Katherine reads: One Day by David Nicholls (MASSIVE SPOLIERS!)

I swear to god I blame Carrie Hope Fletcher for buying most of the books she recommended in her videos (like The Book Thief and The Fault In Our Stars) and this one is no exception. When I go bankrupt, I will blame her. Every single time.

Anyway... back to the book
The title of the book is One Day and literary, the whole story is about the same day, St. Swithin's Day (the 15th of July) from 1988 to 2007. Emma and Dexter were both studying on the University of Edinburgh and they graduated in 1988 which is technically the first day they have officially met. They celebrated the fact that they're now officially adults and got back to Emma's flat. They get along brilliantly, although nobody seems to realise how, because Emma is the typical nerd, with round spectacles and full of knowledge and the Yorkshire accent whereas Dexter is from a rich family, a total womaniser and absolutely gorgeous looking. They spoke about life and all those philosophical things that university graduates can talk about and then the following morning, they separate and think that they shall never see each other again.

But they do. They keep in touch with one another and every chapter describes the same day (15th of July), but a year on. We see what Emma and Dexter have been up to; Emma works in a tiny cafe, slowly rising towards success, when Dexter already has it (alongside his brilliant job, many girls in his bed and accommodation in Rome).
Every year, they see each other, but their lives change courses; Emma starts teaching, Dexter is still in limbo between women and jobs until he finally gets a permanent job on the television and basically, they don't have much in common any more and they drift apart.

They aren't in a relationship; they have this weird friendship/psychiatrist thing going on where they help each other in life, which isn't easy for them because they both show signs of affection for each other, but they aren't exactly willing to admit it until the last few chapters of the book (we also call that skinny love).

The whole story is brilliant; it describes how friendship can always become more, even if it seems impossible (a.k.a. even if you've been "friend-zoned") and how success in your profession can come straight away or it can slowly be in the making and you can turn massive when you think you are basically doomed to have a dead-end job and no successful relationship.

I decided not to describe it to you in such detail as I described The Book Thief or The Casual Vacancy, because this is such a good story and it has so many little twists and turns in it that aren't really fit for a blog post and that have to be experienced through reading the books or watching the film (but the book is always better, isn't it?).
The film stars so many lovely actors and it's really worth a watch; as a matter of fact, I was loading the film on Netflix while I was writing this post, so I'm going off and I'll watch that now and SO SHOULD YOU!

Anyway, if you have any book recommendations for me, make sure to leave them in the comments because I'd love to see your suggestions because I shall read anything (as long as it's not Twilight or any other book like that). I should also apologize because this series will probably be put on hold for a while because I don't find much time to read except during holidays and I hope you'll understand.
Until next time,
xxx Katherine


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