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Yesterday, I saw the last screening of Divergent in Slovenia and let me tell you a little secret, which is not really a secret, but OK... I bloody loved it. That is not just the very emotionally invested side of me talking out, it's the critical side of me. But first, before I say anything more, let me give you the scoop on the story.

Tris is a sixteen-year-old who lives in Chicago in a sort-of post-war world. The society in our future is split into different factions based upon their traits; Abnegation (the selfless ones), Amity (the happy and friendly ones), Candor (the ones that never tell lies), Erudite (the very smart ones) and Dauntless (the brave ones). At the age of sixteen, they are given a choice to choose the way they will live their lives by either staying at home or joining a different faction. Before the Choosing Ceremony, they have to do some tests that are supposed to tell them which faction they belong into. But Tris is different, because the tests don't work on her. She is Divergent; it means that she could never fit into one faction, but into more of them and people thing that her kind presents danger to society, so she needs to make a very wise decision. In the end, she decides she is brave and decides to transfer from Abnegation to Dauntless and her brother switches to Erudite.

Found on under the tag "divergent"
In the Dauntless camp, she goes through severe training and realises that people can be really evil and in a way it makes her stronger; both physically and mentally. She gains a lot of friends and a lot of enemies (because firstly, she couldn't fight and do anything, but she started climbing up the scale and becoming stronger and people were afraid of the little stiff) and some go to extreme measures to make her pay for it. Anyway, after some events (and a love affair later), every single Dauntless member is injected with a serum, that makes the normal people living puppets and the Divergent stand out, because it doesn't work on them. When she realises that with the help of this serum, the Erudite are planing on starting a war on Abnegation, she, her friend Four and her family (well...what's left of it) flee for their lives into Amity.

Found on under the tag "divergent"
First of all, the book...holy cow. I think this is the first book after Harry Potter that I've read in such a small space of time. The story just flew by me, I didn't even realise that I've read it in a day until yesterday, I think. The storyline doesn't seem boring and everything seemed very planned out and it was very well written. Although these were sixteen-year-olds from a very different environment from me, I could still relate to some of their problems and it made the story far more interesting. The writing wasn't too difficult to understand and the vocabulary wasn't difficult at all, so everything was very understandable, but still, incredibly well described and very well written.

Then the lord. It's different to the book. What I mean by that is that it doesn't by, but everything is a bit slow paced and that's something I dig very much. It has some intense actions scenes and some more emotional ones, but it was still very slow paced. With YA films like Twilight, they tend to do everything really quickly and sloppily, while this took everything at a small pace, followed the book and made the scenes that more intense and well produced and edited and acted and all that.
I have to say that they've chosen the perfect cast for this film, because everyone's just as I imagined them to be, which is a bit insane, but still. It was weird seeing Hazel and Augustus as brother and sister (see what I did there?), but they still played their roles very well. Also, Four is one sexy motherfucker. Ehm, sorry about that. Anyway, it was amazing seeing Kate Winslet in a film after such a long while, but I think she did a brilliant job as well and I was really pleased with the acting.
Of course, there's the one last comment on the soundtrack. I liked it, because it was a brilliant mix of orchestral music and today's pop music (lots of Ellie Goulding, Zedd, Snow Patrol, M83 and all that) and I think they've found the right balance in that, because some shows like Reign don't find the proper balance in the music, which makes it a bit annoying. However, the soundtrack to this film wasn't a bit bothering and it complimented some scenes incredibly and the whole experience was really enjoyable.

So, what's the last evaluation? I've given the book 4.5/5 on the book review, but I reread it recently and I think that it definitely deserves a 5/5 and the film did the book justice, so another 5/5. It's a must-read/see.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post. I'm on vacation the following week, so I think a couple of more beauty-based blog posts will be coming your way shortly. I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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