Travelling: Isle of Mljet, Croatia 2014

As promised, here is the first part of my holiday update, because I came back home last Friday and it's about time I tell you something about it. This was the second time I went without my sister and I went with my parents and it's a very different type of holidays that I'm used to. I'm used to going to a really interesting location with lots to see, but this one as a very relaxing one and a complete turn off for the brain. Towards the end, I was a bit anxious to go home to civilisation, but I made it and now I'm here.

We went to Mljet, which is an island about an hour and half of riding with a boat away from Dubrovnik, which is at the far end of Croatia. It's an island that's very well known for having a very peaceful nature, a lot of fish, loads of beaches and a national park, where I stayed. It's a very organised environment, although I feel like it could have been a bit more clean (by that I mean: FUCKING TOURISTS, LEARN TO THROW THINGS IN A BIN!). The locals were lovely, the scenery was amazing and I enjoyed myself to the max, because it was seriously relaxing. There are things for everyone to do; you can go and bike around, snorkelling is amazing, you can go and hike and there are direct lines to islands and the mainland with a catamaran (which, if you can get seasick, is not for you. I thought I was going to puke every time the boat hit a smallest wave), which is nice and we made a use of it.

I will stop with all the words now, and just give you the pictures. It's definitely an environment if you want a lot of relaxation, but if you're more of an active one for holidays, then this may not be the place for you. However... Dubrovnik might be. Coming up soon, with loads of Game Of Thrones references.
I hope you enjoy it!
xxx Katherine

Korčula Croatia

Korčula Croatia
Both of the collages from our trip to Korčula, an island nearby.
Mljet Croatia
Some shots from the beach where we spent all of our days.

Shoutout to all the cute animals! 


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