Ultimate playlist: Summer

Updated version is up now!

This is just what the tittle says it is... It's my ultimate playlist of songs for the summer (well, so far, I might come back and edit this thing) and I really hope you enjoy it. It's a mixture of all genres of music and also the artists are quite different, so don't judge my indie-rock personality if there's some other stuff here as well. So here it is... Accompanied by the photos of my trip to Croatia.

The first day was the only day it rained!
1. Paramore:
-Holiday (x)        
-I'm Not Angry Anymore (x)                    
-Moving On(x)                                     
-Fast In My Car (x)                                
-(One Of Those) Crazy Girls (x)        
-Still Into You (x)

 2. Friendly Fires:
-Paris (x)
-Kiss Of Life (x)

 3. Florence Welch and Calvin Harris:
 -Sweet Nothing (x)
It looked like paradise to me.
4. Florence + The Machine:                   
-Spectrum (Calvin Harris remix) (x)        
-Dog Days Are Over (x)                          
-Kiss With A Fist (x)                  
-Not Fade Away (x)

5. Bastille:                                         
-Pompeii (x)
-Weight Of Living pt. II (x)      

6. Ed Sheeran:
-The A-Team (x)
-Give Me Love (x)
-You Need Me, I Don't Need You (x)
This is genuinely what the sea looked like.
7. Kate Nash:                             
-Foundations (x)
-Do Wah Doo (x)
-Birds (x)

8. The Kooks:                            
-Seaside (x)  
-She Moves In Her Own Way (x)      
-Always Where I Need To Be (x)

9. Miles Kane:
-Give Up (x)
-First Of My Kind (x)
-Quicksand (x)                      
Hello, this is me :) 

10.Panic! At The Disco:
-Sarah Smiles (x)          
-Pas De Cheval (x)
-Nine In The Afternoon (x)
-That Green Gentleman (x)  
11. Regina Spektor:   
-Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) (x)   
-Dance Anthem Of The 80's (x)     
-On The Radio (x)                                            

12. White Lies:  
Because why not?
-There Goes Our Love Again (x)      
-Death (x)                    
13. Emma Blackery (hitting the
 Youtube area now)
-Go The Distance (x)
-The Butterflies And Rainbows Song (x)
-Human Behaviour (x)     

14. Dodie Clark:
-Ukulele Summer Mashup (x)  
If this isn't the cutest dog you've ever seen...
-Kiss You (One Direction cover) (x)

15. Tom Law:
-Never Met You  (x)
-Thrift shop (English version) (x)
-Feeling Good (x)
-When Was Your Man (x)

This is genuinely everything I've been listening to so far, I might post an updated version later this month because White Lies will release some new stuff, but then again... I might not... Not too sure yet.
Anyway, click on the x to go and listen to the song on YouTube and don't judge me, it's not strictly indie rock with me anymore, OK?
I will be back with a better and longer blog post soon, I promise :)
Until then,
xxx Katherine


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