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When I say that I discovered some new artist or band, they are not usually "new" and "fresh" and "completely unknown" (well, they're not mainstream really, except for one or two, perhaps). I am always up for listening to new music and recently, I have discovered plenty new jams for me and I thought that someone out there might appreciate this, so here we go.

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Wallis Bird
I have no idea how I found out about Wallis, but I think that it was because my usual radio station plays pretty good music and I almost always use their Music SOS app, which shows you what song is currently playing and the artist and her song was on the radio and I fell in love with it. There is this strange mixture of genres going; there are really cute songs (like Heartbeating City), acoustic, slightly Laura Marling-esque songs (like In Dictum) and then slightly electronic, really sexy ones (like Hardly Hardly, which is currently my freaking jam). Her voice is bloody amazing and really strong and it really seems like she has complete control over it and I think she's a mezzosoprano/alto, so I appreciate her even more (I like a female singer that can sing deeply as fuck). I think there's something for everyone and I think she's really  cool.

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Ed Sheeran
Yeah, I knew Ed Sheeran before, I am not living under a fucking rock, but recently, I have really fallen into that genre of guitar and a simple vocal accompanying it, but with still powerful lyrics and just basically slagging off anyone you like. His music is again, a weird combo of everything; there's some slightly electronic-but-not-really elements to it, there's rapping, there's some really catchy melodies and his lyrics are constantly thought provoking and really amazing and just... ah. You can totally imagine someone snapping their fingers in a Z shape somewhere in the background. Recently, I have been into Take It Back a lot (just because of the simplicity of the song and because he slagged off the NME. God bless), Sing, You Need Me, I Don't Need You and Give Me Love (that will be my favourite for the rest of my life). Also, his voice... oh my word.

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The 1975
I admit, I blame Chocolate. Basically, this band is wannabe hipsters' (just look at them) favourite band, but I was absolutely determined not to check them out, because there is a hipster inside me (a post on that coming soon!). It was mainstream (and still is), so why would I like it? (this really needs discussing) For a while, I managed to avoid them and not hear a single word or a song from them, so I was happy living in my little bubble universe, until one of my favourite YouTubers, doddleoddle lipsynced to Chocolate (click here) and I was like: "Oh, that's a nice song, what is it?" and I checked it out, and the reaction was as following: "...there's just no avoiding you, is there?" Currently listening to them and making my decision, but it's basically a new indie-rock (not really indie, that way of making music) band that sounds a lot like Two Door Cinema Club.

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Regina Spektor
Again, I knew about her before and I have her discography on my laptop, but recently I've rediscovered her and especially her older stuff and I fell in love again. Her lyrics and music and appearance and voice and personality and just about everything is just utter perfection. The big emphasis of her music are her lyrics and they're constantly telling a story that is often a real story (like Oedipus and Samson). She just generally has really cute stuff, varying from folk music to jazz to just really amazing acoustic music and that's all well and good, but one song needs a special mention. I Want To Sing is a song where Regina is singing it completely acapella and it's such a powerful song and leaves you feeling like you are the least talented person on the planet. I recommend all of her albums up to Soviet Kitch, because the songs are so good and my favourites (not saying that others are bad, but those are just top of the top).

And that's it. I really hope that this benefited someone and that that someone found a new artist to listen to, because I'm always on the lookout for that and these artists do deserve the recognition they already/maybe don't have. I shall see you soon with a blog post on my recent holiday and a trip to King's Landing (Dubrovnik, for fuck's sakes, Katherine!) and I really hope you enjoyed this.
xxx Katherine


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