Top 10: Music videos (also live ones)

1. Florence + The Machine- Dog Days Are Over (Live at Glastonbury 2010)
I have no idea what it is with this video, but every single time I watch it, I feel unbelievably happy. It's typical F+TM and it reminds me so much of the night that I saw them live, because you can see that she's enjoying singing and what she's doing and it reflects Florence's personality amazingly well and I feel happy because I remember that she did the same thing at the end and it's just bloody cute, really.

2. Paramore- Now
Besides the fact that it's Paramore and I love them, it's also a really amazing and I feel like it has some sort of story behind it. 
If you do some research on the song, it says that it was written a little while after the Farro brothers left the band and it's slightly different and it's also quite similar to their older songs. Anyway, the video is set on a field; it looks like there's a battle between two opposing sides (like usual) and the band members are the good guys and they are fighting the others and basically... it shows us that no matter what, love always wins at the end. Just watch it, you don't have to be Albert Einstein to figure the meaning out for yourselves. 


3. Wolfman and Pete Doherty- For Lovers
No particular story behind that one, just the ever lovely Pete Doherty walking around Paris, people. Who can say that's not the cutest thing on the planet and plus, the song is... ahh... it... it just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. 

4. Ellie Goulding- Your Song
I'm not a massive Ellie Goulding fan if I'm honest, but this cover of Elton John is pretty good and also the video is just freaking lovely and oh... Just watch it... in all honesty, it's totally worth three minutes of your time!

5. Kate Nash- Do Wah Doo
This video has kind of been my mental support over the last few weeks... It's set on a plane which is about to crush and Kate is a stewardess on the flight and she's in love with another (pretty hot, may I add) flight attendant, but she thinks he doesn't even notice her and that he's in love with another girl (to which she refers as bitch), but when the plane starts crashing down, they fall on one another on the corridor and they kiss. Maybe there'll be a guy who I might like and then he'll like me back... that'll be an achievement. 

6. Lily Allen- The Fear
I don't know if this woman is aware of this, but she's fucking gorgeous and the whole video is her being cute as hell and the whole location of the video is amazing and I just love it!

7. Regina Spektor- Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)
Just... god... This woman is perfect and her songs always make me feel like singing and all of her videos have some sort of message or something... this one is just plain cute. Even putting toast on your face and then sunglasses over them is considered unbelievably awesome. 

8. The Wombats- Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
Oh god, I love these guys because they make every video so freaking funny that I almost pee my pants and they can still make good music and the harmonies are absolutely amazing and if you haven't seen them live, then you should!

9. White Lies- Bigger Than Us
I have no idea what makes this video so special to me, but it is different to any other White Lies video... The whole story of the video is connected to a chocolate bar (or more precisely a girl living inside a chocolate bar). It's a very confusing video and there are a lot of random things in this video (like those basketballs flying around) and it makes you think and I'm not alone because it has 4 million views more than any other music video they've ever uploaded to YouTube... but I still love it. 

10. Kate Voegele- Hallelujah
I think that if I didn't grow up watching One Tree Hill, I wouldn't know of Kate and her music and this happens to be one of the songs that was in one of the episodes. Of course, no cover of this song will be as perfect as the original, but it's up there.
Besides the fact that all of her other songs are really adorable, I think that... oh, fuck it, this song is absolutely amazing and it doesn't need a fancy video to sound good!

I haven't done one of these in a while and I felt like I should have and so I did! I am planning on doing one on films soon enough and yeah... that's it!
Until next time, 
xxx Katherine


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