...is hearing your favourite song on the radio.

...is dancing to your favourite song alone in your room.

...is seeing your favourite band live.

...is waking up on a Sunday morning and hearing kids play outside.

...is getting the grades you studied for really hard.

...is someone telling you that you are pretty.

...is reading a book with a cup of tea/hot chocolate/coffee.

...comes in the form of long walks during autumn.

...is seeing your best friend for the first time in a long while.

...is taking silly photos in a photobooth.

...is someone telling you that they love you.

...is travelling.

...is having a long marathon of your favourite TV-show.

...is watching a new episode of your favourite TV-show/video from your favourite YouTuber.

...is that moment when a book is so perfect you need to stop for a second and press the book against your chest and breathe very deeply (*cough* The Fault In Our Stars *cough*).

...is waiting for Christmas.

...is finding something good you haven't looked for. (a.k.a. serendipity).

...is spending your time in a bookshop and looking at books.

...is buying books.

...is treating yourself to something you like (a piece of cake, buying a piece of clothing...)

...is travelling with your best friend.

...is getting compliments.

...is spending time with people you love.

...is knowing that you helped someone do well.

...is laughing so much with someone you love that your muscles ache.

...is kissing someone for the first time.

...is someone saying to you: "I'm here for you."

...is having a friend abroad.

...is realising that your favourite YouTuber/singer/actress favourited your tweet.

...is your room-mate asking you for your opinion on her fanfic.

...is remembering the good times.


If you're ever feeling sad or down, just remember, there are things that can make you feel happy and better and I will always look at this list whenever I feel like everything is hopeless and when I feel like I have nobody to rely on.
I hope you liked the things that I consider happiness and I shall see you soon,
xxx Katherine

P.S. I have finished writing my Two sound holes series on my laptop and I'll publish it here in parts (and they will get longer with time) and now I don't have anything to write about, but I have an idea in my head involving this very list. Would you like to see me do something with it?


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