My makeup stash!

I've been really looking forward to showing you my makeup stash. No, this is not a what's-in-your-makeup-bag type of blog post, I'm not that out of ideas just yet, but I wanted to show you how I storage it. I've always wanted to store them in that beauty guru way, where they have loads of Muji drawers or something, and I specifically wanted them to be clear, see-through. But, me being me, and almost always out of money, I had to make my way around that, because a) there's no way I can afford fancy setup, b) I wanted to keep it quite cheap and c) I don't have that much make up to fill up a whole Muji-style set of drawers, so I made my way around it otherwise.

I never do DIY, nor am I very good at it, but that seemed the best way to get through. Pinterest helped me a lot with this, because I don't know if I would have thought of this without seeing many posts about it. Let's just say that it just sort of... happened that I had two Ferrero Rocher boxes at home, so I put them to use.

Basically, I peeled off the writing (well, as much as I could) and then it kind of... went downhill. Ferrero Rocher changed their packaging a bit and the boxes are made of a different type of plastic. Don't try and remove the writing with a nail polish remover, because you'll just slowly start ruining the case and it'll be a disaster. I did that mistake and now, a bit of the box feels like a doormat or something and it's freaking disgusting. I'd much rather live with a sign on top of the box (or just turn it around and you'll never have to look at it. That's what I did).

For my brushes, I converted an old Ikea candle jar into a regular jar. I have about a million of these and I decided to put them to good use (my mum uses them as glasses to drink water out of them, but she had about 13... so I took one). Next, I put a polka-dotted ribbon around it (I got it ages back when I was in Scotland and I bought pyjamas in Primark and they were tied around with that ribbon) and sellotaped it around... badly. I told you I'm not good with DIY.

You might have noticed these small pots on the side. They used to be Ikea candle jars as well and I converted them as well. Inside those I store my rings and some smaller necklaces and other bits and bobs I have around.

I find this way of storing my makeup really useful, because I can mix and match a lot of shit and I can decide what makeup I'll be using that week and it makes travelling a lot easier, because I don't need to carry all of my makeup with me at all times. It used to make my bag so heavy and things just randomly came out of the bag and I remember that one time when my red Bourjois lipstick rubbed against a white T-shirt... I thought I was going to go insane. So, here's another reason why this is actually a brilliant idea, and plus it feels really cool.

I hope this has given you some sort of inspiration to do something with any extra clear plastic boxes you've got at home and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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