Half-term break!

So, I'm on holiday this week. Half of the school year is now over and I can't believe how quickly this year is flowing by! It's almost March! MARCH. Holy shit, where's my life going?
Anyway, I've got a week off from school and exams and other shenanigans that I have to deal with at school, and I thought I'd make a little plan to use the time well and still do some things that I need to without the unnecessary stress that usually comes with it.

1. Read at least two books. 
I don't have much time to read during the school year, because I don't have the time and I'm busy as fuck. Since I've got a week off, I think I can manage to read at least two books and make the bookworm side of me happy.
And I have to read the selected stories from the Decameron for school, meaning I'm pretty much forced to read.

Also, I became slightly obsessed with Artemis Fowl after not liking it for the past 4 books. Now I love it. 

2. Blog a bit more. 
I've got the time to take photos of things and write long blog posts and just do stuff with my blog, experiment, do things I've never done before, so why shouldn't I update my blog more often? It seems like the perfect way to spend my "free" time.

Something make-up related coming your way some time this week!
3. Get better. 
I'm writing this with a fever, sore throat and blocked nose. I think it's my top priority to get better and then do everything else.

4. Don't forget about school! 
I've got a coursework for PE due on next Monday, then I've got to study maths and German, because we have a test on Wednesday and Thursday. I also have to learn Slovene literature (and I'll be disappointed if I get a low grade, because it's a pretty easy subject in comparison to maths or something) and I have to practice the flute and the piano. No escaping school.
If you want to watch me fail miserably, then you can follow me on Twitter (@escapingtheday) where I'll unleash my anger over equations and why the fuck is German so complicated.

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "studying"
5. Catch up on The Vampire Diaries and/or The Originals. 
My best friend (who still watches it) told me, that my OTP got together after two season of "Will it happen? Nope-wait, YES-no-WHY NOOOOOOOOOT?" and I need to see it. I've seen the first three or four episodes of the 5th season of TVD and then I couldn't be bothered anymore, but I've seen half the season of The Originals and I fell in love with it, but then I forgot it existed. If I feel like procrastinating, now you know what I'll most likely be doing.

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "the originals"

Found on aranelb.tumblr.com
6. Sleep. 
Need I add more? I'm a procrastinating, fangirling, sleep-deprived 15-year-old, I need my sleep.

If you'll ever wonder what am I doing this week, then you should probably check this blog post and take your guess. I hope this has inspired you to sort out your half-term break and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


  1. I really do hope you get better... It's only when we're sick that we miss being healthy. Anyway, I've got a lot of things to do myself, and I get anxiety and stressful just by thinking about them... :((( Ah, well... I hope you get to do all of the things you need/want to and sleep a lot and enjoy your week! :D

  2. I will, I will... but first. CAN MY NOSE STOP BEING BLOCKED, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Ti boš pa nasledn tedn uživala js pa HOLY SHIT I MISS THE HOLIDAYS.


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