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Is it a bit weird that I'm about to review a soundtrack for a film that isn't due to come out in my country for exactly two more months as of tomorrow? Yep, indeed it is, but I couldn't give a flying fuck, so let's get this show on the road.

Also, spoiler warning. I will be discussing the events of the book/film.

The album opens with possibly one of the few rare songs that made me tear up after the very first listen and it's All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran. I am not a hardcore fan of Ed, but I do know that some of his songs are very fun and catching, but a lot of them are really heartbreaking as well (like Small Bump and Give Me Love etc.) and this one happens to be one of them. I can really imagine Hazel kind of remembering everything she had with Augustus and I think that this song would fit in perfectly with the scene where she's lying on the ground at night and looking up at the stars. (I haven't seen the film, so I have no idea where this song will end up, don't judge and no spoilers, please!) That and I love how many references he managed to fit into one song. It's a slow and gorgeous song with lots of strings in the back and backing vocals as well. It's something I've found myself really digging in the past few weeks.

The seconds song is Simple As This by Jake Bugg. This one is one of the few songs that weren't actually written for this film, but I do love a bit of Jake Bugg. His music is really simple and yet, it says so much. It sounds like the Beatles and Oasis pushed into one big puddle. With a lot of guitars and little backing vocals that aren't too interrupting and some harmonica and all that, it's one of my favourite songs anyway, and I am really curious as to how this one will turn out to fit in the film, but I think it will.

The following song is Let Me In by Grouplove. I am not so fond of Grouplove, because I don't like the singer's voice (it's just a personal preference) as much, but because this song was written for the film, I do like it. It kind of describes how Gus was trying to get close to Hazel and she just... didn't want to let him in, but in the end, she does and that's what the song's about (that, and the roller-coaster reference). Apparently, the style of the song isn't too different from their other songs. It's a mix of some electronics and rock and indie and... plenty of other things.

The fourth song on the album is Tee Shirt by Birdy, one of the many songs by her on this album. The song itself hasn't got many references to the book, so it can be connected to pretty much any relationship you ship, so yeah. The song itself is a combination of a bit of guitar and piano and backing vocals, which is typical Birdy, so if you're her fan, you're going to like it. I'm not too fond of the song, but it's not bad. It's okay (see what I did there?).

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Following Birdy is All I Want by Kodaline. I am not a fan of Kodaline, I don't see the hype around there and their music is just not for me, but because this is a song written for the film, I definitely will find it likeable. And I did. This is the song that is definitely about how Hazel felt when *spoiler alert, stop reading if you don't know what happens* he died and as the lyrics say: "when you said your last goodbye/ I died a little bit inside/ I lay in tears in bed all night/ alone without you by my side." With the combination of simple harmonies, very little instruments, but then a massive build up towards the end and adding instruments, this song is a heartbreaker and I approve of it very much.

Another song that was not written for this film is Long Way Down by Tom Odell. This song is practically everything I want from a solo artist; piano, vocals and very minimalistic backing vocals and quite touching lyrics. I love him anyway, so I won't continue talking about him, because you'd be stuck here for a very long while.

Let's stop being depressed for a bit and get hyped up! It's Boom Clap by Charli XCX! It's a song I didn't like at the beginning... but then the radio station I constantly listen to started playing it... and then I couldn't get it out of my head and I was singing it constantly... and then I realised I was hooked. It's a very cheerful, slightly electronic pop song, something along the lines of the whole Electra Heart album by Marina & The Diamonds without so much existential crisis. It's a happy song and who doesn't love that one? It's definitely one of the rare ones in this film, let's be honest.

Following Boom Clap is While I'm Alive by STRFKR (count the times I had to check if I spelled the name right), which I think is one of the songs that weren't written for the film. It's definitely a song for the fans of something like New Young Pony Club, maybe The XX and Crystal Fighters and it's about being alive and living the best version of your life as you possibly can. I am not the biggest of it, but it's still cool.

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The next song is Oblivion by Indians, which I cannot even begin to describe. I have never heard of the band nor their music, but it's so good. The title itself contains a reference that stops me from can even-ing. It's a gorgeous love song and I think this one will be in the beginning scene at the support group, where Hazel has her big speech on oblivion, which is, ultimately, Gus's biggest fear.

The next few songs are songs that I'm not the biggest fan of. The first one was Strange Things Will Happen by The Radio Dept., followed by Bomfallarella by Afasi & Filthy (and it's hilarious, because it's Swedish and Peter Van Houten and just... the biggest mess of what the fuck), Without Words by Ray LaMontagne, and theeeeeen... another Birdy song, Not About Angels (which I did enjoy, but you know... you know).

One of the last few songs on the album is No One Ever Loved by Lykke Li. I am not a massive fan, but I tend to like a lot of things that Lykke Li puts out and this one did not disappoint. Her music is generally very minimalistic and this one wasn't that different. It describes the pain of losing someone you love and what they meant to you and it's just perfect. Her lyrics tend to be perfect and I like it a lot, because you can so easily connect it to the pain that Hazel goes through.

Wait by M83 is a very simple song with very little lyrics, but it's very, very emotional. I don't know why songs with little lyrics tend to hit me the most. I don't know where to put this song in the film, because I feel like it would fit just about everywhere (even though it wasn't written for the film). I am not that big of a fan of M83, but this might have converted me a bit. A gorgeous, minimalistic listen that doesn't disappoint.

The closing song to the album is Best Shot by Jaymes Young and, yes, you've guessed it, Birdy. This is genuinely a very good song. Their voices compliment each other so damn well and I can't help it, it's a brilliant song. It's about supporting each other in a relationship and being and feeling invincible and if this song isn't in the film (because it is a bonus song), I will be really pissed. Overall, it's a brilliant way of closing the album as a whole.

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I was really hoping to god that this soundtrack wouldn't be undertaken lightly and just had thrown in really bad love songs and I wanted it to do the film and the book justice... and it did. It was a balanced combination of already existing songs and songs written especially for this film. The ones that already existed before were still a bit different, but really easily connectable to the whole plot of the film and those written especially for the film... oh god. They contained so many references and described the situations the "star-crossed lovers" found themselves in so brilliantly and they made me tear up on several occasions (it was really awkward on public transport).
I might have liked it a bit more if it didn't have so much Birdy in and if it would give more space for newer, upcoming artists, but you know, I'm not responsible for that (and I'm not saying that her songs are bad, I just feel like this soundtrack isn't by various artists, but Birdy and others).
Overall, the especially written songs did the film justice, it's a good soundtrack and OH GOD, KILL ME, I HAVE TO WAIT TWO MORE MONTHS, OH FUCK. Anyway, I'd give it a 4.5/5.

I hope you liked this music review. I apologize for raving so much about this film and book, but I found myself in a crisis because it will take it so much time to come out in cinemas in the chicken-shaped country I live in. I will try and not talk about it as much in the next two months, but when I see it out, I will rave like crazy again. I am sorry.
Anyway, I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


  1. This movie (and book!) destroyed me. Probably wasn't a good idea to watch when I was already upset about other things, and thankfully I actually survived the movie without falling to the floor and crying

  2. Oh, god, this book destroyed me completely. However, I haven't yet seen the film, because it's not out for another two months in Slovenia (which is poop, but gives me time to prepare mentally) and I think I won't survive without crying. At the cinema, Kleenex will be my best friend!


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