2013 in letters!

Hello, everyone! So, today, I thought I would do something a bit different... You know when you see every single blogger on here writing a very long report on their year and all that stuff? Yeah, well... I thought I'd mix it up a teeny bit and make it a bit more special.
Inspired by the Life In Letters tag (which you may or may not have seen floating around YouTube a couple of years back), I thought I would do the same, but not related to my whole life, just this year, which is drawing to a close.
I'll put every letter of the alphabet here and then one thing that had something to do with 2013 and explain it. I hope I explained it a bit better now. Also, please note that I am not taking credit for inventing the life in letters tag at all, I am just taking my own twist on it.

So, here we go! 2013 in letters!

A- Attentive (or alert)
If anyone will ever meet me in real life, then you will see that I'm the worst at being attentive. I'm very sloppy with a lot of things (like forgetting to learn something or just not paying attention to the dynamics in a sonata for flute or something) and I have learned to pay a lot more attention to those things. I also started remembering a lot of important dates (OK, I know that remembering when you've got your dentist appointment doesn't count, but baby steps!) and names and numbers and blah blah blah.

B- Books
I have developed a very bad book buying (well, not exactly buying... more adopting) addiction. I have bought myself so many books this year and I engaged into reading a lot more and I have no explanation for spending so much money on books, it just happened, OK?

C- Clara Oswald
The next two letters are a lot more Doctor Who-related, so apologies upfront, but I can't help it. Clara has been introduced to the world of Doctor Who last Christmas and before that in the first episode of the 7th season and I didn't like her as much back then... but when I saw the episodes where she's the main companion, I fell in love with her and she is my favourite Doctor Who companion yet. If you haven't seen her episodes, then off you pop, because they're amazing.

D- Doctor Who
It's been a very special year for Doctor Who, since it was the 50th Anniversary of airing the first episode, making it the longest running TV show in history, which is pretty cool. I think that they have served us an amazing episode, which included the return of David Tennant as the 10th Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler (...kinda) and all the previous doctors. I also loved how they have included the Time War into it and how the Doctor destroyed the Time Lords and Gallifrey and how they changed their own past and blah blah blah. All in all, it was an amazing episode and it made my Saturday evenings a lot better and enjoyable. Also, the Christmas special... I cried like a baby.

Found on tumblr.com under the tag "doctor who"
E- Engaging
If possible, I was never the kid who would engage into some clubs at school, apart from choir and debate club. That was everything I used to do at school, but this year, I made a difference. I joined a Chemistry club (yes, that was a thing) and then attended a competition about it (because I love chemistry), I decided to compete in writing essays (as well in English as Slovenian) and I got a better mark in English, which somehow worries me. I have started engaging into different clubs that were out of my comfort zone and I loved it.

F- Flute
This year, it sort of dawned on me that music is something I want to do with my life. Like, before I was just thinking about it as a hobby, because I love writing so much and also, languages. But then I kind of changed my mind and realised that teach music, especially the flute is something I want to do with my life and I have moved to a different town to get a better education, so I have dedicated my life to it pretty badly.

G- Gigs
I haven't been to a single gig this year... I guess that something that my life in 2013 lacked.

H- Hayley Williams
Fuck, Katherine has a new girl crush... I've been loosely following Paramore around since I was 10, back in 2008 and they had Riot! and All We Know Is Falling out and I have always adored this woman for her voice and her performance on stage and how she just fell into it and I wish I had that when I performed with the flute. Obviously, it wouldn't be the same, but I would still love to have it. Also, she's freaking gorgeous. Don't even try and deny it.

Found on only-parahores.tumblr.com
I- Iron
Why is iron related to your life in 2013, Katherine? Well, this year, I found out that I was bad blooded, meaning my blood lacks iron and I need to eat a lot of iron now through the most disgusting pills in my life and I need to eat a lot of spinach (which isn't such a problem) and beetroot (which is a big of a problem). If there's anyone out there who knows my pain with eating beetroot and iron pills, let me know, because it's the worst "disease" anyone could have.

J- Jeans
I haven't worn a pair of them throughout the whole year, although I've got about three pairs just sitting at the back of my closet. Don't worry though; I wore coloured pants that weren't exactly jeans, so they don't count.

K- Kitchen Aid
That motherfucker made me bake a lot of things this year. My mother turned 50 and it was her wish for god knows how long to get one of these bad boys, so me, my dad and sister decided to put our money together and get her one... Bearing in mind, I use it more than she does... so yeah.

L- Lush
I have also developed a bad Lush addiction... thank you, beauty bloggers and YouTubers and blah blah blah. Lush is a brilliant cruelty-free, vegan brand that does a lot of cosmetics and bath products that haven't been tested on animals in any way. They have various face masks, moisturisers, shampoos, soaps, bath products and make up and all of their products are amazing and it's definitely my favourite brand of the year.

