Katherine hauls no.3: Trying to be a beauty guru (and failing miserably)

OK, I was planning to post this at the beginning of October, but I couldn't because I forgot to take photos of some of the products, then my camera didn't work, then I forgot to do this, then I went out shopping for more and more items, so I should just stop rambling and just start this post because it's long enough as it already is.

The first thing that I bought was something from Lush. I have heard so many people rave about Lush (especially Cherry from lazylittleme, Zoella and also lexcanroar in one of her videos on her YouTube channel) and I just couldn't resist to buy something when I went into their shop in Ljubljana for the first time in a while. 
The cool thing about Lush is that their products don't contain any artificial ingredients that may affect the environment (and their bags are made of recycled material, so amazing!) and your skin and they also fight against testing beauty products on animals and animal cruelty, which is an amazing cause. 
Especially because I'm a flautist and my lips are constantly "under attack" if you can call it that way, I'm always on the look-out for good lip balms and stuff like that, because I find that some may make my lips even more tried and cracked up and when I was younger, one of the lip-balms I bought gave me herpes... on my lips, hello, not anywhere else! 
Anyway, I am very picky about lip-balms and now that I found my perfect match I tend to stick to it (one advice: in my experience, the cheapest lip-balms, shampoos and stuff like that without any fancy packaging often offer the best results), but now I've found something even better. 
I've been introduced to lip peelings from Lush before, but I've kind of forgotten that they exist. My sister used to have the same one I have today, but with the flavour of bubblegum, but it expired a long time ago, because this was about 3 years ago. When I came back into the shop, I immediately smelled a smell I love quite a lot... peppermint and chocolate. Holy shit, I love that. And it just so happens that they had the exact lip peeling in their store and I immediately bought it. 
Basically, when you open the little bowl up, it's basically just crystals of sugar that taste like peppermint and chocolate, but basically what you do is you take a little pinch of it and spread it all around your lips and wait for about 10 seconds. You still have the sugar crystals on your lips afterwards and YOU CAN ACTUALLY EAT THEM! Oh my god... Lush, this is the best idea ever! It makes my lips really soft and afterwards I pop my lip balm on and then I have the lips of a baby's bottom. 
It's about 7 euros, which is quite pricy, but we all know that Lush isn't exactly the cheapest brand out there, but their products are so good and beneficial for your skin, lips, whatever and I definitely recommend you give any of their products a try because they will not let you down. 
One other thing I can say about Lush... all of your shopping assistants are so FREAKING NICE it makes my heart ache. I've been to a couple of Lush shops (I've been to a couple in London and also in Germany and I think Amsterdam) and they just came up to you and started talking to you about their products (and not in that intruding way, not at all) and that is really awesome! I've spoken to the guy working in Lush in Ljubljana for around 15 minutes straight only on their lip peeling... 
OK, moving on, I could talk about Lush for ages, quickly before I think of anything else.

Next thing that I bought is from Accessorize and oh god... I love that brand. Like seriously, all of their bags, rings, necklaces and other things are just so lovely, but fuck my life, I am not the richest person around, otherwise I'd buy the whole shop. 
However, I was in big need of a wallet because I've had the same one ever since I was around 10 and didn't even bother to change it, but now when I'm kind of cooler than my other classmates because I am in a bigger and better school and city than they are, I was in desperate need of something more mature. 
The one problem I have with Accessorize is that they're very expensive and especially their wallets and bags. First I was looking at a couple of really cute wallets (like this, this and this one), but they're all above 23 euros! What?! Sorry, I know you're really cute, but I can't give 23 euros for a freaking wallet! You can find affordable things on the counter where everything is 50% off or something, but everything else in regular sale is off limits for me, so I bought a wallet from one of their older collections, but it looks amazing as well and I don't know why someone didn't buy it earlier. 
It's brown, "leather" (probably not real, but still) and it has quite a lot of room in it for credit cards, ID's and coins and money, so it's quite good and it's not one of those wallets that just scream at you, it's really subtle and it doesn't stand out, so potential thieves can't see it very well (because some kids from the school next to ours and with which we share our gym have been stealing our things for quite a long time and they stole my classmates' wallets and mobile phones this week). Fucked you up from behind, didn't it?
As I said before, it's from a previous collection and you can get it quite cheap around (for 8 euros), so if you can, then do! 

Another exciting news, I have started wearing make up! 
I'm quite late to this, because my ex-classmates have been wearing it ever since they were around 12 or something, but I (fortunately) am one of those people that look quite OK with no make up on, but I think it's time I did something about it. 
First of all I've bought a mascara (baby steps first). I have gone by the recommendation of my sister to buy a Max Factor mascara because they do tend to have quite good mascaras in different colours and their applicators are quite good, so I bought the Clump Defy by False Lash Effect and I am pretty pleased with it. It doesn't apply too much liquid to your eyelashes and it doesn't make them stick together and it's pretty easy to use with their curved applicator, so I didn't have too much trouble with learning how to use it (my sister taught me that, and I think that she might steal it from me eventually because she's pretty pleased with it as well). 
Another thing that I like about Max Factor mascaras is the fact that... they smell really nice. I have no idea what is it, but I love the smell. I've sniffed some of my sisters' older ones and they all smell the same! It's unbelievable! Basically, if I watch a YouTube video or a film or a TV-show, I'll spend my time sniffing the mascara bottle. What are you doing to me, Max Factor?!
The prices of their mascara range from 9 to about 13 euros, but I got this one was on offer for 10, so it was definitely worth a buy.
So, I also bought myself a new foundation, because my horrid dark under-eye circles are getting a bit out of control (due to the massive amount of school work and stress I got a lot less sleep recently) and I just needed something new, so I popped into the drugstore and bought myself a Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in the shade 130 called Shell. I only had it for a few days, but it's very good; I think that it covers up all the problem areas really well and it's not too heavy on your skin and the shades are really good and I am just really pleased with it. 

My Tangle Teezer arrived in the post, holy crap! I was genuinely excited for this thing to arrive, because my best friend brought her one when we went on holiday together and I was so surprised when I saw it! I saw so many people rave about it (not naming anyone... OK, Zoella and Cherry and Emma from lazylittleme, AGAIN!) and when I first looked at it, I thought: "Oh god, that thing doesn't work at all!" It just looked like my hair will be in much more pain than with a regular hair brush, but then when I saw that my best friend had it and I also had damp hair, so I thought: "What the hell?" and I asked her if I could try it out and she said yes.
I was incredibly surprised by it and what it does, because IT WORKS MIRACLES ON MY HAIR! I can't even feel it going through my hair and my hair is like, really curly and it has plenty of knots and after I tried it out, they were all gone! Like, seriously, I am not even kidding, it's amazing and works wonders.
I have ordered it from a hair salon in Slovenia which gets them all the way from England, so I could expect that they're pretty darn expensive. They are 22 euros, but I'd actually much rather give 22 euros for a hair brush than a wallet (no offense Accessorize). You can get them in plenty colours, I think it's available in red, orange, green and stuff, but I don't like those colours, so I got a purple glittery one.
Long story short, I love it and I think I'll continue using it for a very, very long time.

I have already started buying stuff for my autumn/winter collection, but I shall show you what I bought in the next haul, because this is more beauty related and I suppose that you don't want clothes mixing in with the beauty stuff, right? And this is getting way too long anyway.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed watching me fail to sound like a beauty guru of some sort and I'll see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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