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*Take five minutes to watch this video first and then read my blog post. 

I have been triggered into thinking a lot about make up and animal testing recently and especially by watching this video about it from the lovely Lex from tyrannosauruslexxx, so I suppose this is it. My thoughts on testing things like make up on animals.

I am very late on the bus with wearing make up; I have started this year and I only wear a bit of concealer and mascara and I don't think I need anything more than that (and I can't be bothered to put on eyeshadow, eyeliner and all the other shenanigans), so I am really not that picky about make up, but with watching that video, my look on that stuff has changed a bit.

At the end, Lex included a list of make up brands that test their make up on animals and those that don't and I was genuinelly surprised to see how many brands that I thought were absolutely brilliant and good and were basically somewhat godlike in my eyes actually did horrible things for stuff that we really, really don't need, which is make up.
The main reason why big companies like Maybelline and Max Factor and Clinique and L'oreal and others test their products on animals is because in certain countries, make up products need to be tested on animals in order to be approved for selling (mostly in Asia). Basically, it means that they choose to have their products sold all over the world instead of saving the lives of thousands and thousands of animals.

I would personally love to use products that weren't tested on animals, but I live in Slovenia, which for you guys is actually in the middle of fucking nowhere and basically, I remember when we got Clinique products in our stores, everyone was slightly horrified and kept on thinking: "Holy shit, changes!"
For a person that lives in the middle of fucking nowhere, getting make up that isn't tested on animals is fucking hard. We do have a Lush store here, but they have absolutely no make up in there. They've got their bath bombs, soaps, massage stuff, but absolutely no make up and even if we had it, it would probably about 15 euros, which is really expensive for make up, especially in Slovenia, where if we see a piece of make up or anything like that and it's 15 euros, we say: "Ooh, isn't that a bit expensive?" It's a bit obvious that if you're going to buy make up that doesn't test on animals will be a bit more expensive, I presume that is because they still have to pass some tests that they don't hurt our skin and because of that they might have to find some other ways to test it (feel free to correct me).
One other thing about it is that you've got to be really fucking lucky to get any type of make up that wasn't tested on animals in Slovenia. If you went somewhere abroad to buy make up, for example, Austria, you might have a wider offer of things, but we can't go to Austria every time we ran out of mascara or foundation and it would be about every month. I remember seeing Burt's Bees (a company that doesn't test their things on animals, but are owned by a company that does) lip balm in a really big drug store here in Slovenia and almost falling on my butt.

So, I have two problems here, to which I like to refer as the two A's: affordability and accessibility.

As I probably have mentioned before, I am not the richest person around. In fact, I think the most money I've ever spend on something were my Dr Martens boots that have lasted me 4 years now and I think they'll probably last twice as long and they were 90 euros, which was quite a lot for me.
(You might have seen my haul posts on this blog; I have bought quite a fair few things mentioned in them from my own money that I have been saving for about a year, all the clothes were bought from my parents' money because I don't earn my own money, but that doesn't mean I get to buy really expensive clothes) 
So you might see that I have a bit of a problem with giving more than 5 or 10 euros for a piece of make up that I really don't need.

Accessibility is also a problem. There are supposedly 17 brands that make cruelty-free cosmetics that are available in Slovenia (either in beauty shops, drug stores or online). 12 of those brands don't produce make up at all, 1 of them is owned by L'Occitane, who definitely do test on animals, the following 2 aren't available in any of the standard drug stores, one of them produces make up, but it's not available in Slovenia (meaning Lush) and what I'm left with is Marks And Spencer's own brand.
Luckily for me, we do have a couple of M&S shops in Slovenia, but I never bothered to look over at their make up counter.
Unfortunately for me, while taking a peek at M&S website, they don't have much eye cosmetics or foundations that would be their own brand and that is basically all I need.

I would love to switch over my habits, because I'm aware of the fact that we really don't need make up, but I am convinced otherwise (because dark under-eye circles, that's why), so I want to use make up for which I am pretty sure that no animal died for, but I am having a couple of problems with finding make up that would fit those standards.

You might be wondering, why don't I just buy stuff online, it'll be much easier and I'll have a wider offer and stuff... Well, that is my own problem, because I mustn't spend money on my credit card for quite a while, because I'm waiting to see if I got a certain scholarship or not and the level of money on your credit card has to stay the same. Long story short, stupid Slovenian laws currently don't allow me to buy stuff online and I don't want to shop online, because I have a feeling that they might deliver wrong products and maybe they wouldn't deliver the products at all and other stuff like that.

So I am currently a bit lost and I really don't know what to do. If you could help me out with linking me with some useful information on how to get make up without ordering it online or even just telling me about some companies that don't test on animals and aren't owned by a company that does, then please do tell me in the comments below, I'd really appreciate it :)

Long story short: in my opinion, animal testing is wrong, but people that don't leave in countries that have better stock in their drug stores are fucked when it comes to things like that. Send help for the ones that want to change their habits in using make up!

OK, depressing stuff over. I shall be posting some new stuff about my trip to Prague very soon, so you can look forward to that. Also, please do tell me if any of the information in this post is wrong, I'll correct it immediately!
xxx Katherine


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