Christmas blogging no.1: Reasons why you should be excited

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I am definitely a Christmas person, I can't deny that. I have no idea what it does to me or why I just love it, but if you don't like Christmas, then I'm sorry, but we can't be friends (obviously, just kidding!). 

I have grew up in a family that just finds Christmas the perfect time to spend a lot more time together than any other part of the year (although we don't need it as an excuse to spend time together, duh!) but since we all lead very busy lives, it's just the time when we say: "Nope, sorry, work can wait, I have to dedicate my time to my family!" 

This will just be one of those posts to randomly cheer you up and put you into the festive spirit and I will post one of these types of posts every Sunday of December leading up to Christmas (a.k.a. every Advent Sunday) and I will be doing some random blog posts to get you through the Christmas season which can actually be quite stressful and I am just trying to help you through!

So, without further ado, this one is just to get the excitement into you for a bit and I really that it'll be an inspiring list or at the very least, a visually pleasing blog post. :) Anyway, reasons to get excited for Christmas!

1. Excuse to wear cute jumpers!

It's actually socially unacceptable to wear cute jumpers and sweaters at any other time of the year (which is kind of obvious, because you are sweating as a pig at any other time of the year) and it's perfect to throw them out of the back of your closet and just spend your day snuggled up in them and just look amazingly cute and be warm in them, because...

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2. The unbelievable amount of books and hot chocolate!
Apart from Slovenians (which is known for the logic to kill students in December with tests and essays and coursework), you usually have the chance to spend your days snuggled up in your bed, reading (or re-reading, in my case) your favourite books and have a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/cocoa/whatever next to you. I can't help but enjoy situations like that, because it's just amazing and I feel so happy when I do have days like that.

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3. The Christmas decorations!
Me and my sister are usually in charge of decorating our house with Christmas things; we pull down the Christmas tree from our attic (which is not a regular Christmas tree, it's a metallic thing from IKEA, but it's still cute as fuck), we take out the fairy lights and hang them all over the place and we light up the sweet-scented candles (this time, we went expensive... Yankee Candle) and we pull out the little Santa decorations, which are really cute... It's amazing how much can just a few pieces of decorations do. 

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4. Snow!
I am going to steal the blog title from my sisters' Tumblr for this. "Soundless as dots on a disk of snow."  Genuinely, the thing I love about snow and snowing is the sound of it... There's absolutely none, it's just so silent and I love that thing... I have no idea why, call me weird if you want to, but just go outside during the night while it's snowing and we'll see if you'll have the same opinion or not. 

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5. Photos on Tumblr, Flickr, weheartit...
Like, seriously, have you even seen those photos? Like, really? They're probably the one thing that make me happy as fuck when I'm feeling really, really down. I probably adore the way that they're made and just how much happiness a click on the camera can bring to a person.

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My favourite Christmas Tumblr blogs: winterwindslitteringlondon, weheartchristmas, a-very-merry-christmas, beginningtolooklikechristmas, countingdowntochristmas, sn0wy-bliss, bubbledreamingofchristmas

6. Baking!
Ever since we got a Kitchen Aid mixer at home, I began to be a lot more keen on baking and Christmas is the perfect time to make really cute cookies and other various goodies that are to die for. I have already started planning on which delicious scones will I be making for Christmas (one of them being the cool as fuck Doctor Who Daleks and chocolate muffins and other biscuits) and it's such a pleasure and I just freaking love it.

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7. Seasonal specials in every single shop!
This could as well mostly be aimed at Starbucks and their delicious seasonal drinks, but also at my favourite chocolate brand called Milka and they bring out SO FREAKING GOOD Christmas-y chocolate and the flavours and just... ahhh, they're special to us and they make Christmas so much better for us. Oh yeah, and also Lush. Twilight and Snow Fairy shower gel! Ahhhh...

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So, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and you're now officially excited for Christmas (if you celebrate it, of course) and that you found this blog post cool and you're now officially looking forward to next Sunday for my next blog post related to Christmas. Obviously, no need to be all that excited, but anyways... I hope you liked it and I shall see you soon.
xxx Katherine

P.S. Remember...

Found on under the tag "christmas"


  1. I love December to the same reason of you ;) i Love when it snowing, the light of the Christmas tree and street, Hot chocolate and other thing :)
    xxx Laura.

  2. Winter is basically my favourite season because of Christmas. We don't have snow yet here but I can't wait for it ! I just love wearing big sweatshirts, beanies and scarves. And I think hot chocolate industry is winning more money every winter because of me haha, can't go a day without at least one big mug :) Thank you for your lovely comment, I love your blog!

    Joing my giveaway here !
    Parisian Fairytale

  3. Thanks so much to the both of you! It means a lot to see other Christmas fanatics around! And to Mathilde: OH MY GOD, YOU LIKE MY BLOG?! I'll just...sit down a bit...and process that... YOURS IS BLOODY GORGEOUS!! xxx


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