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The other day I found myself going to the library for the first time in about 4 months, because I was so busy I couldn't read at all (instead, I chose to buy books and leave then to sit somewhere until I pick them up about 10 years later), but never mind that.
I went through the whole library. I sometimes read books for my age category (15 and up) and then I also go to the grown-up department because I find so many good books there (and it's where I found The Book Thief) and the quality of the books is amazing and I also went through the English department and basically, I found a lot of stuff.

But when I went through my age category, I thought I'd drop dead. It had some genuinely good books that I love very much and re-read all the time, but then there were about three or four lines of shelves with book series on them. Some contained good stuff (like Artemis Fowl series,The Hunger Games, The Chronicles Of Narnia, His Dark Materials and the mother of them all, the Harry Potter saga), but then... there were the not-so-good-in-fact-really-bad-and-shit series and they were in a huge majority. There was Twilight, those books by Alison Noel which I don't like at all, The Vampire Academy, that ridiculous book series by P.C and Kristin Cast, The Vampire Diaries and other stuff that I can't even remotely swallow up and read even if you point a gun at me (granted, I do own 4 books of The Vampire Diaries, but never mind that).

...and that's what got me thinking. When did people stop writing good book series that were actually educational and contained some real-life morals in a fictional universe (like Harry Potter, for example) and didn't waist your time and lower your IQ points and actually turn them into something that only horny 14 year-old girls can read? When did they become so bad that everyone despises them?

So, that is my subject for today.

It's completely natural that every once in a while, someone will publish some not-so-great literature on the market, but in Slovenia, I've noticed that sort of literature is literary the only type of literature that gets published. I once entered my local bookshop and most of the bookshelves had 50 Shades Of Grey on them. I thought I was going to die.

We can't forget the fact that in the current economy, people only sell stuff that they know will sell (and we can notice that everywhere) and especially with books...7 books are written in about 3 or 4 months, have predictable story lines and plot twists, the characters don't have any debt and nothing's original any more and that bothers me SO BADLY!!!

Also, people want to make money fast and then the usual vampire books with some TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED PLOT TWISTS OH MY GOD come to be written and sold and they don't really care about good quality book series anymore, they just want something that'll sell.

The other thing that I've thought about is that nobody wants to take time to write a good quality book series. It seems like everyone's in a rush to make money (again) and they really don't care what do they write, as long as they write something. The authors make it seem to normal people that pretty much everyone can be a writer and then it causes a massive storm of people pitching absolutely horrible book ideas and then the circle never ends. In reality, not everybody can be a writer; it takes so much research and ideas (good ones!) and patience to be a writer... I still lack patience, but I've got ideas and I can do some research.
I don't think I can use myself for an example, but a couple of weeks back I've started publishing chapters of something that I've wrote and they've got quite a fair few views, so that makes me happy. Knowing that people like my stuff, but I massively digress.

Then there's also the problem of bad writers (as I've already exposed before)...that have good ideas. My roommate (who I seem to be mentioning a lot more than I should) is a writer herself and she had defended a case to me in which she has partially won me over and she used the Twilight Saga as her stepping stone.
She has listed numerous reasons why the storyline of Twilight isn't half that bad, but the writing is. One of the reasons was that Meyer could have given a lot more effort in exposing that evil vampire family from Italy that I can't remember the name of, but instead, she decided to put an emphasis on the Edward/Bella love story and then she used those TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED PLOT TWISTS OH MY GOD to make the story sell out and then she completely left out the potential that the evil vampire family from Italy had.
If she would even consider all that potential that the family had, then Twilight would probably be a lot more likable and a lot more enjoyable, if only all the emphasis hadn't gone to the love story that is way too exaggerated and it would even talk about such subjects as to why have they turned evil (like Voldemort from Harry Potter) and it would be so much better. Meyer should just learn how to write better.

The current economy is making the book industry publish crappy books and turn down really good stories with really good plot lines, original ideas and good characters and some sort of moral that we can all relate to and use in every day life and it shouldn't be like that. And then the Slovenian bookshops wonder why we don't buy stuff from them in such a scale as we used to, but order things online from Amazon or from foreign countries (like Croatia; they still publish good books and a lot of people from Slovenia buy stuff from their biggest bookshop called Profil).

So, basically, we can all blame it on the financial crisis.

I beg someone to write a good book series for teenagers, so that I will have some more friends that don't have an IQ of a chicken with a decapitated head because they read such bad books as the ones I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post.

Anyway, I hope you've agreed or disagreed with my little ramble on book series and their quality. If you've got anything to say about it (or if you just want to tell me how much you agree with me or throw a rotten tomato in me), then leave your comment down below and I'll look through them and respond!
xxx Katherine


  1. I hardly have anything to say when you've said it all... :) (Actually, I'm just lazy... Can I come another day and write you a short essay? Can I? Please?)


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