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You know those people in life when you say to them: "Hey, you should watch this film/TV show/read this book?" and they look at you like they're really offended and then they'll say to you: "No, I don't want to, I'm not interested and it's shit,"

Hands down, I'm guilty of being that person.   

Let me put this in some context for you guys; my roommate said to me a while back: "Hey, let's watch Tangled together, it's really good and I love it so badly and a friend of mine sang Rapunzel's parts in the Slovenian synchronization," and I replied with "No, I don't want to watch it," and she asked "Why not?" and I said "It's Disney, I hate modern Disney and it's crap," 
That offended her so badly and she defended the case by telling me why it's actually a good cartoon and why it's definitely worth a watch. I listened to her and considered everything she said whilst remaining very calm which is a bit unusual for me (since I explode with rage at the exact moment someone negates my statement, i.e. modern Disney is crap). 
I listened to her and then we struck a deal; we'll watch Tangled and if I don't like the first 15 minutes of it, then we can stop watching... We came about 3/4 through the cartoon when I remembered the deal that we struck an hour ago. Afterwards, we watched Megamind and that led to us watching Frozen last week and we're watching Brave next week... yep. She won the case and I have to admit this; some of the modern Disney cartoons aren't bad at all. 

It was the same with music. My sister recommended me to listen to Paramore; she thought I'd like it and she wanted me to listen to more quality music than I did at the time (side note: I was 10). At first I was like: "Ew, hell no, that music is shit and I don't like Hayley's voice and she's so ugly, ew," 
If I had a TARDIS in real life, the first thing I'd do is go back in time and slap myself across the face. Seriously, how could I say that? After giving in, I listened to their stuff and watched their live footage and it hit me in the face what a fucking idiot I was. I have listened to their stuff on and off for the last five years and I'm not even sorry. You can't deny that Hayley has an amazing voice and that she's bloody gorgeous. You can't say that's not true. At. All. 

Then, when I was about 7, my sister (again) said to me: "What about reading Harry Potter? It's a brilliant book series and I think you could read it and potentially love it," and for the first time, I agreed to read it (I mean, we have the whole book series at home, I could read it for as long as I like). I read the Philosopher's Stone... aaaand I didn't like it as much. I mean, I read it until the end, but I didn't feel like picking up the next book. This pissed my sister off beyond belief and she forced me to read the Chamber of Secrets and in the end, we read it together, at night, out loud. That's how much she had to force me... aaaand I didn't like that one very much, but then I decided to read the Prisoner of Azkaban... aaaand I was hooked. All that forcing didn't go for naught and I reread the whole series at least twice per year. 

But why is that? Why are people so terrified of trying new things, watching new films or TV shows, just why? I mean, we haven't got anything to lose, are we? So why's it such a problem to everyone? 

In my opinion, it can be because of one of these reasons. 

1. We're scared of being out of our comfort zone. 
In all of the cases I mentioned up above, I felt as if someone was pushing me out of my comfort zone. When my sister forced me to listen to Riot! by Paramore, I felt strangely out of place. Like, I was perfectly happy in the crappy-pop zone I was in at the moment and I felt bad admitting that I actually like, because I was scared for some unknown reason. I wondered why was I listening to this? I didn't want any new artists and it was just frightening.

2. We're scared to admit that the stuff we think about something isn't true. 
If I use the modern Disney case here, I was massively wrong about it. I thought that the good Disney cartoons ended with Beauty and The Beast or The Lion King and then everything was crap from then on. I haven't even watched all of their cartoons and I believed that they were badly done, that the plot wasn't worth my time, that the actors who voiced the characters weren't any good and didn't know how to act, but then while watching Tangled, I realised that they don't just hire anyone who wants to be in a Disney cartoon. I basically realised that they dedicate a lot of time to choosing the cast and writing the script and yeah, I was wrong.

3. We're scared to admit that the things we "hate" are actually good. 
I can bring in new stuff now. At the beginning of the year, when I first met my roommates, we sat down and introduced ourselves. I told them what I listen to, what I like to read, what I do in my spare time (besides play the flute) and other important things, that we found useful. When one of my roommates said that she listens to Demi Lovato, One Republic and other stuff like that, I went like: "God that's some shit music you listen to," and then, we spoke for an hour and she explained me why she thought their music is good stuff. I hated it because it's mainstream. I spoke like a hipster about it and I hate to call myself a hipster. We analysed the songs and I realised that there are worse songs on the planet than Demi Lovato and One Republic make.
Long story short, I was scared to admit that they've got some catchy tunes that aren't so bad.

I think it all comes down to fear and I think that we shouldn't fear new things. We shouldn't judge them instead of giving them a chance and actually deciding if they're good or not. You can listen to something for an hour and still not like it, but at least you gave it a chance and that's all well and good... or... you can listen to it and realise that something's actually not as bad as you thought it was.
Long story short; give things a chance instead of judging them without even knowing them.

I hope you liked this little mid-week update and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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