Christmas blogging no.2: Presents!

In my life, I've rarely been crap at something. I was always good at a lot of things (as in music, languages, school in general, decorating stuff etc.), but the two things that I sucked big time at were buying presents and wrapping them up.

I won't teach you how to wrap your presents, because in all honesty, I still can't do that and I doubt that I ever will (and let's face it, that would be a load of crap for a Christmas-y blog post), but over the last few years I have learned a few things to help me shop for presents during Christmas and so I decided to share them with you.

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The first thing I can definitely recommend is planning things upfront. It has always helped me to think of something to buy for a certain person about a month or three weeks upfront, just so that I can have a good and long think about it, but also, I have the time to actually get it, instead of properly shitting myself on Christmas Eve, thinking: "Holy fuck, congratulations, you just fucked Christmas in the backside, you didn't get any presents, you stupid idiot!"
Also, it would be good that you save up the amount of money that you'll actually need for the gifts. Just saying, it would be a bit awkward if you were at the check-outs and then you'd figure that you don't even have any money left or you don't have enough of it.

The next thing I can definitely recommend is having a potential present already spotted. I usually take the person I'm buying the present for shopping a couple of weeks in advance and then I put on my Sherlock hat and observe. I definitely look at the things that they pay slightly more attention to than any other and see if they give some sort of a comment on it, like: "Ooh, that's cute!" or "Man, how much I'd love to have that thing!" because if they say that, then they might definitely want to have it.
Or if you're something like me, you'll hint it really obviously. Like, really freaking obviously. 

The other thing I usually do is connect the present to their interests. For example, my parents usually buy me something connected to music and books and literature in general, for my sister I usually buy something in relation to art (because she's an art historian) or some cute vintage stuff or any sort or feminist books or whatever, for my best friend probably something related to One Direction (because she's a pretty hardcore fan, I just hope she's not reading this, because that would be pretty darn awkward) and for my dad something connected to sailors and any other naval stuff and for my mum just general lovely things that I stumble upon occasionally... You get the picture.
I wouldn't recommend getting something that they might already have... that would also be a bust.

Also, keep it all well hidden! If you've bought the present about two weeks in advance or if you are preparing something really special for them, keep it all on a low end so that they won't suspect anything. I remember once I didn't hide my sisters' present that well and she found it (randomly, of course, not that she was snooping around my room and looking for it) and it meant that Christmas was ruined slightly.
Just don't over expose it, do it all quietly and stuff like that. It might fuck your thing up.

...and I think that it is, because I can't think of anything else that I usually do with my Christmas shopping. I hope that this has helped you in some way and made Christmas shopping a lot easier... the last piece of advice... buy something that will genuinely put a smile on people's faces. 

See you next Sunday!
xxx Katherine


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