Katherine hauls no. 6: Back to school.

I will spare you the boring parts of this blog post, such as toothpaste and toothbrush and shower gel and cotton buds and stationery and stuff like that, because I want this to be a fun one and perhaps not make us all feel so depressed about the fact that school is already in full swing and in two weeks, my first three exams are approaching. Yep. Anyway.

First off, skincare. I need my usual products, so a cleaning/cleansing gel, a moisturiser that can also make the skin appear matte, a scrub pad and a lip balm of some sorts. I got all of those, plus one little extra that I've been dying to try. First off, I got the Balea Cleaning Gel with fruit acid for combinational skin. This formula of any cleanser won't do much, unless you use it with a scrub pad, so I bought one of those as well (and goddamn it, it's pink). From the same range, I bought the usual Balea Mattifying Moisturiser, which I freaking love, because it does make your skin seem matte and it smells amazing. Again, from the same range, I bought the Mattifying Face Fluid/Makeup Base, because I have some sort of paranoia that I look shiny all the time and it ain't a good look. I need my skin to be matte and these products paired together do exactly what they say on the label. For the price (each product was 2€), these are a definite recommend from me.
(the reason why I bought so much stuff from this range is because they target their products at teenage skin with acne and spots and basically, they work, so I decided to try more stuff out and tell you if they work. I wasn't sponsored in any way).

My absolute necessity are lip balms... in multiples. I bought the Balea Juicy Orange and Almond Dream, to translate it literary and it smells divine. If you can pick it up, then do. It's freaking amazing. It's really moisturising and good for dry lips, but it takes a while to sink in, but I don't mind it as much as I used to.
I used to paint my nails reaaaaaaaally often, but nowadays, I've just kind of stopped... I don't have the time to do them, they usually don't last very long (because I'm busy as hell and I'm constantly doing something with my hands and they chip really quickly because of that) and I just... forget about them. However, I saw that Essence have put up a new range of nail varnishes and they're called the Essence Thermo Nail Polish and I've got the shade The Heat Is On. Basically, the magic with these is that they change colour according to your skin temperature and it's the coolest thing ever. The consistency is a bit of a bitch for applying, but I think that if you're patient, you're going to have really cool nails by the end of the day. They've got a blue and a green and a purple in the range as well.

I couldn't stop myself from picking up some make up bits and the first one is this Essence Eyeshadow Quattro palette in To Die For. Basically, the thing that made me want to buy is basically the golden shade in it, because I hit pan on the gold shade in my MUA Heaven and Earth palette and I need a back up, because I love gold shades, can't you tell? Basically, these palettes are really good, because they all have a lid colour (matte), a crease colour (shimmery), a definition colour (matte) and a highlight (shimmery) and they're brilliant for travelling. These shades have excellent colour pay off, quite good staying power and they're buttery and blend like a charm and for blending them together, I bought the Essence Eye Blending Brush and it's just wonderful. For 2€ you can't go wrong.
While I was searching for my Essence Eyeliner Pen, I came across these and they're the Crystal Eyeliners (I've got the shade Gold Rush). I figured that these would be cool for this time of the year to kind of switch things up and they're really cool. It's not a gold colour, but they're these shimmery sparkles which are so easy to apply and I love them.
Aaaaaand I broke my setting powder... again. So, coming back to an old favourite, the All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder! 

Last beauty bit is from Lush (kill me, OK?!) and it's because I have realised that I have incredibly dry hands. I've bought some hand creams from the drugstore and they worked for a bit, but later on, I just had really dry hands again and they didn't do anything, so I went ahead and bought the Lush Helping Hands Hand Cream. The price tag was a bit hefty (11.45€ for a 100g), but the guy in there told me that a little goes a long way... and it does. It has almond oil, cocoa butter and camomile in it and with the smallest amount of it just leaves my hands super nourished and it leaves a protective layer of moisture on your hands. So, if you're after a really good hand cream and you're willing to splurge a bit, then this one is your guy.

I can't go through a haul without some books, so here they are. On recommendation of loads of booktubers, I thought I'd give The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides a go, although it was really expensive for such a short book, but we'll let that slide. If you're hoping for the loveliness of the film in the book, you're a bit mistaken, because it's a lot more truthful and quite terrifyingly realistic. The writing is exquisite, but you need to be prepared for all the philosophical stuff coming your way.
The following book is the one I wanted to read after reading Fangirl and that's Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. It's a really good book about relationships and stereotypes and relationships with parents and all that stuff and just love between two outsiders. It's really good and you don't want to miss a single word from a sentence and I definitely swallowed it in two days. Just give it a go. It's wonderful.

And that is it. I really hope you enjoyed it and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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