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At the beginning of summer, I thought I'd be really good with updating this blog with loads of things and it'll be full of #content and all that stuff, but the reality is much more different. Basically, all I've been doing is reading and posting my SBC book updates, which... is not as I've imagined half of my holidays to go through.

Enough of the complaining, down to the actual blog post. I wanted to do something beauty related and it couldn't be a haul, because I'm home most of the time without a store in sight (thank god for that), it couldn't be a tutorial of any sorts, because my skin is awful at the moment (that time of the month and stuff) and I didn't want to do an OOTD post, because I've been lounging in my sweatpants around my house for the majority of my time and I couldn't just put together an outfit and say: "Hey guys, so I've been going to loads of parties, here's what I wore!", because that would just be a nasty lie. So I figured I'd share some of my travelling essentials, because I'm going on holiday from the 1st to the 15th of August and I thought it'd be a nice post do to. 

Just a quick disclaimer, I won't be talking about going overseas or anything. I'm going to Croatia, which is about a 2 hour car drive away from my home. (Although my journey will start at about half 4 in the morning, because I need to catch a lot of ferries and stuff. It'll take me roughly around six hours to get there, if we're lucky with the traffic.)

First, I'll talk about the toiletries, so skincare and haircare. I try to keep everything to a minimum and not because of any limits (I won't be travelling by plane), but just because I want to have some room in my suitcase for other things... like even more books. I shit you not, I will take an entirely separate suitcase for books with me. Anyway, besides the obvious ones (like toothpaste and shower gel and shampoo and that stuff), I will take my regular skincare items with me, so my Balea Mattifying Moisturiser with Fruit Acid (to make the pores appear smaller, and it's a great product for teenage skin!) and my Dove Rich Nourishment Creme* (to return the moisture into the not-so-oily parts of my face). Another item I cannot go without is my toner, which is the Lush Tea Tree Water and a cleanser (which I haven't yet picked up, but will do soon!).
For haircare, a conditioner is a must, because your hair gets frizzy from all the sea salt drying up in your hair (which is good to some measure, but too much is very bad). I'm taking my Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner and Repairing Spray* (which I think I will use up on the journey). Also, sun protection is not to be forgotten of. I will take a Sundance Sun Creme with SPF 30, but it's definitely not the only one that'll be going with us (my mum will probably stock up with even more).
I think it's also important to protect your lip (because there's nothing worse than having burnt lips, trust me), so I will take my Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub and a lipbalm with a high SPF, which I am yet to buy.
And the beloved Tangle Teezer will be going out with me as well. We can't forget him or my Ray Ban Special Print #8 Wayferer Sunglasses. PROTECT YOUR EYES, PEOPLE!  

I don't want to wear loads of makeup while I'm there, but I think that when I'll be in King's Landing (and taking loads of photos, while I'm at it, of the surroundings and myself), I will need something to appear a bit normal. For my base, I will take my beloved and trusted Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 150 Nude (that's me, I was in the sun for 2 hours and I'm already a shade darker in foundation), Catrice All Matt Shine Control Transparent Powder and the Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder for Medium Skin. For my eyebrows, I will take the usual Essence Eyebrow Designer in Brown and the Essence Clear Brow Gel. For eyes, I'll take Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara, Essence Kajal Pencil in White and something like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze*, just for a hint of colour. For lips, I am not yet sure, but probably my Essence Lip Gloss with Matt Effect in Soft Nude will do the job just fine (stays put, gives a bit of colour and if it washes off, no big deal, it's almost the same colour as my lips). The only tool that I will take with me for certain is my Body & Soul Powder Brush, because it's big enough to blend the transparent powder in and if I'll wear the bronzer, I'll just squish it together to fit into the hollows of my cheeks perfectly and there's the job done (god, I love a good multitasking product). 

I will not go on holiday without at least 15 books, because last year, I made the mistake of only bringing 11 and I read them... in a week of a two-week holiday. It wasn't fun. So, this year, I'm planning on rereading some of my old favourites (John Green's books, all the Harry Potter books and so on) and taking books that I didn't get along with last year to see if anything's changed and my new additions to the book collection that I haven't read yet and some borrowed books from the library. Maybe don't bring as many books as I will, but just have something to keep you entertained. It's an essential. 

...but the most important thing to leave at home... all your worries and bad thoughts. Just be carefree and be happy and have fun. I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine

P.S. All items, showed with an * are items aren't cruelty-free. I am only using them until they're empty, because I live in a family where nothing is thrown away, unless it's used up. Every other product mentioned is cruelty-free and owned by a company that doesn't test on animals either. I am not sure for their mother companies, so do your research if you're planing on buying them. 


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