Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

My mum is quite an easy person to buy gifts for, because anything you get, she'll adore it. I have no idea if that's just her lying or if she actually loves everything I get her for her birthday or Christmas or anything, but I don't mind, because it makes life a whole lot easier. So, I decided to share five of my present ideas for Mother's Day, which is approaching very quickly!

Now, my mum loves her perfumes and her favourite brand of perfumes is Lancome. She's probably tried all of their perfumes, but I remember that her favourite one was Hypnose Eau De Parfume and she recently ran out of it and she had it for about 3 years. I think that repurchasing this one for her might be a really good idea, but she also loves La Vie Est Belle. Overall, I think that perfumes are a great idea for a present for basically anyone.

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Sticking around with the scented products, Yankee Candles. This one might not be a great choice, because it's a lottery. You really need to be sure not to pick a scent that your mother might not like; don't be brave and chose a really bold one or a specific one. Just go with the classical scents that everyone will love. I remember that I burned the Paradise Spice tart in my room and she absolutely loved the smell and I think that is a scent that everyone will love. It's basically vanilla and cinnamon. Granted, they aren't the cheapest candles if you want to buy the big jar, but they last for ages and I think you get your money's worth out of it.

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Can you guess from who I get the book obsession? Oh, what a surprise! Yes, from my mum. Now, buying books for my mum is a bit of a trickier task, but I remember that I bought her Eat, Pray, Love by Cecilia Ahern and I basically hit the jackpot. She cried, because she wanted the book for ages, but couldn't get it anywhere (which is weird, because it wasn't such a hit in Slovenia, but never mind). So, who hasn't read The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson? My mum did and she loved it, so I think that will be a brilliant gift for her and it's also the most affordable of presents so far.

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The next one is more of a plan for the future, because it's impossible to find it. My mother is a massive fan of The Beatles. In fact, she's got every single record on vinyl, apart from Live From Abbey Road. It's impossible to find it in any record shop in Slovenia and I don't want to buy it online, because god knows how badly damaged it might be. I'm just sat here hoping that one day I might actually find it, but I hope you got an idea to get your mother a CD or something connected to music, because that's also a brilliant idea.

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The last one, which is a bit obvious, but I guarantee I think it's a brilliant present for your mother if she's hard to get things for. A gift card or a voucher or anything. That way, she can pick her own presents, whether it's make up or perfumes or books or whatever and she gets the most out of it and you still gave her a present, so that's cool.

I hope this list has helped you a bit and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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