Judging a book by its cover

Maybe some of you will know that I moved away from home to go to a school to which none of my former classmates I knew for the last 9 years of my life went to. Basically, I was thrown into an environment of new people and I found myself all alone and it gave me a lot of time to think.

These people that I'll be spending the further 4 years of my life with are all musicians, which is a quality about them that I rather like, because I'm a musicians as well, but then I found myself judging them "by their cover", so to speak.
"Ooh, look at her, she's got an iPhone, wears expensive clothes and looks very, very fucking pretty, she must be a total self-centred bitch,"
"Look at that guy, he's pretty attractive, he must be a complete man-slut,"
"Look at them, they look so cool and grown up, they'll probably bully the hell out of me if I stick out too much,"

This is by far my biggest flaw as a human being; I judge people too much before they even open their mouths to introduce themselves to me. I judge people based on only their looks. I know, I hate myself for that. I think that looks matter, that by those I'll be able to determine what those people are like on the inside and it's horrible.

I think it's something we're all born with. That ability, craving, wish, whatever, to judge people. I think that we use it probably every day.
Let's get slightly metaphorical now: imagine you have two apples. One is very big, not a single spot on it, looks fabulous, straight from the massive fields of apples in, I don't know, Mexico. The other one, slightly smaller, has a couple of spots, it doesn't have the perfect shape, comes from a town let's say 50 miles away from you.
I think we're all compelled to buy the bigger one, because it looks prettier and we just expect it to have better taste, when in reality, the smaller, little less perfect apple would have the better taste and it would be healthier. We have grown aware of that fact and we now buy those slightly uglier apples because we know they're healthier and better for you and we don't buy those from the supermarkets anymore, because we think they're bad for us.
Now, instead of those apples, imagine people.
When we see a pretty person, it's our instinct to think that they're really bitchy and arrogant and won't like you and we think that there'll be a not-so-pretty person that'll except you straight away.

There are 11 girls in our class, I think. All of them are amazingly well looking and when I saw them, I thought: "Oh god, here we go again, a sea of bitchy girls who think they know everything," I judged them before I even got to know them.
There are about 6 girls that are, like, really pretty and they're probably the group of nicest people I've ever met. We really get along, we help each other and we just enjoy each others' company. I'm not saying that they're all like that, but in my case, they were. We have so much fun during our breaks and during classes, so I was massively wrong about them and their personalities.

It also happens with older people, like teachers. We have this very strict German teacher on our school. Looks like she's going to kill you if you take a deep breath, but in reality, she's telling us hilarious jokes in the middle of the class and we can't stop laughing for around 5 minutes. And there's this other Slovene teacher that looks quite nice and young and you'd think that she'll be quite cool, it turns out that she's probably the strictest person on the whole fucking school.

Basically, the point of this very, very long rambling post is that people are never what they might seem on the outside. They hide so much more on the underneath than you might think. Looks aren't everything. Get to know people first, then think if they're complete bitches or self-centred motherfuckers.
Long story short, don't judge people before they've even opened their mouths.

I am terribly sorry but I don't have much time to blog frequently, so my posts won't be coming for a while, but I can promise that I'll post another part of my writing multi-chapter thingy tomorrow, so look forward to that :)
xxx Katherine


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