Found on infashionlove.com
M- Moving
This year was all about moving to me. I have moved around a lot and I have also moved from my home town to the capital of Slovenia, so I could get a better education and stuff like that. I also moved to a different school, so you can see why it's been a very stressful year for me.

N- Negativity
I will admit, at some points in my life, I was the most negative person you could possibly meet; I never saw anything good in people or things or most commonly, myself. I have gotten over that hurdle now and I became a lot better and I have also learnt how to deal with negativity that comes to me from different people, such as those dicks in school who never know when to keep their mouth shut and stuff like that. I've learnt to accept it and move on and take it as something good, not necessarily bad.

O- Optimistic
I've learnt to be an optimist this year. I've learned how to see good in myself, in other people, in the world and it has made my life so much easier; because of it, I made friends so quickly, because they told me that the optimism shining through me made their day better and they wanted to surround themselves with people like that. It was a privilege to be recognised as a good person and a happy person that people want to spend time with.

P- Paramore and Panic! At The Disco
If you follow me on Twitter (@escapingtheday), then you might have seen posting a lot of Tweets that looked like this: "Oh fuck 12 year-old Katherine is back!" Yes, I have started listening to Paramore and Panic!, which were my favourite bands when I was 12. They both released new albums this year and I absolutely loved them, which kind of makes me feel guilty, because I have an indie music blog and this music is not indie in the slightest. (Still Into You and Miss Jackson are freaking amazing.)

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "positivity"
R- Reading
Whoops, it's that time of the blog post when Katherine's running out of ideas what to put to certain letters, well, fuck. It does have some sort of meaning, though... I have started reading a lot more during the holidays (I've read about 30 books in one month during summer holidays) and then I have also read a few fanfics and realised how bloody talented some people are and don't get enough recognition for it...

S- Soundtracks
Up until this year, I have never really cared about the soundtrack of a certain TV-show or film that I have seen, but this year it kind of got to me. I have started listening to it a lot more and I became a lot more attentive what the soundtrack is like and I started study the reoccurring themes throughout the whole soundtrack and if it's bad, then I didn't like the film. My favourite soundtracks of the year were definitely the Doctor Who season 7 soundtrack and Thor: The Dark World soundtrack.

T- The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
This book has completely destroyed my mental health... I have seen a lot of people rave about it on Tumblr and post quotes and stuff from it and I wanted to get my hand on one of these for so long, but no Slovenian bookshop had one... Until a couple of months ago, when I found it and bought it and spend 10 euros on it, which is so cheap for such a great book. Just read it, you'll fall in love with it... and cry.

U- Ursa
My best friend... has changed my life for the so much better. At the beginning of this year, we've not hung out so immensely. We knew each other, we got along, we could talk to each other if we wanted to, but we weren't bound by anything. She's plays volleyball and doesn't spend much time thinking about school, whereas I'm a musician and adore learning. After our trip to London at the end of January, we've found so many things to talk about and we just love each other so much and spend so much time together and she made my year better. All the travels, conversations and fangirl moments... I'll never forget them. (P.S. the s is pronounced like sh.)

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "the fault in our stars"
V- Video-making
I have considered making videos throughout the entire year... The thought of it is tempting, because we've got a relatively good camera at home... But I've got a very crappy computer and I don't know how to edit shit, so that idea was quickly dropped, because I think I'd run out of ideas pretty quickly. But it still marked my year.

W- Writing
I have also engaged a lot more in writing. I have always just seen it as a tool of expressing myself, telling what I feel but can't say it in real life. I have decided to take it up a lot more seriously and actually pass it to people and let them read it, so it has also taken up a lot of my time, but I'm fine with it.

Y- YouTube
After about a three or four year gap, I have started watching YouTube videos once more, after being deeply disappointed with the American vloggers, so I've moved to Britain. I saw a gifset on Tumblr about a video from danisnotonfire... then I started watching itswaypastmybedtime... and then emmablackery... and so I fell into a black hole of YouTube that's impossible to climb out of.

...and that was my year. You might have noticed that I've left out X and Z... well, I couldn't remember anything that began with both letters, sue me, OK?
Anyway, it was an amazing year and I hope that 2014 will be even better and stuff like that. I will keep on blogging as much as I possibly can and I hope you'll like my blog posts as much as you liked the ones that I posted recently (especially my favourites of this year and the Lush review).
I shall see you soon!
xxx Kattherine


  1. I was bad blooded too! Last year, I think? NO, wait, it was in 2012. I feel you... like REALLY feel you. Don't worry, it'll be okay! :)



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