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Two days ago, the 23rd of September, marked the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, which makes us think of many things. I mostly think of brown-red-yellow leaves falling off of trees, warm seasonal drinks in Starbucks (although ironically, there's not a single Starbucks in Slovenia), counting down to Christmas, the seasonal chocolates in supermarkets (and Christmas calendars! Nobody's too old for them!), warm sweaters, lovely and gorgeous looking trench coats/regular winter coats, gloves, warm scarves, so many new TV-shows coming out (although this year I get only Downton Abbey, because Doctor Who comes out in November, Merlin's been cancelled and Sherlock comes back early next year) and baking some biscuits and making jams and oh, I could go on forever (I also love the state I'm writing this blog post in; snuggled up in my warm bed with my laptop, cup of tea and biscuits).

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Unfortunately, it also means that it's getting colder and the air is still humid and that may cause some inconvenience to some people (like getting fever and colds and stuff like that) so I decided to help. I am that sort of person who can avoid colds and sicknesses very easily, but I also have to do a couple of things to be protected from that, so I'm going to share them with you.

1. Drink lots of everything you can!
I have been dedicated to this point for a very long while and I can guarantee it'll help! In winter I drink a lot of warm things (such as tea) and also orange juice or any other citrus fruits I can get my hands on (like lemons, grapefruits, etc.) and also water, of course.
While it'll be getting colder and colder on the north side of the world (above the equator) and we'll eventually greet winter, it'll be getting warmer and warmer on the south side of the world (under the equator) and in places like Argentina or Brazil, the fruit will grow and they will, unfortunately, have to export it to other sides of the world which haven't got those fruits on their disposal. I know, it's not good for the environment, but why waist them when you have them in your supermarkets?
Citruses have a lot of vitamin C in them and they'll prevent you from getting sick more often, because it'll built and help your immune system fight off the germs and viruses, meaning you'll stay healthy, one problem solved!

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2. Don't expose yourself to wind or cold if you are sweating underneath your clothes and whatever you do, DON'T TAKE THEM OFF, because it'll make things worse! 
If you'll do what I said in the title, you'll definitely fall ill. Of course, at one point, we'll definitely have to expose ourselves to cold and wind at some point, but don't take off your clothes, walk as fast as you can to reach your destination and warm yourself up as soon as possible. I hope that this way you might fight off some sort of cold.
Also, if you're travelling on a longer destination, then have a spare change of clothes with you. I know you might not have place for it in your handbag/school bag/whatever, but at least you won't feel cold after you've changed the clothes and you won't spend ages in those soaking wet clothes and you won't feel cold anymore.

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3. Falling ill with a cold
If you're absolutely sure you'll inevitably fall ill with a cold, then we can prepare you to fight the cold. Number one, be somewhere warm all the time; turn the heating up, wear big, thick jumpers, drink lots of tea (preferably herbal teas, which you can get in all of the regular supermarkets, or even better, home-made tea, that makes me feel better every time), spend lots of time in your bed, cover yourself up with lots of duvets and that will cause you to sweat and at this point, sweat is good. It'll make the virus in you go out and it means your body is fighting it. After you feel like you've had it with sweating, take a long, warm shower (or bath, whichever you prefer) and rub yourself over your chest and back with sea salt. It genuinely helps (and it makes your skin feel softer, so make sure you moisturise afterwards!) and after that, repeat the whole process all over again. Also, eat a lot of soup and warm things.

4. Carry an umbrella around with you!
That way you won't get soaking wet and you won't catch a cold. It can be cool walking in the rain in summer and you might want to look like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's while she's searching for her cat, but the consequences are horrid. You have no idea how many times I've forgotten my umbrella and was then forced to walk home (in total of 20 minutes) in the pouring rain and then caught a cold. It's not cool.

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5. Girls and their lady problems
(if there are any guys reading this, sorry in advance) This is probably the worst problem a girl can deal with during summer and autumn/winter. You know those commercials for either tampons or pads that say you'll feel great every day of your period? Well, we know that's all a pile of crap and it won't work, but for some reason, the second it gets colder, the cramps are getting worse and worse, so I recommend you to wear a lot of layers of clothing, take an aspirin and wrap yourself in a duvet that you've preheated (meaning, just put it over a radiator and it'll work).

6. Dealing with the feels from your favourite TV-shows
There's only one thing I can recommend here.

I hope I made you a bit excited and a bit more prepared for autumn and I hope I shared some useful tips with you and that would be it from my side. I hope this has helped you in any way and I shall see you very soon with another part of my Two Sound Holes series!
xxx Katherine


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