1st Year of High School.

*alternatively called "things I've learned in my first year of high school"
**alternatively called "how to survive living in a student's hall and school and shit*

1. Eat like a king in the morning!
I live in a student's hall most of the year, meaning they provide me with a shower, a bathroom, a bed and food. Take everything they offer you, because the choice is immense; you've got cereals, bread, all sorts of spreads and a main dish (eggs, cheese and ham, porridge, it depends what they chose to serve that day). You'll get a fresh start of the day and besides, your body consumes only 30% of the calories you eat in the morning and then little more at lunchtime and then all of it during dinner. That, and you won't have time to eat something decent during the main break in school, because they're so short and you have to do so many things in the meantime (you know, copy someone's homework and stuff) and in reality, you only have time for one cup of coffee, never mind a whole sandwich. A good breakfast will keep you going for at least five hours.

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2. When is it appropriate to sit down at the same table with someone you don't know?
My student's hall has got a very special system of table rearrangement in our canteen. We've either got a set of tables for four people or a set of tables for eight people. If a person you don't know is seating by the table for four people, DO NOT SIT NEXT TO HIM/HER. They will probably say something rude and it will be very creepy for them and uncomfortable for you. If there are people you don't know sitting by the table for eight, then there are a few rules. If a couple is sitting on the other side of the table, it's perfectly fine. If there are four people sitting on the other side together, then it's OK, I guess (you'll get some funny looks, but no big deal). However, if there are more than five people by the table, run as fast away from that table as possible. Just... run.

3. Asking for information.
Gathering basic information about everything you need to know can be tricky. What bus should I take to get to school? Where do I sign in? Where do I get cheap stuff to eat, in case I miss a meal? What time should I be back from a night out? What rules are there for that? There are multiple solutions for these things. I was lucky enough to have two older roommates, so I got to ask them loads of questions and they'd help me whenever they could. Also, pretty much every school has a secretary or an office for student matters or something, so make good use of them.

4. Be patient with your classmates. 
If there's one thing I've learned in my first year of high school (besides useless maths and physics and other shit), it's that you need to be patient with some people you're acquainted with. They have different personalities and they might not agree with everything you think and they might have their own beliefs and you need to accept that and make the best of that acquaintance you have. Besides, after about half a year of knowing one another, you will get along much better than you did before (a girl I hated at the beginning of year became one of my very good friends about three quarters through the year, so be patient with them. All of them have their own stuff going on, so... be patient).

5. Meeting old bullies once more. 
This has happened to me more than three times during the whole year. Basically, we went on excursions to my hometown (I had loaaaads of fun, obviously) and I met my old classmates who I hate with the fire of thirty million burning suns. Basically, I did the following; ignored them (even though they spoke to me) and showed them that I'm over them and stronger than I was before, which I should have been before. Stay strong, fight back guys (Emma Blackery came up with that one, not me. I just really like it).

6. Coffee, black tea and aspirins are your saviours. 
Need I say more? Coffee and tea are the only thing that will keep you awake when you need to study and aspirin will save you from unwanted headaches. Trust me, I've been there.

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If any of the readers are going to high school next year for the first time (and you're going to be living away from home), I would definitely recommend sticking to these tips, because if I knew them earlier, my life would have been a lot easier and less awkward.
I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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