Top 6: Beauty bloggers

You might have not known this, but I have very high standards for beauty gurus. I don't just watch everyone, I do have to relate to them, I need to feel like they're really down to earth, funny to watch, enjoyable and make 20 minute videos just fly by and not a pain to watch at all. So, I thought I'd share some of those with you and if you actually need some good (like, REALLY good) beauty bloggers to watch, I'd recommend the following.

Lazy Little Me (
The reason I started watching this channel is just because of Emma and Cherry, the girls that run the channel. They're my favourite female vloggers anyway and just to hear them talk about Lush (a lot, may I add) and make up and the Body Shop and all that makes my heart sing. They're really down to earth, funny, the voice-overs on their tutorials are bloody hilarious and they're just really relatable, meaning they tick all the boxes! The only thing I'd love them to work on is a regular upload schedule.


essiebutton (
To add some trans-atlantic feel to this blog post, Estee is a Canadian beauty blogger, based in London and she does soooo many videos weekly and all of them pass my expectations. If she does some tags, she does really good ones and the ones that aren't so popular, there are monthly favourites, loads of tutorials (very talky), some hauls (beauty and a bit more random) and just really good content from a beauty blogger. Not to mention that she's really funny.

Emma Pickles (
I think it's because of Emma that I've learnt to master make up so quickly. She does mostly make-up tutorials for all occasions: there are loads of wearable tutorials and also some costume looks and every single one of them is a joy to watch, because they just pass by and you always say: "Wow, that isn't so difficult!" And also, she does wear quite full on make up and it encourages you to wear more fierce make up on a daily basis and that's certainly something I'm working on.

derpinaMODE (
Another collab channel and again, I started watching it because I love Sanne and Marion, who run it. They're really, really good vloggers and it's the same with Lazy Little Me, it makes my heart sing when I hear them talk about make up. They're both really down to earth and and just adorable. Their videos are short, but they're really nice and I have nothing else to say of them, they're just amazing.

beautycrush (
I've only found out about Sammi very recently and I'm just hooked. I think I might have fucked up the internet connection at home because I had a bit of a marathon and now, the wi-fi is horrendously slow, just like at my student's hall. She's very down to earth, she tries and make a lot of videos involving affordable make up, there are hauls, tutorials, advice videos, monthly favourites and my favourite, styling videos. Sammi takes a plain white t-shirt/tartan shirt and shows us how she'd style it for various occasions (like for school or a gig or a festival) and they're very useful tips and that makes her a bit different from the rest of the bloggersphere.

girlyashell (
Besides being the most sarcastic person in the entire YouTube community, Lex is also vegan and does loads and loads of videos on cruelty free make up products and where to find them. She's the one I have to blame for the cruelty free fever going on on my blog. She's hilarious and I really look forward to everything she has to show and say on both her channels.


I hope this list has been somewhat helpful and I shall see you very soon!
xxx Katherine


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