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Hello, everyone! I have seen so many people do this type of blog post recently and if you don't know what a wishlist is, it's basically a long list of things that people want to get but are either too poor to get it (like me) or it's just out of their price range, so I think this will be that sort of post. It usually involves more like fashion and beauty things, but this will contain whatever the fuck I want in my life (meaning books and CD's and stuff like that as well). I hope you'll enjoy it and maybe even decide to purchase some things with me as well :)

1. Distance EP- Emma Blackery
This woman is my hero. She's just so amazing and-and-and encouraging and she's an absolutely fabulous musician and I've heard three songs from her EP (Go The Distance, Fear The Future and The Promise) and they're really, really good and they basically make me feel a whole lot better. Her lyrics are just so... helpful in a way. They talk about real-life stuff like depression and love and all of those things and I think that just because she has experience with both topics, she might have helped so many people and she may not even realise it.
I will get this EP as soon as I get my credit card and it'll be the best-spent 3 pounds-something of my life.

Let's get this motherfucker!
2. An Abundance Of Katherines- John Green
OK, I have to admit that one reason why I want this book is because it has my name in the title, true enough, but also because I heard that the story is really, really interesting as well.
The lovely lady Carrie Hope Fletcher did a review of this book on GBPostersUK and I've heard good things about it and this is how the story goes. You know how people have those personal preferences how much they love girls that are blondes or have blue eyes or something? Well, this guy in the story only ever dates girls that are named Katherine (if only that was true, if anyone has a fetish for Katherines, I'm here!) and it's his thing. He also apparently works on this sort of theory to find out how will a certain relationship end and who will be dumped and stuff like that and apparently it's a very geeky theory that contains a lot of factors about their personalities and I heard it's a great read and yeah... Katherines.
Oh, starch that on top, I want every one of his books (and I already have The Fault In Our Stars, so that's a start) BUT I'M POOR LIKE FUCK AND THERE ARE NO OTHER BOOKS BY HIM IN SLOVENIA.

Found on Tumblr
3. Chanel chain bag thing (oh you know which one I mean)
Oh, I want this bag so badly, but I guess it'll never happen because it's CHANEL and it's 5000 EUROS. Yep, I'm a bit out of my price range... and I want it in every colour possible (black, red, turquoise, baby pink, white... THE WHOLE LOT).
Maybe the solution to this problem is just going to be me marrying a rich Scottish or British lord and basically just steal all their money by buying stuff from Chanel.

Found on bewildstayaprincess.tumblr.com

4. Mulberry Alexa, Bayswater and Del Rey bags (in every colour of the rainbow)
Found on prtzels.tumblr.com
Found on weheartit.com

Found on tumblr.com

5. Primark in Slovenia, pretty please.
I have been watching these female vloggers on Youtube and their Primark hauls which have made me tear up on several occasions and curse the world and beg someone to open a Primark store in Slovenia. Why do I want it? Well, for starters, I have been shopping in Primark before, when I went travelling all over the British Isles and one, they're really cheap, two, they've got MASSIVE sizes for girls which is always nice, three, their things are so super-duper lovely and look amazing and four, they last a long time. I haven't been to Primark in a while, but when I was in Scotland, me and my family went into a Primark store and in the end we spend more than 200 pounds on clothing + extra 50 for an extra suitcase and those clothes have lasted me for around 2 and a half years (seriously, not a single pair of jeans from H&M have lasted me 2 and a half years without breaking it into tiny pieces). They've got quality stuff and they're really cheap and I just... I just want a Primark in Slovenia. We've got Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, now I want Primark. Thank you.

6. Tickets to see Paramore, Muse, Arctic Monkeys and Bastille, pretty please.
Who wouldn't want to see them live?
Found on weheartit.com

Found on weheartit.com

Found on amazingalexturner.tumblr.com
...want that?

Found on weheartit.com
7. The Dragons Egg, Twilight and some other bath bombs from Lush (starch that, anything from Lush)
I did come up with a little treat for myself when school will end. At the beginning of the year I went to Lush and I bought a lip peeling and it is amazing and lovely and I just love it and at that time, I spent about half an hour in the shop, sniffing all the bath bombs and I particularly like those two bath bombs mentioned in the title, but others are amazing as well.
At that moment I decided that I'll do the following; I'll be saving some money through the entire school year and if I get the grades that I want by the end of the year, I will go and buy myself a couple of things from Lush; maybe their soaps or some other moisturisers and definitely a lip peeling once more because I love my current one.
So, if I'm satisfied by my grades at the end of the year, LUSH, I'LL BE COMING TO GET YOU! That seems like a fair motivation to study.

Found on niamhandnutbutter.tumblr.com

That seems like enough things to crave for, don't you think? I really hope that one day I'll be able to get some tickets to see my favourite bands live and get a book and a digital download of an EP, but everything else will always just be a crave that I shall never get... (unless you're a rich lord who has a fetish for Katherines, in which case, I'm right over here *winks*).
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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