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Basically, this is the pile of stuff I will never get to have, because I'm poor as fuck and they don't sell most of these things in Slovenia. I don't know if you can exactly feel my pain, but you don't want to experience this shit, OK?

First off, I became a sucker for lipsticks in the last few months and I have already treated myself to a Bourjois Colour Boost lipstick in Red Island (and I have nothing bad to say of it, it's brilliant), but then again, it's not a proper lipstick, so I want something mat and long lasting... and what better company to start with then MAC.
I am a sucker for red and purple-ish colours, so I would love to have Red, Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Instigator, Chili, Lady Bug, Capricious, Cockney and Brave Red.
I chose mostly red and purple-ish shades because they're the only ones that sort of look OK on me. I have quite dark skin and nude or pink colours look fucking ridiculous on me, so that's why I don't go for pinks, nudes, oranges and blah blah blah.

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "mac lipstick"
Also, eye shadows. If you read any type of blog, where the blogger has some interest in make up, beauty etc, it's kind of impossible not to mention Urban Decay's Naked pallets. Quite recently, their Naked 3 pallet came out and everyone almost had a heart attack, because apparently it's very good and I kind of want one. Actually, I want all of them, because the shades on 1, 2 and 3 are really good and useful for practically anything you want (filling in eyebrows, highlighting...) and JUST LOOK AT THEM, THEY'RE SO GORGEOUS.
And the Naked Basics is also pretty amazing, because it's got all the basic shades you need when you don't have much space to spare if you're travelling or something. I want all of that shit.

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "urban decay"
Finally something that I might actually be able to afford, the Maybelline Colour Tattoos gel eye shadows. I have heard so many good things about these things and I saw the shades and they're amazing, just perfect for everyday make up look. I don't think I'll have a problem getting my hands on these in the near future, because Maybelline products are in every drugstore in Slovenia and it's a fairly popular brand, so that's good... not for my bank account but me.
There's tons of shimmery colours, blue colours, black, some pinky and purple-ish shades, so there's a big variety of shades, perfect for any occasion. I just hope my local drugstore will have the shades that I want.

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "maybelline color tattoo"
Of course, nail varnishes, because I have recently started wearing them a lot more, but I can't really spend 10 euros for 1 nail varnish, which really pisses me off, but I can just dream of getting a bunch of Essie and Bourjois nail things. The two brands are known to be one of the best nail varnish companies out there, and so, the price is appropriate.
From Essie, I'd love to have Go Overboard, After School Boy Blazer, Forever Young, Head Mistress, Bordeaux, Going Incognito, Devil's Advocate and Licorice.
From Bourjois, I'd kill for Rouge Diva, Rouge Escarpin, Noir De Chine and Bleu Asphalte from their So Laque Ultra Shine collection.
Again, I went for darker shades, because lighter shades look ridiculous on my very tanned skin. Seriously, people use bronzer and stuff on their face to look more tanned throughout the whole year... Please, don't, because you have no idea how annoying it is having a tan through the whole year. I haven't got rid of the one from July and I doubt I will. I'm like a freaking little negro. It's annoying.

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "bourjois nail polish"

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "essie"
Basically, this was all the shit I want to have so badly, but can't because I'm quite poor and I should be saving up for my future. If you have ever tested any of these products, then feel free to tell me how good or how shit they are. I'd be more than happy to read through and cry, because I can't have them.
Anyway, I'll see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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