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So, I told you in my FOTD post that I won Fleur's Lush giveaway (thank you, by the way!) in which I recieved a long-ago discontinued product (which they're apparently bringing back) and she made very recently in the Lush Kitchen in England. Basically, there are only a few bottles of this in the world and I happen to have one of them. I quite like that feeling. Much unique.

The product I'm talking about is, of course, the Back For Breakfast shower gel. The first association you get when you smell it is definitely the Bohemian soap, which I absolutely love, but I will run out of it very quickly, which is not good, but the good news is that I have this now so I don't need to panic and spend a few more pounds.

The thing with Lush shower gels is that their consistency varies sooooooooo much. I own three shower gels and they have completely different consistencies. One of them is a Christmas limited edition called Rose Jam, which, as the name suggest, is very jammy. Then I've got The Olive Branch, which is probably the most liquid-y shower gel I've ever used. However, this one is just right. It's just the perfect consistency you want from a shower gel.

As for the scent... oh my. I already said it smells an awful lot like the Bohemian soap and that's definitely true. They're both citrus-y, lemony goodness. The bottle says: Come back from dreamland for coffee and toast, and don't forget to use this zesty shower gel to get you feeling wide awake and prepared for the day ahead. With fresh lemon, grapefruit and honey to perk up your skin. Everything it says it's true. The scent is so refreshing and I can definitely say that it's a daytime scent and it's perfect in the morning. Why do scents make me feel more awake? I have no idea what's behind this magic, god damn it!
With some soaps and shower gels, the scent tends to be really weak once it's applied... that's not the case with this bad boy. The scent lingers so long that my bathroom smelled amazing the following morning after using this. I freaking love it.

This product lathers up amazingly well, you only need a small amount and you're good to go. I think that this product will last me a very long while and considering I've had the Rose Jam shower gel since January and I don't think I've used a tenth of it, I can see me and this shower gel becoming best buddies.

All in all, I'd give this shower gel 5/5. If they are bringing it back in the stores, I definitely recommend you to pick it up and try it, because it's a scent I think everyone will love. It's worth the money!

Once again, massive thank you to Fleur for sending me this beauty and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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