Just some songs in relation with my OTP's

...alternatively called "this song describes my OTP so amazingly well, oh my fuck, my feels."

Arctic Monkeys- Only Ones Who Know (Amy and the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who)
In a foreign place/ The saving grace was the feeling/ That it was her heart that he was stealing/ Oh, he was ready to impress and the fierce excitement/ The eyes are bright, he couldn't wait to get away/.../and I bet she told a million people that she'd stay in touch/ well, all the little promises, they don't mean much/ when there's memories to be made. 
Found on tumblr under the tag "doctor who" *
Noah and the Whale- First Days Of Spring (Arthur and Merlin from BBC's Merlin)
For I do believe that everyone has one chance to fuck up their lives/Like a cut down tree, I will rise again/ I'll be bigger, stronger than ever before/and I'm still here, hoping that one day you may come back/.../And I'll come back to you, in a year or so/ Rebuild ready to become/ oh, the person you believed in/ oh, the person that you used to love/ And I'm still here hoping, that one day you may come back. 

Tom Odell- I Know (Clara and the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who)
On the way you stand, on the way you sway/ The way your hair curls in the rain/The little lines write on your face/So do winter nights you'd come and stay/ or the way you hit me when you want to fight/ The way I'd yearn, the way I'd cry/the way I love rose with the tides/ but I know we'd make up every time/ I know what you told me, I know that it's all over/ and I know I can't keep calling/cause every time I run I keep on falling on you. 
Found on tumblr.com under the tag "doctor who" *
Birdy- Skinny Love (Amy and Rory from Doctor Who)
Come on skinny love, just last the year/ pour a little salt, we were never here/ my, my my/ staring at the sink of blood in crushed veneer/ And I told you to be patient/ And I told you to be fine/ And I told you to be balanced/And I told you to be kind/ and in the morning I'll be with you/ but it'll be a different kind/ cause I'll be holding all the tickets/ and you'll be owning all the fines. 

Bastille- Flaws (Darcy and Loki from the Marvel Universe)
You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve/ and I have always burried them deep beneath the ground/ Dig them up, let's finish what's we started/ Dig them up, so nothing's left unturned/.../There's a hole in my soul/ I can't fill it, I can't fill it/There's a hole in my soul/ Can you fill it, can you fill it?/

Dodie Clark- Absolutely Smitten (Rose and the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who)
She wants to dance around the room/ Kiss you until your lips turn blue/ Handsome stranger, you have made her wonder/ is she pretty?/ But it's too late, she believes in faith/ she's absolutely smitten, she will never let you go/.../Did you just whisper in her ear/words she only dreamed to hear/ Pretty lady, look at how he's smiling/ I think he likes you/.../ you're absolutely smitten, he'll never let you go.
Found on thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic.tumblr.com
Kate Nash- Birds (Grace and Rich from Skins *sob*)
She was waiting at the station, he was getting off the train/he didn't have a ticket, so he had to bun through the barriers, again/ Well, the ticket inspector saw them rushing through, he said/ Girl you don't know how much I missed you/We'd better run, cause I haven't got the funds to pay this fine/.../And yes, she really didn't care about anything else, she only wanted him to think that she looked nice and he did/But he was looking at her, all funny in the eye/ She said: "Now come on boy, tell me what you're thinking, don't be shy/ he said: "Alright, I'll try.

Death Cab For Cutie- I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Amy and Rory from Doctor Who)
Love of mine, someday you will die/ But I'l be close behind/ I'll follow you into the dark/ No blinding lights or tunnels to gates of white/ Just our hands clasped so tight, waiting for a hint of a spark/.../ If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks/Then I'll follow you into the dark/.../ You and me, we've seen everything to see/ From Bangkok to Calgary/ And the soles of your shoes are worn down/ Time for sleep is now, but it's nothing to cry about/Cause we'll hold each other soon in the blackest of rooms. 
Found on tumblr.com under the tag "doctor who" *
The Maccabees- Toothpaste Kisses (pretty much every OTP I have)
Cradle me, I'll cradle you/ I'll win your heart with a woop-a-woo/Pulling shapes just for your eyes/So with toothpaste kisses and lines I'll be yours and you'll be.../ Lay with me, I'll lay with you/We'll do the things that lovers do/put the stars in our eyes and with heart shaped bruises and late night kisses/...divine. 

*I have lost all the credits to these photos, please, if you know the original owners, let me know so I can give them credit for the gifs/photos/whatever. Thank you! :)


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