Ultimate playlist: Summer (UPDATED!)

If you haven't yet seen the original version with the cutest photos of dogs then click here to read that first and listen to it as well.
Basically, I found myself listening to a lot more things during this month which I didn't include into the previous blog post and I feel obligated because OH MY GOD the songs are fucking amazing and I have no idea why didn't I bother to listen to them earlier. Kill me, right?
So, without further ado, here are a couple of really good songs that you should definitely give a go as well :)

1. Two Door Cinema Club:
-What You Know (x)
-Come Back Home (x)
-This Is The Life (x)
-Cigarettes In The Theatre (x)
-Under Cover Marytn (x)
(and plenty of others, because they're fucking

2. White Lies:
-There Goes Our Love Again (x)
-Big TV (x)
-Mother Tongue (x)
-Change (x)

3. Paramore:
-Now (x)
-The Only Exception (x)
-Ain't It Fun (x)
-Decode (x)

4. Panic! At The Disco:
-Miss Jackson (x)
-This Is Gospel (x)

Click on the little x next to each song to be redirected to YouTube and have a listen of the song that you chose.
I think that this was a refreshment in the little sea of unbelievably long posts that I couldn't keep short because there was just so much to say... I am terribly sorry, but it's true. I think that if I have something to say then I shouldn't keep it in. I should stop now.
Basically, this is an addition to everything I've been listening to over the summer! If you like it, that's cool, if you don't, that's OK, whatever floats your boat.
I shall see you soon, ladies and gents... I'm a prick.
xxx Katherine

P.S. Sorry for the lack of photos but I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT TO PUT IN. I hadn't taken any photos since I went on the longer two-week break and I have no other photos so I'm terribly sorry.


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