Wishlist #3 | Can it be Christmas already?

Hello everyone! This one is going to sound a bit weird, since we're almost in March and everyone's excited for lovely weather and high temperatures and pastel-y make-up and flowers and all the other whatnot. I'm actually feeling very nostalgic for Christmas and everything to do with Christmas, so... WHY NOT MAKE A WISHLIST OUT OF IT?

1. Yankee Candle Mandarin Cranberry candle
I've actually already got this, but I bought the little tart and I'm burning it in my little tart-burner, but it's so little and it'll probably run out really quickly, but just... ahh... smell it. Something citrus-y (mandarins, obviously), but also something a bit musky, like cinnamon or something. It's the combination of everything I absolutely love and I just want the full sized candle, not only the little tart.

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "yankee candle mandarin cranberry"
2. Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet and Candy Apple
Look at it. Look at the colours. JUST LOOK AT THEM. I'm a sucker for red lipstick, I hope that's obvious. I tried Red Velvet in my local drugstore the other day and it's so gorgeous; the shade fits my skin and it feels so easy applying them on your lips (although it does feel like jam at the beginning) and gah, I just want them. Badly. And they're perfect for the winter season.

Found on brushesandbelle.wordpress.com
Found on sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.com
3. Any type of fairy lights
If there was one thing that I missed beyond belief during the winter season, those were the fairy lights. I used to have a star-shaped set of fairy lights from IKEA, but they shattered and the wire snapped and blah blah blah.Now that I've seen so many people do a Christmas-y room tour and display all their fairy lights, I've really started missing mine and I wish I could have them, but I don't... although I'd love some.

Found on weheartit.com under the tag "fairy lights"
4. Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances by Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle and John Green
My roommate recently read this in German in order to expand her vocabulary (because she's taking German as a part of her final exams in high school) and since it's John Green and he's known for his immense use of very strange and big words, she got what she wanted out of it. The other thing she said about it is that it's very easy to follow and a very good read and again, being a bit of a nerdfighter when it comes to his books, I would want to get a copy of this anyway.

Found on littlestorybookgirl.wordpress.com
5. Lush Christmas collection
Since I've been sick in the past week, I watched a lot of Lush hauls on YouTube and a lot of them were from the time that Lush brought out their Christmas set. Yep. I want the whole lot. The bath bombs, shower gels, massage bars, lip scrubs,  THE WHOLE LOT. Buuuut... I have to wait until Christmas. Fuck. And I obviously can't get everything because THERE'S A LOT. Double fuck.

Found on gurlinterrupted.com
6. A happy Doctor Who Christmas special/Sherlock Christmas special
Need I add more? It's every fangirl's dream... or nightmare, because you know, we'd know that Moffat would ruin it in the end.

Or maybe even a crossover!
(Best British TV-Shows posted this on Facebook)

Anyway, these are the things I'm currently craving for and I'll probably never get, so yeah. That is it from me and I hope you liked it and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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