Katherine hauls no.5: Clothing & Books

*Technically, this was supposed to be my sixth haul, if you count my birthday one in, but that one was way too special for a "Katherine hauls" series, so let's just pretend it's the fifth one, 'kay?

So, for the last two weeks, the temperatures have been off the charts in Slovenia. It wasn't so warm in April or March (I even had to wear my trench coat), but May and June have truly been quite summery, so I needed new clothing. I had to push my dark winter trousers in the back of my wardrobe and get some lightweight shit out... but I had to get some more, can't you tell?

First off, I went into H&M. Can I just say that this year, their SS collection is just... bloody gorgeous? Like, seriously, I wanted to buy every single thing, but thank god, my size wouldn't let me. However, that couldn't stop me from picking up four items. The first one is an item of clothing I already have in my wardrobe and I got the harem pants, which I love. I've already got a black polka-dot version of those pants, but I wanted a pair that would be only one colour and I picked up these dark green ones. Now, I can wear some more colourful shirts with them, instead of only black and white. They were 14.99€, I think and I believe that anyone could get a lot of wear out of these and I'm really happy I bought a second pair.

I picked up the next item in their Divided range, which is sort of a youngsters collection. I don't tend to buy stuff from that collection, simply because I find it's for wannabe hipsters and sometimes, the clothing is just...awful and makes my gag reflex go mental, but this one is actually really cute. It's a plain white shirt with loads of Eiffel Towers on it. I have nothing more to say of this, other than it's cute and it was 9.99€, so I can't go wrong.

I bought the next item at their plus size collection, because I needed shorts and I can't get shorts anywhere else but from that collection. They're beige and creamy and come down just above the knee. It's not a length I'd usually go for, but these pants are seriously too big for me, so they're a bit longer than they'd be if I bought the correct size and I can actually breathe in them, which is a miracle in itself. They were on offer for 7€, so obviously, I bought them.

I don't feel guilty for shopping in the man collection, OK? I needed another pair of shorts and I decided that these would be perfect. They have a checkered blue print on them and I'm slightly worried that it says "keep away from fire" on the label (and it doesn't point that out on every item of clothing!), but I'm sure it will be fine. *nervous laughter*

Then, I went to C&A. I stopped going there recently, because all of their sizes have shrunk incredibly and I couldn't find any trousers, which was essentially the reason I was buying in that store. However, I was with my dad and he persuaded me to go along with him, so I went inside and I'm so glad I did. They had quite a discount on thick winter trousers, so I picked up a pair in olive green... or should I say... Loki green? *loser alert* *they're not really Loki green, so why did I even say that* *loser alert* They were about 10€, I think and they will serve me well next winter.

Then, again with the harem pants. but a bit more...crazy, so to speak. The moment I stepped inside, they caught my eye with their crazy pattern and I love the colour. I think that might be my favourite colour palette, if I'm honest. Anyway, they were around 14€ mark, but I love them and I just wanted to have them. They also have other colours and they're also pretty darn amazing, so if you have a C&A in your area, definitely have a look around.

The last item... my favourite I bought that day... a maxi-skirt. I love these and it just caught my eye and I can't express my love for it. I love the pattern, the colour scheme, everything. It's really lightweight and just...perfect for summer. This one was a bit more expensive, I think it was 19€, but with the cut and the pattern like this... it's worth it. I love it.

So, I had some spare money from my birthday and what normal teenager would go to a bookshop and spend it all on books? ...I'm not a normal teenager. I got six more books, which is concerning me slightly. OK, here we go.
First off, I bought Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin, admittedly, because I like the cover and I've seen the trailer for the film and I liked it, so I'm going to try and read the book first. Apparently it's about stopping time and a bit of a romance, so you know... I can't help myself every now and again. Then, The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, again, because the cover's pretty darn good looking and because I've seen so many bloggers like it, and it was on offer for 5€, so I couldn't not pick it up.
Then, I caved a bit, because I like the title and I heard plenty good things about it and I couldn't help myself. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I'm about halfway in and it's just... so true. I wanted to pick up Eleanor and Park as well, but you know, we're going to wait a bit. Just... a bit.
Another book I bought based on recommendations from plenty book bloggers, Across The Universe by Beth Revis. Can we just appreciate the cover for a second? It's bloody gorgeous! I haven't started reading it yet, but I definitely will for my Summer Book Challenge (that's basically the reason I'm buying so many books at the moment).
I couldn't resist picking up Playing With The Grown-Ups by Sophie Dahl, one, because it was on offer for 4€, I think and two, because I love that woman. The reviews on the back said that it's pretty good and for the price I paid... I couldn't go wrong. Even if I don't like it in the end, it was 4€, so there's no major harm done.
The last one, my pride and joy... A Room With A View by E.M. Forster in this beautiful Penguin English Library edition. I already have this book in Slovenian, but the translation is a bit off and the cover is hideous, so I picked this one up and it's amazing, look at it! This is one of my favourite classical books and it's a rom-com before they were even a thing and it's just amazingly written and so relatable and so awkward at points, but it's my favourite and the 1986 film version just makes my heart sing (don't watch the 2007 version... it's not as good).

So, I'm sorry it took so long for my clothing haul to arrive, but I didn't get enough stuff to post about and it would seem a bit pointless. As for the books... I'm a creature of habit, I can't help myself. I just love books. I hope you've enjoyed this blog post and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


  1. H&M's selection of clothes is jaw dropping haha x


  2. I agree, this year they've really done their best! Sometimes, their collection is a bit... meh, but I love it this year! I need to stop myself from going in every day and picking up a new item of clothing! xx


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