Thoughts on: being attracted to older men

I came up with this idea about two minutes ago... this should turn out well.

Two minutes ago, I saw that the wi-fi in my students' hall was working very quickly (unfortunately that has changed because I waited for Blogger to open for about one minute) and then I decided to go to Tumblr. What fangirl wouldn't do that, go and reblog a couple of pictures or gifs? It just seemed reasonable thing to do, but because my dashboard was dead, I decided to go under a certain tag and I typed in Tom Hiddleston.
Because why the fuck not? 
But because the internet wasn't working, I thought about what was I going to do, if it would work. I'd be drooling all over his photos and quotes and basically anything with his face on it and I couldn't help but wonder what would my friends think of me. I am that person who loves and adores older men (and by older I mean men around 30 and stuff which isn't that old) and all of my friends are girls who are obsessed with either One Direction or Justin Beiber or someone else who is under 23 years old.

Once I remember I had my best friends over; we were having a sleepover and we were sitting in front of the television, and we were switching over the channels. One channel opened and they were playing Sherlock (more precisely, the episode called A Scandal In Belgravia) and of course, as any other fangirl, I took a deep breath, made some dying whale noises and said: "OH MY GOD HE'S SO HOT, ASDFGHJKL!!!!!! *dying*"
My friends looked at me like I was crazy and I explained to them that unlike them, I find Benedict Cumberbatch to be quite attractive and they thought I was crazy (although, personally, I believe they're crazy because of the photo down below).

Found on (check her out, she's got lovely edits!)

One other time I was talking to a friend of mine who's obsessed with Twilight and some magazine or whatever announced that Robert Pattinson is the hottest man alive and second behind him was Tom Hiddleston.
She said to me: "Oh my god, how can he be the second hottest, I mean, look at him, Jacob's so much better looking than him. Oh god, how can you even find him attractive?"
I took a very deep breath and thought to myself: "OK, don't freak out, don't kill this girl, it's just her opinion, OK, Katherine? Breathe," but no. I did the following.

"OK, listen to this. He played so many different types of characters through his entire career and he has proven to be able to play any type you can imagine. He treats his fans nicely and doesn't push them away, he calls them "darling" and takes his time to talk to them. What does your beloved Edward do the whole time in Twilight, besides trying to kill himself, sighing "Bella" and trying to fuck her?! Nothing! He might be the hottest guy on the planet but to us, the fangirls from Tumblr, who appreciate people who take their time to talk to their fans, he isn't. If you have a problem with that then... fuck off, problem solved!

Disclaimer: I was just expressing my opinion (although in a bit of an aggressive way), don't get offended by this if you like Twilight. 

I think that the reason why people are being more and more attracted to older guys is simply because they have some "experience" in the world (and I don't mean anything nasty by that, oh my god). I think that they have worked hard to get to where they are today and they gained their popularity slowly, little by little and if it wasn't for their loyal fans, they might not have been here and they have learned how to appreciate their fans.

Those people have taken their time to take a photo with their fans, talk to them, give them their autograph, attend something like Comic-Con or other conventions like that and with that, their fans don't feel like they don't matter. We are being treated like they matter, and we do! They take time to reply to our tweets (of course they can't reply to every single tweet they get, but when they do, I suppose they do take their time for that) and basically, it makes us feel appreciated and I think that this is one of the main reasons why we adore them more, even though they might not be outstandingly good looking (although I have kind of forgotten about Louis Garrel's nose, because, frankly, I think it all fades away once you see their acting skills and stuff like that), but those "flaws" fade away to us, because we appreciate their personalities even more.

So, I guess we appreciate them more than some person who got well known with only one single in which he sang like a ten-year-old girl and now, three years later, he spits on his fans and treats them like a pile of wank/shit/crap and takes them all for granted. *no Beiber pun intended*

...and I believe there's nothing wrong with that. I think it makes us believe that older guys can be sexy as fuck (and 30-something is not even that old, people!) and they can have sex-appeal and we can prove to other people that when they go past the age of 30, they can still have teenage girls who want to fuck them (there was no nice way of saying that, it's just the truth). It might not work in real life, but we can all daydream, can't we?

So, if you like some actor/singer/whatever and they're quite a couple of years older than you, don't worry. It's alright and don't give a crap what others say, because after all, the guys that your friends like that are 20 now will be 30 one day as well and they'll still adore them.

That's it for now... I hope you liked/agreed with my looks on this topic, but if you didn't, then OK as well (I hope you didn't get offended by my opinion on Twilight).
xxx Katherine


  1. IF I COULD AGREE MORE I WOULD, BUT I CAN'T, BECAUSE MY LEVEL OF "I AGREE" IS ALREADY MAXED OUT. You put in words those thoughts that deserve a written format and you do it exceedingly!


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