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Lush Ray of Sunshine gift box
The Olive Branch shower gel/ Sugar Scrub body scrub
Each Peach and Two's a Pair massage bar/Bohemian soap
Hello lovelies! I have apparently been a very good girl this year, because I got quite a few things from Santa (*cough* family *cough*) which I didn't really expect.
I have received a Vogue 2014 calendar with loads of Art-Nouveau front covers, which I absolutely adore and then also 60 euros, because Christmas is the only time I get any pocket money from my parents and it basically covers the whole year (if you calculate it, it's basically 6 euros every month. AND MY CLASSMATES COMPLAIN WHEN THEY GET ONLY 10 EUROS PER MONTH). Please note: I am not bragging with this section, I'm incredibly grateful for everything I got and I appreciate every little bit and bob that came along with it. 
But the one thing that knocked me off my feet was the Lush Ray of Sunshine gift box with loads of Lush goodies inside and since I'm a big fan of Lush, I decided to share it with you and do a review on it, because why not?

First of all, the name of this gift box says it all. It's wrapped up in such lively paper and the smell is amazing and if I smelled this on a bad day, I feel like it would be a ray of sunshine through the clouds. The whole collection smells sort of citrus-y and new to me. These are the products I have never seen before in the shops and I can't remember them (or I just haven't bothered to look at them). I would remember these scents if I have already sniffed them, but apparently I haven't, so these are completely new products to me, which is exciting!

The box contains four items; the first one you can see is the Sugar Scrub body scrub (which smells like lemon and herbs), then half a bar of Bohemian soap (which, again, smells a lot like lemon), then The Olive Branch shower gel (sort of a combination between mandarin and olives) and last, but not least, the Each Peach and Two's A Pair massage bar (which is a really powerful combination of lemon and orange, but I still like it).

So, I decided to review each of these products separately, so, here we go!

I didn't really know how to use the Sugar Scrub up until now (because I've never used one before and I don't use them), but now I do and I don't feel like an idiot any more. Basically, you get your whole body wet and then you scrub it all over your body and leave it, because it's made of sugar and it dissolves on your skin.
The packaging says "it'll fix any lumps and bumps on your body" and let me tell you, it does that. I tried it on the most problematic area of my body, where I've got quite a few lumps and bumps... and that is the area right underneath both my shoulders. A couple of years ago, I had quite a big rash on the upper halfs of my arms and there were zits and it looked bloody awful. It was in the middle of the summer and I walked around in long sleeved shirts. Needless to say, I almost burned to death.
A couple of years on, the zits are gone, thank god, but I have quite a lot of scaring left on both of my arms, but it's nothing compared to what it was before. Although, the scaring is a bit annoying and I've tried so many products to get rid of them, but none of them did any good, until I stumbled upon this thing.
After scrubbing it on my problem area, the skin was completely smooth. This was the factor that sold me to the Sugar Scrub and I have nothing bad to say of it. If you've got a lot of problem areas on your body, then I suggest giving this thing a go.

When I first smelled the Olive Branch shower gel, I have to admit, I wasn't exactly impressed. It's a very bizarre smell which I wouldn't initially have even chosen, but because it was given to me, I don't have much of a choice.
The official description of the smell on their website and also on the label says: "Fairtrade olive oil, fresh mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves. We've crammed the whole Mediterranean diet into the bottle!" and it's true. If that's the things that you're into, then I suggest you go into a Lush shop and give this a sniff, but it's not my thing.
The colour, however, is bloody amazing. At first, it was red and pale orange. Then it started mixing up. Now it's a vibrant orange and I have no idea what is going on with this thing! It's like an explosion of magic inside... OK, I've got to stop.
When it comes to the use of the gel itself, I am quite impressed. I have never used any of the Lush shower gels before and I didn't know what the thing about them was. Everyone loves Rose Jam and Snow Fairy and Twilight and all that shazam and I suppose they do the same thing. You know when you use regular shower gels and you have the feeling that you haven't washed it off? Well, this is the exact opposite of it. It sinks into your skin and I don't need to use a lot of it to wash your bits and I am really impressed. You don't have that uncomfortable feeling of greasiness, so I'm happy with it. I suppose I'll get used to the smell eventually, because I love the Mediterranean and it'll get to me eventually.

I am not the person to use soaps in the bath. I am very much a shower gel person and I don't like having a cube of something running all over your bath, but I still decided to give the cube of Bohemian soap a go.
When I first sniffed the soap, it smelled absolutely amazing. I fell in love with it, because I am a citrusy person and I love the smell of citruses and that was one of the things that made me love it.
The second thing is something I've already mentioned with the Olive Branch gel. All of Lush bath products (besides the bath bombs and bubble bars, I think, I haven't tried any) seem to have the same effect on your skin... it feels like you've washed off the whole gel, not like you could trip and slide down the hall completely naked. You don't feel uncomfortable or anything, it's genuinely amazing and it'll definitely replace my regular shower gel for a while.

OK, so, I am relatively new to using massage bars. In fact, I had to Google how to use them before I took a shower, because I wasn't too sure; do you use the whole lot in one go, do you crumble it off, do you put it under water or something? Thankfully, I know stuff about it now and I could finally use the most delicious smelling product in this gift box, the Each Peach and Two's A Pair massage bar. Let me tell you, it smells citrussy (there's a hint of orange and a whole lot of lemon in it), and alongside that, it smells like cinnamon. Citrus and cinnamon! You can't really beat that! I'm writing this blog post about an hour after my shower, and my hands still smell of it. The scent is really strong, but it's not too overpoweringly sweet, so you don't feel sick after sniffing it.
A friend of mine used to work in Lush (but for different reasons, she got fired, but never mind that) and she knows a whole lot about their things and I absolutely adore her and I asked her about these products that I got for Christmas and she told me that this massage bar is one of the best she has ever tried and I agree with her. It has so many good skin qualities; after I rubbed it all over myself (oh god.. unintentional innuendo), it sunk in so quickly and I didn't even need to use moisturiser afterwards, which is really good and as I said, it smells amazing.
Can we also appreciate the smiley face on it? Like, isn't that the most uplifting thing you've ever seen? The name of the gift box really fits this set, as it did bring a smile on my face and the smiley massage bar was the best thing I could end on.

...and that was my present from Santa. I hoped you've enjoyed this review; it was my first one and if I did any good, then please do let me know and I'll do some more reviews for sure.
I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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