Pinteresting #1

Joining Pinterest was a big mistake on my behalf. Downloading the Pinterest app onto my phone... even bigger one. Now, I find myself Pinteresting away more and more time of my life than I would have liked (like when I should be practicing, cleaning, doing something productive, listening to classes), but no. I like to burn the wi-fi connection with this wonderful website. 

I've seen so many bloggers do this sort of "a week on Pinterest" blog post and they all look like so much fun, so I decided I'll do one, containing one pin for each board I have (so, currently, that's 13). My boards are a mixture of beautiful photography, fangirly stuff, beauty, fashion, sexy men and women, interior inspiration, screenshots from films, musical stuff, inspirational quotes, stuff about books, stuff for the wishlist, food and of course, the troll board. This will be a weakly/fortnight series, posted on Fridays (hopefully) and it'll be a very versatile one, I promise. Here we go!

A picture of The Witch Head Nebula from the board Out Of This World (x)
An accurate representation of my life from my board Books (x)

From my board Beauty/Fashion (x)
Holy fuck on my board Fangirls! (x)

One of my fave photos from my board Photography (x)
Excuse me while I melt from my board Oh my lord... >_< (x)
I forgot how gorgeous this woman was from my board Music (x)
Now I'm hungry from my board Food porn (x)
A still from How I Live Now on my board Films (x)
A quote from Roald Dahl from my board Quotes (x)
I have nothing new from my Wishlist board, sorry! (why am I apologizing, that's good!)

My future library on my board Interior (x)
This will be me at work in a decade from my board For the lols (x)

I hope you guys enjoyed this little (well, not little, quite long) journey from "oh my god, so cool" to "hahahahahahah" to "you're too hot for my existence". I will try and do these weekly or at least once a fortnight, so I'll have something more to chose from. I shall see you soon with a post on my holidays, I promise!
xxx Katherine


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