My favourite covers

1. Cherry Wallis- I'll Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie cover)
I have no idea what it is about this song, is it either the lovely piano background or maybe it's just the fact that I think that Cherry has an absolutely lovely voice and that you can totally tell that she's really enjoying singing that cover. I think I have a slight obsession with her version of it.

2. Emma Blackery- I'll Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie cover)
Good job, Katherine, original as fuck, yeah, totally. Same reason as for the one right above.

3. Patty Walters- I'll Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie cover)

4. Dodie Clark- Roar (Katy Perry cover)
Besides the fact that I totally adore this girl for her voice, she can play the ukulele really freaking amazingly well and if someone can get me to say that a mainstream song doesn't sound that bad, then you know it's got to be a good cover.

5. Orla Gartland- Wake Me Up (Avicii cover)
Orla's got some amazing guitar skills and her voice is incredible and again, completely mainstream song, yet because of her, I fucking love it and it's just a pleasure to watch her enjoy herself so much while playing that song.

6. The 1975- What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction cover)
I am not a massive fan of The 1975 or One Direction, but this thing is just amazing. They have turned it into such an emotional track and I just adore it with a passion, although I don't like either of the bands mentioned before.

7. Birdy- Let Her Go (Passenger cover)
I have been hearing this song played over and over in its original form every-freaking-where and I haven't discovered what all the rave was about, because I didn't like it as much, but Birdy's version is so freaking heartbreaking and emotional and it's been stuck on replay for a while now.

8. Florence + The Machine- Halo (Beyonce cover)
My girl, this song is just made for your voice and I am prepared to fight to prove my point that it's better than the original, much better, much, MUCH BETTER until I die.

9. White Lies- Love Lockdown (Kanye West cover)
I fucking hate Kanye West, yet I love this cover and I love the band and I love what they did to this song and turned it for the better.

10. Fun and Hayley Williams- Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye cover)
Again, not a massive fan of Fun (fan of Fun, try to say that really quickly) and I do admit that I took a listen because Hayley was singing along and I can't say it's that bad, because it's actually a really good song (and it's a lot to say from me, because I can't stand the song).

11. Paramore- Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning) (Kaiser Chiefs cover)
A bit of fetus Paramore... I think it's made for Hayley's voice and I love their version and the original, so it's a win-win situation anyway.

12. Rudimental- Now (Paramore cover)
This is probably the weirdest choice for me because I don't like Rudimental one bit and their style of music isn't for me, but people... this cover... I have no idea what the fuck have they done to it, but it sounds just so good and they have taken their own original spin on it and it's just something I could listen to forever. Just... take my word for it, it sounds amazing.

13. Tom Law- When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars cover)
I had to end with a YouTuber, didn't I? The thing that makes me love the cover is just his voice and the guitar skills, man... they're just amazing and I love his other songs as much as well, but this one is just my all time favourite.

Don't say I've got a crush on someone... or some song. Shush, I just like Death Cab For Cutie! Anyway, I hope you liked these covers and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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