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Yesterday (7th of August, 2013) was probably the weirdest, hardest and most nerve-wrecking day of the year on YouTube. One shitstorm after another and it was unbelievable. I think that we all just wanted the day to be done and to move on. 

What the fuck are you talking about, Katherine? Well, let me explain. 

The day started with something that wasn't particularly bad but then again, it wasn't so good either. In a certain video we could see a picture of a certain "couple" (it would be better if I said YouTube ship, but I won't) kissing. I also won't name them, but I think you guys reading this will probably guess who am I talking about. 
This photo caused a freaking shitstorm on Twitter, Tumblr blah blah blah. People have started trending the topic worldwide on Twitter and to be honest, I wasn't so happy about this, although it has absolutely nothing to do with me. 
OK, first of all, is it really any of our business to know if they're going out? Like, seriously? I think that people are taking this shipping to a whole new level. I will be posting something on shipping and fan-ficiton soon on this blog, but for now, this is my short opinion on the whole internet shipping thing. Honestly, it's too much. It's OK to ship something, but to make the hashtag trend worldwide and tweet about it all the fucking time... 
Have you even considered how might that make them feel? You can't possibly think how uncomfortable they might feel, especially if they know each other in real life. These people would love some privacy in these matters and some people just don't understand that. So what if they're dating? If they are, good for them, congratulations, but if they aren't, people should spread rumours about it like crazy. 
Please, give them some privacy considering their relationships and stuff like that. If they'll want to announce it in public, they will do it when they think it's the right moment, but until then... just don't. 

Then the other thing followed that wasn't so good. In fact, it was terrible. Another quite well known YouTuber which, again, I am not going to name (but you know who I'm talking about) admitted/someone leaked information about it (I'm not his fan so I am not too sure how it came out in the public, don't judge me) committed something really bad. On his website he said that a while back he sexually abused a girl. 
Of course, I won't be defending him or saying anything like that, because it isn't forgiveable, of course not, but then again, I do have something to say. He wrote that he regrets it, meaning he had to learn his lesson and obviously knows that it's wrong, but then again, people are giving him hell for it. They aren't respecting his privacy about it. It won't make him feel any better for it if people are sending him hate on every website we can think of. 
When people start watching and admiring someone, they automatically think that they know them in person, just because they've seen all his videos, interacted with them on all the social media and so on, but in fact, we don't. We were all disappointed when it came out, but we aren't the people who should give him hell for it. He can be judged by the people who know him in real life, but we aren't the ones to say anything to him, because after all we're only people behind a fucking laptop. Respect his privacy, please. If you want to say anything about it, write it on a piece of paper and then tear it apart and throw it in the garbage, don't spread it online. 

Then the third thing, the one that was probably the most beautiful and brave thing that anyone could ever do. I swear to god, I had some tears in my eyes when I was watching the video, because I think we can all be proud of him doing it. 
A certain Australian person (again... oh fuck it, you know who I'm talking about) "came out of the closet". I know from my personal experiences (although I am not gay) how hard that can be and how unacceptable people can be of it and what he did was... bloody brave. In his video, he explained to us how he told it to his friends and his parents and then to us, his viewers, his fans. 
I am not going to say any more of it, apart from the fact that it was beautiful.  I am not kidding. He gathered up the strength and courage to speak up about it and how he knew it ever since he was little. I've been on Tumblr and looking at other people's opinions and I can only say that I'm proud of everyone who has a blog on Tumblr because I think that this website is freaking life-changing. It makes us more acceptable of things such as homosexuality and all the blog posts were amazing. We're so proud of you, good job, we love you no matter what. 
Tumblr users, I salute thee (yes I'm using thee), because you are amazing. 
This is the situation where I think it's acceptable to comment on it, but I think that only if you have something good to say or some words of encouragement. In this case, if you're going to spread hate, then... I think it won't have such an affect on them, because it's who they are and they won't change for you, you're going to have to change for them. 
But then again, who the fuck in 2013 would spread hate around this matter? This is very common in today's society and again, if you do, I swear to motherfucking god that you should re-evaluate your life. 

Moral of this blog post: please, I beg you, respect people's privacy around their personal life. If they announce something themselves, then you can comment on it, but until everything is official, just don't. 

This was slightly more improvised than all my other blog posts, I know. I just needed to get everything off my chest that happened yesterday and...yeah.
I'll be back with a more happy post and stuff soon. I'll be doing a hauling post soon, because I've got quite a couple of new things which I can share with you, so you can look forward to that. 
Until then,
xxx Katherine


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