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This one is for the bookworms out there. It's a bit of an old one, but just... ah, I love the questions and I also love books, so yeah, fuck you, I'm going to do a book tag.

1. What are your top 6 favourite book covers?
OK... insert all the book covers... NOW!

2. What is your opinion on morphed book covers?
Hmmm... well... if it happens in a book series, then I want all the book series to be from the same publishing company and have vaguely the same cover (maybe the same designer), even if there are just similarities in the writing or the layout or something. I need my books to be the same, it's just an OCD with me.

3. How important is the book cover?
It's certainly not as important as the content of the book, but... I do admit that sometimes I buy books because the covers are gorgeous (I almost bought Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher the other day, because the cover is flipping gorgeous, but I had no money, so touch wood). I think that it's really vital for the book cover to kind of... capture the sentiment and the content of the book, rather than just... print something completely unrelated on top. 

4. What types of book covers draw you in?
Simple, maybe the ones that have contrast between matte and glossy types of paper and something that isn't too overcrowded (the title and the author and maybe some simple drawing, . Surprise, surprise, I don't actually like illustrated book covers (like this one), because I just... I don't know, it makes the book appear really creepy and I just go: "No thanks!" 

5. What are your book covers pet peeves?
Ripped book covers of the paperbacks and writing in my books. I saw my Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh on sale for 3 euros, because the cover was ripped up a bit and the pages inside as well and I said: "Well, OK, I'll survive,", but when I lent my Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix to my family friends and when I found a couple of pages completely drawn over with sketches and one page is completely painted over with yellow marker, I lost my shit. YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO A BOOK!!!! 

6. Do you like short descriptions or long ones?
My descriptions don't need to be long, I just need to find out what's it about, like the main character's name or the main plot twist or something, but it doesn't have to be long. I like them somewhere in the middle.

I hope you've enjoyed this book tag and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


  1. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! How the hell did they manage to defile a book as sacred as one from the Harry Potter series?! Despicable... They'll go to Hell for that, I tell ya...

  2. I have no idea... they were family friends and my mum made me do it. Notice how I used the past tense? That's why. I legit thought I was going to cry. I should probably take photos of it and show it to you. Plus, I found some dark brown stains inside it... and I'm not sure whether it's poop or Nutella. God I'm hoping for Nutella.

  3. Good riddance, I say. If one can't take proper care of a book, they can't take proper care of you...
    YES SHOW IT TO ME *-* So I may be disgusted hehe
    I legit thought you /would/ cry. I know I have a heart attack whenever I accidentally hurt a book myself... be it mine or someone else's.

  4. WHO SAYS I DIDN'T CRY? I cried like a baby. I'll tweet them to you tomorrow, cause I'm off to bed because tired as fuck and need to study loads tomorrow, so... yeah, expect photos tomorrow.

    1. *evil grin*

      P. S.: You poor baby :'( My sympathies for you and your book...


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