9 things to do before I die...

That's a cheery title, isn't it?

My roommate Klara has recently started working on a fanfic about Darcy Lewis and Loki from Thor (which I have grown to quite like, actually, the movie and the ship) and one day, she just said to me, out of the blue:

"If you only had nine months to live, what would be the nine things you'd do before you die?"

...and I started thinking about it. It was an amazing thought that she planted into my head (yay, talking about death, how uplifting). But here's the thing... I started thinking about it more and more often and it overtook my mind like a storm (like, I wasn't paying attention to what my teacher was saying at all and my mind was just somewhere else).
And so, without further ado, here are the nine things I'd do.

The first thing that came to my mind was travelling. Yes, I have travelled an awful lot for a 15 year old girl, but the world is such a big place and I have only got to know half a continent (not a very big one, to say the least, but still, half a continent). Yes, I have been to some of those countries multiple times (like England and Scotland, and Ireland and France and Germany). Yes, I was there for a long while, but as I said, the world's a fucking massive place and I just want to see so many more places and explore the unknown and known ones.
I want to see the Eiffel Tower again and stand on top of it, I want to go to Russia and see the rough Russian landscape, I want to go to Finland and Norway and go and see Edvard Grieg's birth house (cause after all he is my relative... long story and not so interesting) and go to America and see the New York skyline in the morning and... Oh god, there are so many places I want to see and discover and just... ahh, adore.

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The next thing I'd do is see all my favourite bands live. I have nine months to live, if my favourite band is somewhere near me (and by near me, I mean on the same continent as me) then I will sure as hell do anything I need to get there.
As I've already explained in my last blog post, whenever I go to a certain show, I get this rush of adrenaline and happiness and I feel amazing and if I really, really like a band that I'm seeing then multiply those emotions by a gazillion.
I want to see Muse live, I want to re-experience the Florence + The Machine show, I want to see Paramore, I want the joy of seeing Bastille and Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane and Snow Patrol and Kate Nash and Jake Bugg and Franz Ferdinand and Orla Gartland and... and... OK, MY WHOLE PLAYLIST.
If I ever get the chance to see them live... I'll definitely take it.

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The following thing I would do is meet people who were in Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, The Avengers and tell them how much have they changed my world. I think that without watching all of those things I wouldn't have started a Tumblr blog, wouldn't have gotten on with people who I didn't usually speak to (@fleeingfromlife/i-collect-love.tumblr.com is the proof to that... We rarely spoke in school, but when I saw she watched all the same shows as me, we went mental), I wouldn't have gotten on with my roommates as much in Ljubljana and I don't think I'd get my soul crushed into tiny pieces. And who wouldn't want to meet the gorgeous lot? Like, seriously.

Then I would meet all my former friends and apologize to them for anything bad that I ever did to them. I am not a backstabbing bitch as most of the people I know are, but I do admit that I sometimes lied to certain people and perhaps stolen a pencil from them... OK, I was 6! I would tell them how sorry I am for telling their secret to someone or judging them behind their back and spreading rumours about them (I was also a lot younger than I am now).
I do think that honesty is the best policy and even in these times we live in now and if we live in secret, the weight of those secrets will inevitably crush on us and we'll have to admit them sooner or later... I'd prefer the straight away option. I get all of the burden off my shoulder and I feel so much better afterwards. Every time.

If I knew that I was going to die soon, one of the things that I'd do is learn something new. I always had a thing for the guitar or the ukulele or the saxophone or something like that. I'd get a really good teacher and I'd do it because I wanted to, not because a parent was being pushy or something (I do admit, my parents did push me into music school at the start, but I grew to love it with a passion) and I'd have a new experience to take with me to the grave.

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I'd also help someone. Just do anything I possibly can to help someone out, either by doing some charity work or helping one of my friends to good somewhere, like school (cause, let's face it, I probably only have friends because I've got the brains). Only it would be different. This time I'd do it because I wanted it to, not because I was forced to do it and once you do something like that, the feeling is unbelievable.

If it would be possible, then I'd spend the new year in Paris or London with my best friend. I always see the fireworks as a lovely way to celebrate new year, but then again, they're not so fucking special when you're at home, they're just fireworks that someone lighted in their back garden. But I always start to shiver when I see fireworks being lit up in places like Paris and London and it feels special to me and I'm seeing it on the television, imagine how it would be in real life? I'd love to experience that one day.

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Giant roadtrip. I was never a fan of long car rides nor will I ever be, but I have seen a quote that one of my friends on Facebook put up the other day and it said: "The road is never long if you've got the right people with you," and I think that can actually be true. I believe that as long as I have someone that I can talk to about pretty much anything in the world, the trip may not be so long (or feel as long as it would if I was on my own). I'd love to go and drive all around the Mediterranean (because that has always appealed to me as a good place to go on a roadtrip) and blast good music through the speakers and just... ahh, enjoy.

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And the last... I'd spent a lot of time with the people I love, whether that would be my family or my best friend, I'd take them dancing and we'd dance all night long and drink a bit and have fun and just spend quality time together and tell them how much I love them and also encourage them not to stop their lives just because I'd drop dead and wouldn't be present in this world anymore and I'd remind them that they should just cherish me in their memory and never forget me.

So, those would be the last few things I'd do on this planet, as inspired by my friend/roommate/fanfiction writer Klara (click on her name to be taken to her website, she's bloody brilliant) and I hope this helped her in any way and also I hope that she'll soon publish something new BECAUSE I NEED NEW FANFICS, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!

OK, I shall see you guys soon!
xxx Katherine


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