she didn't give a crap about it. I mean, she knew that she made a mistake, she told the police about her boss and how he kind of forced her to do it, but she didn't seemed shocked about it at all.
I think that this is the only thing they could have changed. Her attitude. I think that every normal person would go slightly mental over the fact that they were going to go to jail, but again, this is only my opinion.

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Now, Pure was the one that I waited for like crazy, particularly because we didn't have a freaking clue what happened to Cassie in New York, because they ended it on such a cliffhanger.
We see her back in England, working in a little cafe with basically nothing else to look forward to. She lives in a house with a couple of people, but she really doesn't hang out with any of them. She keeps herself to... well, herself.
One day, she is approached by a girl in her cafe and she said to her: "It's you,". What Cassie didn't know is that someone has been following her around, taking pictures of her and uploading them online on this website called Oblivion. (By the way, the pictures were so fucking pretty I almost cried) She then realises that she has a stalker, but she has no clue who he or she is.
One evening, she notices a flash from the building opposite her house. She immediately knew that this is where her stalker would be, but she had no clue that it would be the shy boy working with her in the cafe called Jacob. After all the shocks and "wows" and "what-the-fucks'" she said she'd let him take photos of her.
So, they travel to Wales to Cassie's father and brother to visit and take more photos. Jacob then sees that Cassie's life isn't going very well and neither is her family.
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But anyway, they upload the photos, they're a big success, Cassie gets a job involving modelling, becomes quite famous, quits her job in the cafe (and so does Jacob), she has a couple of problems with relationships and then leaves them both and then decides to put her life in order.
At the end, we see that she chose family over relationships. She takes care of her brother and sends her father on a rebound trip to Italy after her mothers' death. All is well that ends well.
Another big change in character. If we look back on her in season 1 and 2, she's basically recovering from anorexia. In order to feel better, she uses drugs, she runs away from problems, she gets her heart broken, escapes from her friends and is basically on the run all the time. The massive change we can see is that she isn't so skinny anymore (I mean, she's skinny, but not anorexic-skinny), and she doesn't drink anymore, she doesn't use drugs, she avoids the old Cassie a lot and I kind of liked it. She became more responsible and she was purer (so I kind of understood why the episodes were called so).

Rise. Man, if I'd see Cook anywhere in real life, I'd probably rape him. I am so sorry, but can you not,
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The change in character isn't as big, but still. Cook's also in London, working as a drug dealer, sleeping in his car and avoiding the police because of what he is now and what he did in season 4 (basically, killed Effy's psychiatrist). We are introduced to his friend Emma who sometimes lets him sleep in her flat (and is occasionally his sex-buddy, no offence), his boss Louis, his girlfriend Charlie (who I didn't like at all) and other dealers.
One day, he is asked by his boss to drive around his girlfriend for a day or two. He is kind of attracted to her, but he's careful about what he does, because he knows that the boss might snap his head off in a second. He's careful in everything he does; he double locks the doors at night, he doesn't use drugs anymore (although he deals with them) and he isn't the reckless person he used to be.
Once, Emma suggested to him that they should just get out of London, drive around without stopping because their lives sucked big time. When Louis kills one of the other dealers for messing around with Charlie, he knows that is his sign to back off. He takes Emma out of her flat and they drive around, but pick up Charlie as well, because he knows that she will get killed if she sticks around any longer.
In the second episode they basically run away from Louis. They hide in the house of Emma's parents, but when he comes around to pay them a visit, they know they've got to run. After a little while of walking around the forest, they see the car of Emma's parents and basically, they know that her parents were killed because the car is smashed and the gun that her father had was stolen. Emma was in shock, but they had to run away. They hid away in a small house in the woods that was practically falling apart. One morning when Cook and Charlie wake up, they see that Emma was gone. They heard some gun-fires and they quickly ran and hoped to god that they'd find her... and they did. Louis got her and hung her from a tree. He was waiting for them and he had a fight with Cook. He was in place to kill him at the end, but he didn't, he rose up to be
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the better person than he was. He kicked the shit out of him, told Charlie to drive off with his car, called the police to get him and he ran away himself and we don't know where he goes after that.
Cook didn't change as much as a character, but we got to see a different side to him, the gentle one. All the time when he was with Emma, he wasn't aggressive or something as we thought he'd be. When she was panicking because her parents were nowhere to be found, he was great for moral support, when he kicked the shit out of Louis, he said: "This is for my girlfriend" or something and we could see that he took something seriously for the first time in his life. He still went to parties, he still had a drink every now and again, but the change wasn't as massive as I thought it would be.
But he gives us one word of advice; he says we should live our lives to the fullest or how ever the fuck we want them to and not watch it go by. Thank you, Cook.

...and that is pretty much it. I sat in my chair for a couple of minutes when I finished watching the last episode, because the show I've been watching like crazy when I was slightly younger ended. It's a shock, but I don't think that they could have finished it better. High five, Skins season 7 writers, it was amazing and I loved it.

Thanks for the amazing 6 years.


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