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So, after last week, this weeks' update will look really scarce, because I was away until Thursday (on holiday and shit), I was sick on Friday (and still recovering) and that means that reading wasn't an option with a fever of 38 °C and a headache that felt like my brain was swelling up and exploding bit by bit. But still, two books have been read.

Veronica Roth Allegiant
Also, I couldn't be bothered to edit the photos, deal with it. 
To conclude my Veronica Roth marathon, I finished Allegiant, which again, I haven't spoken about on here. Anyway, it's the last book in the Divergent series and basically, the one major question opposed in this book was: "What the fuck is behind the fence and why are we in here and why the fuck are factions a thing, why are Tris and Four making out at every given chance and just what the fuck?" I am not shitting you, this is the book in a single sentence. It was quite fast-paced, I liked how it delved into the question of being genetically perfect and all that stuff and how it had influenced people in the past and it's quite a terrifying vision of the future. There were some aspects that I really liked (like the part with the genes, finding out more about the origins of the factions, why the Divergent were killed so much), but some that I didn't (WHO ARE ALL THESE NEW PEOPLE, HOLY FUCK! And, again, PDA. Maybe it's just because I'm a lonely hipster), but it was still an interesting read. Warning, you will cry like a baby. I'd give it a 4.5/5.

I don't like non-fiction, I think I have mentioned that before, nor am I really into it. I just... the genre is not for me. However, when my dad "accidentally" bought The Top Gear Years by Jeremy Clarkson, I was... determined to read it, because I'm an in-closet fan of Top Gear and I couldn't help it. Basically, it's a collection of his columns for the magazine from 1993 to 2011, meaning there's a lot. The book is about 500 pages long and I can't tell you how much fun I've had reading it. You can just hear his voice while reading it and basically, you die of laughter. Not only does it talk about cars (and especially the bad aspects of the Porsche 911, which I find hilarious), but also some really bizarre, out-of-the-blue topics (alcohol, women, gardening, anything). Sometimes I wanted to punch that guy square in the mouth (for some quite racist statements. Seriously, how the hell hasn't he been sued earlier?), but other times it was hilarious and basically, I peed my pants at some point. It's a really good introduction to non-fiction writing and perhaps, I will give it a go more often. 4.5/5.

...and I've started reading The Art Thief by Noah Charney and OH MY GOD. IT'S SO GOOD. It's a mixture of Dan Brown and loads of art references and it talks about symbolism in art works (especially renaissance and baroque works) for about 3 or 4 pages and it's a criminal novel and it's right up my alley and I'm really excited to finish it. It's about three different art works that get stolen from a church in Rome (a Caravaggio), a basement in Paris (a Malevič) and from the National Gallery in London (I still haven't got to the bit where I find out which painter is it by, but wait for next week). It's amazing and you will get the whole scoop next week.

11/25 books read for SBC 2014 (god, I need to step up my game!)


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