SBC | Week 1

*If you have no idea what this is about, then here is the explanation!

So, the first week of holidays has gone by and to be honest, I expected I'd spend every second sleeping, because insomnia and shit (not really, I just need to catch up on my sleep), but in reality, I've already started reading quite a lot and it's already looking good.

The first book I read (well, actually finished up) is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I bought this a month ago, I think, and then immediately started reading it, but then I kind of stopped, because school and shit. In that time, I forgot what it was all about, so I began again and I read it in a day. It just feels like real life and the topic is so relatable to the modern society and Tumblr, because it talks about a girl that writes fanfiction. She loves living in her little bubble, but then she has to go to university (it also deals with the trouble of writing original stuff instead of fanfiction) and do real life and boys and all that stuff and it terrifies her a bit and she can't cope very well. I think it is definitely something that almost every teenager with a Tumblr account on the "darker side" (DW, Merlin, Sherlock, Supernatural fandoms) will so relate to this and laugh out loud at it, because it's so cringy and adorable and amazing, so I think it's a definite must-read. 5/5

The second book that I've read is one of my favourite, if not my favourite classical book, A Room With A View by E.M. Forster in this beautiful Penguin English Library edition. This is more of a reread, as I've already read this book a few times, but it never fails to make me giggle and discover new things that I've missed first time through. It's a rom-com before rom-coms were a thing. A British girl goes to Italy, meets a charming British man, they have a thing, she goes back to England, thinking it's all over and then he and his father rent a house in the same town and all of the sudden, he comes back to her life, but she's to be married to a dull idiot and then, things go a bit wild in her quiet life.
Every time I read this, I just realise how the 1986 film version stays very loyal to the book and how it doesn't change the smallest details and truly delivers it to you in the best way possible. I don't need to talk any more about this book; the writing is witty and cleaver and sassy at certain points, the characters are really likeable and you can see how much fun Forster makes out of the upper class and it's just brilliant. 5/5

I've also finished Paper Towns by John Green, which I've been reading for so long, but I was determined not to stop reading, so I read a couple of pages per day, because school is a bitch (or should I say "was"?). Anyway, it's about a boy called Quentin and he is kind of the nerdy guy in school, who lives right next door to Margo, the popular girl in town. He's desperately in love with her and always has been, ever since they were kids. In their teens, they kind of stopped talking to each other and you can imagine how surprised he is when she climbs through his window one night and takes him out on a crazy adventure. The next morning, however, she doesn't show up to school and then, the search for Margo begins.
It's a really great book, I liked it; I like how everything evolves around Margo, but it doesn't. There are many more events in the meantime and you forget about her for a while and I like that. It's a really good book, but it can't beat the writing in The Fault In Our Stars, so I'd give it a 4.5/5
I'm really happy that this books is being made into a film, because out of all his books, besides TFIOS, it has the biggest potential to be a pretty flipping amazing film and I'm really looking forward to it!

...and I've started reading Across The Universe by Beth Revis, but I won't give anything away, because I'm not yet done with it. All I'm going to say is so far, so good.

3/25 books read for SBC 2014.


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