Travelling: Prague 2013

I'm going to show the middle finger to all the Halloween posts and do this! *flips the finger*

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting recently, but the last week of school was completely mental and I had about three tests scheduled then and I had to study really hard and basically I had no time to check my Twitter, never mind anything else (not that the wi-fi was working or anything).

Anyway, I also had the opportunity to go to Prague and of course, I said yes, partially because I've never been there and partially because I am the only one in my family that hasn't been to Prague or the Czech Republic.
The other mayor factors were also that Prague is really, really, really gorgeous and also, the culture always interested me, because it had so many different influences through the whole history (either the Germans or Russians or anyone else) and one other thing, the music. A couple of my favourite composers (like Dvorak and Smetana) are Czech and I was super excited to go there and see the place where they composed their most famous pieces.

I also had a thing for taking photos of the ground...
Anyway, we departed on Friday, 25th October at 11 p.m. from Ljubljana. We took a bus to Prague, which was 11 hours long and I thought I was going to lose my mind, because I hate long rides, but it went down OK, because I slept through my whole journey.
We arrived in the morning and we got to see Prague in sunny weather, which was amazing! It was really beautiful and it was really warm, which was not nice because I wore leggings under my pants, meaning I was burning up.

Anyway, we got to see the left bank of the river Vltava and the old city centre with all the lovely architecture in it and so many lovely things to see. We saw the old city market called Staromestske namesti (literary translated Old Town Square) and then other things like the Franz Kafka sculpture (which, I do admit, looks slightly weird) and the biggest shopping street in Prague, which was quite boring, I do admit that, but it had Sephora and a huge H&M store and inevitably, I ran into this...

I do admit that I went inside...
Anyway, because we were so fucked up from the long, long journey to Prague, we headed straight to the hotel and my bed never felt more comfortable. I slept all the way through dinner and until about 8 in the morning the following day, but I do admit that I felt so much better and I had so much energy and basically I saw Prague in a better light than the previous bed, because the only thing I kept on thinking about was just my bed and sleep.
Anyway, the second day we went to see the right bank of Vltava, more specifically, the region called Mala Strana (The Little Side), but before that we got to see the slightly calmer side of the right bank and also, their most beautiful gothic church, which is about a 15 minute walk away from the city centre. I have no photos of that, because my camera is a piece of shit and stuff, so yeah...
Anyway, we got to Mala Strana in the end and we got some break for food and shopping for souvenirs and then we went to the castle above Prague called Hradčani, which was really interesting for me from the perspective that I am a Slovenian and that the whole castle was renovated by a Slovenian architect and let's not forget the many churches that he built and that the built many other buildings in Prague. That's a man called Jože Plečnik for you people.
The castle was amazing, it's also the seat of the president of the state and the main church of Prague is there and it's freaking amazing and a beautiful sight, nonetheless. In the evening I went back to Vltava and we got on a little boat trip, where we had dinner and we saw the city in the evening, which was quite refreshing.

The following day was the day when we'd leave Prague, but before our departure, we got the chance to check out a brewery, more specifically, Staropramen Brewery, which is kind of the most famous Czech brewery and the beer is exported into more than 30 countries all over the world. We got to see the history of the brewery, we got to know how beer is made and we saw and met many people who work in the factory to bring us the most delicious Czech beer there is.
Because most of us were under 18, we didn't get the chance to taste the alcohol, but we could still buy it in bottles, which is still a bit stupid. We can't get beer on tap, but we can buy bottles of it without asking us for our ID? Staropramen, get your shit together.
I didn't buy the bottles, but when other attendants of the trip did, I saw that they advertised bottles that contained half a litre of beer and they got about half of that for the same price. Three bottles of beer for 15 euros. Yep, they fucked my friends over...

Anyway, then we headed off and went home. Sad face. But I got to sleep in my bed for the first time in almost two weeks. Happy face. And the internet. Even happier face.

Jokes aside, Prague is a lovely town and if you ever get the chance to see it, even if it's only for 3 days like I did, please do go, because you won't regret it and it's not even that expensive (unless you are staying in the Hilton. Then it might be) and it's really gorgeous and the people are so friendly. It's amazing and I loved it.

I shall I see you soon,
xxx Katherine


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